The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Forty-seventh Message

While on a visit at the Oliver home at 637 Millwood Rd., Toronto, the Messenger came to my room at 2:20 a.m., April 21,
1940, and left the message which follows. He was enveloped in light and spoke as one having authority from God.

1 “Arise and take the message I will give you that the work of the Lord will not suffer. This is a day wherein a
light shineth even in power from the Lord God. I come from his presence, I speak at his command. The word I
bring is for mankind that they may know the Lord has spoken. Take the message to all the world that the
honest in heart may find their God and learn the way of salvation.

2 The prophets have foretold this day. Behold, the Lord has spoken, and it shall be. His Kingdom shall fill the
whole earth and the dominion shall be given to the saints of the Most High.

3 The promises the Lord has made to Israel shall be fulfilled, and all things established in peace and
righteousness. Therefore, that this work might be carried on, the Lord has sent me. I am the Messenger of the
Lord; I come in the spirit and power of Elias—I am the Elias—I come that a restoration of all things might be.
Behold, I have come! Hear! Oh ye children of men, and turn not a deaf ear to my word, or the word I bring from
the Lord God, for I come to do the will of the Lord and my name is John.

4 I am the servant of the Lord sent to bring the last pruning of his vineyard; to cleanse and make ready, that
there might be a holy priesthood; clean, upright, and just. Therefore the command is for all to be true, obedient.
Let all abide in the words of the Lord who came to give himself a ransom that mankind might be redeemed,
and a way of deliverance from that awful state be prepared for all whosoever will walk therein and be saved.
Therefore, his decrees cannot be altered nor his plan frustrated, but his design shall be fulfilled and purpose
accomplished; for the Lord turns to do a might work among his people Israel, for the voice of truth shall ring out
and the sound of joy shall be heard. Then shall all darkness recede and this great spiritual light will light the
way of those that are humble before God.

5 Fear not, for it is the will of the Father that this message be carried to the ends of the earth, and the warning
of the judgments taught, that the honest in heart will come, for the people must know the way of deliverance.

6 See those that are yet in darkness—see the weakness and sin of man—see those who are struggling in
blindness—see those seeking for light, willing to heed it when they hear it: take to them the message of life.
You will see the hand of God move to accomplish his work; you will see the evil powers struggle and lose in
the end.

7 Teach the doctrine with diligent faith, patience, and boldly, in meekness.

8 Many are called for special work, for the messengers of peace shall cause that all things that offend shall be
taken out. Therefore, let peace be in the hearts of all that will heed the message I bring and prepare
themselves to walk humbly before the Lord. This is the way whereby mankind can be brought to the presence
of God. All that come must be baptized and the hands laid on them that the greater promise of light might be

9 There shall be wars, pestilence, and plagues sweep the land; suffering among the people, for the people
must learn that God has spoken.

10 Israel must be gathered, the Jews delivered to their ancient promised land, and the hearts of the people
turned and prepared to meet their God.

11 As I have spoken—it is the command of the Lord—let all labor in their place and calling. The Lord calls
many. Behold, he stands near and knocks! To all that open unto him, he will send his Spirit; and those whom
he loves, he will rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore and open unto him. I speak the words and will of
the Lord.

12 Many will come to worship the Lord and because of those that keep and do his will, he will cause that they
shall overcome: they that are patient to keep his words shall be delivered from the hour of temptation. They that
overcome shall drink of the water of life freely.

13 The harvest is white and the Lord knows the hearts of men, therefore, let Martin Case, Talmas Dean, Robert
R. Rickman, John Wade, and Edward Vowles, be set apart as elders and let them labor in their place and
calling; for many are honest of heart and are seeking for the light; take to them this message. Many will obey
when they hear it.

14 There are those called for special work because of their faith; let them work in their calling.

15 Let F. E. Nelson, Kenneth Goff, John A. Neal, Jasper Dutton, R. H. Hutchinson, Frank Miller, Joseph
Gersbacher, Leslie Ard, and R. A. Rieger, come into this work and let them be set apart as elders and God will
use them to his honor and glory. Let Donald Dobson, Louis Freeman, and Harry Hood, be set apart as
deacons—let them be watchful and prayerful in all things. Let all be true to their calling.

16 All must remember this is the Lord’s work, and all must come in by the door to assist in this great work.
This is the Lord’s directions; I speak his will.

17 I will come again to instruct, to direct until the Lord’s will is accomplished. Amen.”

He gave me some instructions of a personal nature which are not given here. He left at 4:30 a.m.

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