The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Forty-fourth Message

The angel of the Lord appeared before me at 11:45 p.m., August 21, 1939. The room was light and the influence of the
divine was evident. His presence made me very weak in body. He bade me arise and take the message he would give. He
wore a white robe that left bare his ankles and his arms a little above his wrists. His collar was open so I could see into his
bosom. His robe was well made and he had on sandals of ancient style.

He was with me two hours and forty-five minutes; he left at 2:30 a.m., August 22, 1939.

1 “I have come to you from time to time as the Lord your God has designed, to direct in this work that it might be
set up in its fullness, for so have I been commanded of the Lord. I am sent to bring a message; I come from
the presence of the Lord God; the words I speak are his words, and they shall have their place among those
that shall be the Lord’s bride in very deed, for the Lord God has turned to his little ones that he might bring
about his wise purpose. His Kingdom shall roll forth until it fills the whole earth and righteousness shall
prevail and the voice of joy shall be heard, for then shall it be that Zion is redeemed and the millennium breaks
forth with gladness.

2 ‘Yea, hearken unto him who is the Lord your God. Ye of my servants whom I have called and chosen and will
yet choose, hear ye my word and obey and you shall find peace to your souls. Take the message to the
children of men. Be not doubtful nor slothful, for much must be done in this work I have designed, saith the

3 Take the message from house to house. Many are honest of heart and will be glad to heed it. Take to them
the gospel of love. Preach repentance and faith in God, for all must have faith in God and his work as greater
things shall come to pass. Only the pure in heart and the humble in spirit shall be able to stand and labor in
this work.

4 You men have been chosen to assist in this work and the Lord shall go before thee to touch the hearts of
men. He has chosen men in every nation under the sun who shall assist in the gathering of the honest in heart
to the places of the Lord’s promise, for by his Spirit he shall touch them.

5 All must repent and be baptized for the remission of sin. Let the hands be laid upon all that his Spirit might
come to them in greater power, for the promise is that he will send his Spirit to all those that are humble and
full of love and trust in his words.

6 This is a day when Satan has great power and men’s hearts will be tried. Some will fail because of the
things they will have to pass through, others will be true. Many have been true and will yet be true. The
cleansing time has come and God will cleanse the hearts of men by the power of his Spirit. By the conditions
that will come, many will be tried and the Lord’s purging shall take place.

7 Abide by and fully obey the words I bring, have brought and shall yet bring. Teach the gospel of the Kingdom,
take it to all the world, to Israel, and verily, the Lord shall remember his promises, for the righteous shall have
victory over the oppressors.

8 Behold, there is a cry of peace, but there is no peace save in the hearts of them that do the Lord’s bidding,
those that heed his voice. Nations are in distress and kingdoms are crumbling. Fear not, for the Lord shall
proceed to do a marvelous work and the powers of evil shall lose in the end. Study the words I bring, teach
them, study the full word of God and you shall know the truth. Follow the instructions I bring and it will be well
with you. As I say to you so say I to all.

9 I come as the Messenger of the Lord, I speak his words; many have accepted them; some reject them.
Nevertheless, in time others will accept them, for the words I bring are from the Lord. The time soon comes
when those that do not defend this cause shall not hinder, for the priestcraft must be removed.

10 Up, ye servants of the Lord, and do the Lord’s bidding. Prepare ye the way of the Lord; make straight in the
land a highway for God. Have no part with those whose hearts are not just before God, nor those that will not
heed the instructions of the Lord, for some are stained with traditions of men and worldly ways. Therefore they
are deprived of the Spirit and peace of God; the Lord cannot use them in this great work. Let others carry the
message who will be true. Many honest are praying for this message and will be glad to know the Lord has
spoken. Take to them the message of life. Be prayerful and the light the Lord shall send will point the way and
the ambassadors of the Lord shall go forth, for this is the midnight cry when souls must be warned of that
which is to come, that Israel may know the Lord has spoken, and from them that hear shall the elect be
gathered. The Spirit of the Lord shall fill the hearts of men and he will bless their efforts, for this is a holy work
and the hearts of men must become clean and holy before God. With longing hearts mankind is pleading to
come in the will and purpose of the Lord. The servants that labor for this righteous cause, the Lord has and will
direct them. Let all labor somewhere, for this is a time of haste.

11 In times past the Lord has chosen men in all ages to do his work among the children of men. Many have
been faithful; some have failed; let it not be so with you. Ye servants the Lord calls and chooses in these days,
be ye faithful that ye may be among those that be with him when he comes, that be called, chosen and faithful.

12 ‘Thus saith the Lord, Come; the voice of one that crieth among my people says, Come; the Spirit and the
bride say, Come. Let them that heareth say, Come. Thus be valiant, obedient and arise to do my will,’ saith
your Lord.

13 The Lord has called many into this work that it shall be fulfilled to bring about his wise purpose. Therefore,
let Boyd Peshlakai, Phillip Manuelito, and David F. Martin be set apart as elders, and if they shall be faithful in
service many shall be brought to the knowledge of the truth and know of the way of life and be saved from that
awful state.

14 Let Warren Nellis, George A. Kaake, Carl Sammis and John Copeland labor as elders as much as they
can. Let the elders be out among the people, teaching and leading in love and their reward shall be sure.

15 Let the work among the Colored people continue, let it be established and let them take the message to
others of their blood.

16 Let Arvis Alexander, Martin C. Wagbo and Willard Moore know that this work is true, and that the Lord will
use them for great good, to accomplish much, if they will be humble.

17 Let T. Pyle and Dohn Weaver be set apart as teachers. Let them be humble and let their duty be to
persuade men to attend church, let them look after the church and care for its needs and teach, expound,
persuade, admonish all in all ways to do right before the Lord. The teachers must be kind and remember to be

18 Let Harold L. McCracken and William Belly be set apart as deacons in the Church of Christ. Let them take
up this duty to encourage all, even the young to attend services. Let them assist the teachers in many ways. Let
them keep tidy the house of the Lord; let them learn the needs of all and let them receive the moneys from the
people in the local that it might be properly cared for and sent to the bishop. They shall be obedient in all things
and in no case the teacher nor deacon have authority to baptize or administer the sacrament, but they are to
warn the people, exhort, teach, encourage and invite all to attend church services and duties.

19 Blessed are all they that teach men to repent and lead souls from sin for their reward shall be sure.

20 Give this message to the brethren, the Church, that it might go to others that they might know the Lord has
spoken. Be humble and the Lord will be with you. Many are humble and prayerful; the Lord will bless them and
their prayers are heard. The sick shall be healed. The work must hasten on. Let it go to other nations.

21 I leave peace with you and with the Church. I shall come again as the Lord will direct. Amen.”

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