The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Forty-third Message

June 14, 1939, 1:20 a.m. The Messenger appeared before me at my room, 217 South Liberty, Independence, Missouri, and
bade me awake and take the message he would give, which follows. The Spirit and power divine was present and the
angel was clothed with light. He spoke kindly and with authority. I felt exquisite peace while he was present and this
feeling remained. He said:

1 “Awake and take the message I shall give you.

2 Behold, I come from the Lord your God, I am the Messenger of the Lord. I am sent to speak his words that his
will might be done among men.

3 The Lord has seen the solemnness of his people and he knows your hearts. He hears the prayers that are
from the heart and he will answer. Thus to all those that will humble themselves before him, he will see your
solemnity and he shall send great peace unto you and your hearts shall be filled with love, from the power of
his righteousness.

4 Therefore be ye humble; in humility speak the truth and you shall receive greater power, even the power of
the Spirit of God to carry the gospel message to the nations of the earth. The hand of God shall be manifested.

5 ‘Thus saith the Lord your God: Blessed are ye of my servants that defend this cause, for this is my work and
man cannot please me unless he comes within my will, for I have designed that my messenger prepare the
way before me, and a people that will have their hearts filled with love.

6 Man cannot change my plan nor my decree for they are unalterable. Those that will not hear me in my way
and heeding my voice obey, you shall not be called mine at the last day. Man may fail but my word shall not. It
shall not return unto me void. Those that are willing will carry my work onward, for Zion will be redeemed and
Israel gathered.

7 Verily I say unto all, turn away from the past with its sins and traditions and move in the will of the Lord, and I
will touch you and greater power and love will come upon you and bring together many wandering souls back
to the paths of peace.

8 Verily, the powers of evil shall be overcome and peace shall reign. Those that learn of me and press into my
Kingdom, I shall bring peace unto you. Verily, verily, I shall walk and talk with you, your hearts shall be full of
love. My Zion shall be a place of peace, a nation of righteousness, where, in obedience to my gospel, salvation
shall be found.

9 Ye that heareth the whisperings of my Spirit how that it mellows the hearts of men, continue to be humble
before me, and I shall do just and great things among you; even the sick shall be healed; the lame walk; the
blind be made to see.

10 Powers of peace and love shall guide all those that are willing to hear and obey, and the powers of evil
subdued. Rejoice that ye are the children of your God.

11 Yea, unto those that harden their hearts; know ye not it is sin to kick against the pricks? The prayers of my
people shall be heard.

12 Read the words I send unto you by my messenger. Study them and obey my will fully, and eternity shall have
place for you.

13 I have heard your honest plea that I will touch you and fill you with my Spirit. Thus I have spoken and it shall
be, for I send mine angel to minister unto you, saith the Lord your God.

14 May the people of the Lord take upon them new courage, rejoicing in the peace of God. Let the servants of
God speak kindly one to another and be humble for this is the Lord’s work and if your minds become
darkened, or your vision of understanding becomes closed, your hearts full of selfishness and unbelief, this
shall be your sign that the authority that has been placed upon you is taken from you. Others that are willing to
labor in the Lord’s vineyard shall arise to accomplish the Lord’s work.

15 This is the day that ye who are called must work with your might for the pruning of the vineyard of the Lord for
the last time. Therefore turn away from the traditions of men and things that cause contention.

16 Let W. C. Wilson be set apart as an apostle in the quorum of twelve. Let him be humble and place himself
in the will of God and great good shall be done. Let him labor in the West. Let the twelve be in unison and at
peace, with their hearts filled with love. Let all the apostles go to their appointed fields, for this is a day of haste
and if they fail, they fail of themselves.

17 Some that have rejected my words will repent, others will not. Be at peace. Look to the Lord and go onward
with the work. Let all come in by the door and prepare themselves to walk humbly before God.

18 Let Joe Yazzie and Martin Johnson be set apart as elders to labor among the people of their blood and if
they will be humble and abide in the will of the Lord, many shall be brought to the knowledge of the truth.

19 Let A. C. Pape heed the call as the Lord has felt after him. If he will hear the word of God, peace shall come
unto him. Let him be set apart as an elder. Let him teach the gospel, and if he will be humble he shall take the
words of truth to the hearts of many.

20 Let Reuben Castator and George Everson be set apart as elders and let them labor as much as possible
among those that are yet in sin, and the Lord will bless their work.

21 Let N. P. Peterson and Earl Cartland be set apart as elders and let them labor in the field bringing the
honest and lost to the Church of Christ and their reward shall be sure. If they will be humble greater
responsibility shall be given them.

22 Let Edward W. Aldous, Paul F. Diefendorf, Elmer M. Ryland be set apart to labor as elders and humble
themselves in the will of the Lord that they may take the gospel of life to many, as the time will come when the
gospel must be taken to other nations.

23 Let my servant, Reginald Layzell, come into this work and set him apart as an elder and if he will be humble
he shall bring peace to many and his joy shall be full. Let him teach the gospel of life and his reward shall be

24 Let all be true and abide in the words of the Lord who came to give himself a ransom that man might be
redeemed and brought back to the will of the Father and he sees it well done. Be filled with love, be kind to all
men, and speak the truth for it is Christ’s words that shall judge you at the last day.

25 Let the priestcraft be cleansed from the Church as this is a holy work and it must not be defiled. Let all do
their work and God will bless their efforts, and the honest in heart will be brought to the knowledge of the truth,
for they will hear the voice of God.

26 The Lord has accepted the humbleness and solemnness of his people of this assembly and if you will
continue to be thus before him he will make you a blessing. If the servants of the Lord will labor in their calling
many people shall be brought to find peace and love in the Church of Christ that shall continue on until the
Christ shall come to claim her as his bride.

27 If the people will continue to humble themselves and be true and faithful many shall assist in the building of
the temple of the Lord. Great shall be the joy of the people of the Lord because of the house wherein they shall
find spiritual food and knowledge and the goodness of God shall be their portion. Peace shall then be in the
hearts of all the righteous and evil powers will fade away.

28 I am the Messenger of the Lord, the Elias that was for to come that the will of God might be proclaimed and
a people prepared to meet the Christ when he comes. Behold, I have come. Hear, ye children of men, and turn
not a deaf ear to my words as I come to do the will of the Lord and my name is John.

29 To you, my fellow servant, prepare, for greater responsibility rests upon you, and your brethren shall uphold
you, and blessed are the true and humble.

30 I shall come again as the Lord will direct. Amen.”

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