The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Forty-eighth Message

The Church of Christ General Assembly of June 1940. The Messenger of the Lord appeared to me June 17, at 2:30 a.m., in
my room at 806 W. Lexington Street, Independence, Missouri, and gave the following message. He spoke as one having
authority. The heavenly light accompanied him and remained for some time after he left.

1 “Awake and take the message I will give you.

2 I have come as the Lord has appointed. I have given the word and it must be obeyed; again I give words of
encouragement and comfort for the children of men, and the Church of Christ. The spirit of peace will come to
all that will obey and do the Lord’s will.

3 By his Spirit he has felt after the honest and those that hear the servants the Lord has chosen will hear him.

4 ‘Thus saith the Lord, I have heard the prayers of my children, many of whom are truly humble before me.
Blessed art thou, for I shall reward thee as your faith is, and that to your joy and peace. The hearts of the
righteous shall be filled and their bosoms shall overflow with gladness.

5 Thus, I have assembled you here, and in the hour of your humility and solemnity, I have met with you. Yea, the
evil powers that seek to destroy shall not have place among you. I have sent my messenger that peace may be
restored and all my design of redemption may be fulfilled. In the anguish and distress of your souls I have
heard your cry. Therefore, let those that I have chosen be in their fields of labor that the people may be warned,
that they will not have an excuse at the last day.

6 This is a day when much must be done that the ways and means of a real Zion shall be brought about. Let
those that hinder be removed from their responsibility for in their doubts their minds have become darkened
and they fear because I your Lord have called others. None shall take part in that which is holy until they have
humbly prepared.

7 Verily I have felt after the hearts of men and I plead that they will hear when I call. Seek good and hate evil,
and establish justice in the gate, for I have said I will be gracious, even unto Israel. Moreover, I shall deliver
Joseph; I will deliver them from their bondage and gather the outcasts. And true Israel shall come rejoicing for I
prepare a way of deliverance.

8 Thus saith your Lord, those that have robbed the widow and the fatherless have robbed me, and many suffer
in darkness, not knowing my will, because there are those that shorten their hand, not rendering that which I
require of them.

9 Oh, the days of judgment are upon you and I have sent among you the plagues and pestilences, the sword;
and I have taken your horses, and the stink of the fields has become unpleasant, yet how slothful and
disobedient my Israel is to learn of me. Return unto me, O ye of my ancient people, for I design to bring you out
in gladness and rejoicing; deliverance will come to them that call upon me. Seek the Lord and ye shall live.

10 Yet once, it is a little while, and the great shaking of all nations and their desire for greed and spoil will be
ripe and come to an end.

11 Behold! I have sent my Spirit among you and opened the gate, even designing your deliverance and a way
of preparation. To the humble, the upright and just, my faithful, I shall give unto thee the greater light and power
to carry on, for by my Spirit I shall use you to my name’s honor and glory. I shall deliver my people Israel from
whence the evil one has bound them, and those that stretch forth their hands toward my holy place of peace
shall find deliverance. For in Mount Zion and Jerusalem there shall be deliverance. I will give compassion and
hear your supplications. Oh ye my people, mine inheritance, hear ye my words.

12 I have chosen ye my servants this day and my eyes shall be open toward you and I will hear your prayers
before my children. I will hearken in all that you call for unto me. I will make known to all the earth that I am God,
and there is none else, saith your Lord.’

13 I am the Messenger sent from the Lord and I come to do his will. My name is John. I am the forerunner of
Christ, I shall prepare the way. I shall bring the word, that a people may know the Lord has spoken. His former
signet shall be upon one today, and he will cause that desire to come that the house of God, the temple of the
Lord, may be built for it shall be done. Therefore, let your hearts be perfect with the Lord your God, walking in
his statutes, and keeping his commandments which he speaks as at this day.

14 The evil one shall not destroy the elect—but be very humble that you be not led into despair. The Lord will
manifest himself in marvelous ways. The wicked destroy themselves, and the just live by faith.

15 Be ye comforted one and all; let not your hearts be troubled. The Lord is mindful and he knoweth the
desires of each heart. He will bless you and cause that you may have great joy, all ye that obey his will, for in
him is salvation.

16 He hears the prayers of his children and will answer to your gladness. Therefore, I come that the plan of
God shall be complete and the words the prophets of old have spoken of this day may all be fulfilled, for they
spoke unto my coming. I speak the words and will of the Lord and I shall direct in this work. The signet one
shall rise up and disperse confusion and cause to be brought together many that will obey the will of the Lord,
and that a people will be raised up to build the temple of the Lord.

17 Worry not about those things over which you have no control, but tell the truth in humility. Fear not what men
will say of you. Be very humble and the Lord will reveal to all them that seek him in faith and will heed his will.

18 Those that do evil and disobey and those that hear not will destroy themselves.

19 The Lord will turn and bless his little ones, the Colored and the Indians, for many shall come forth and be
made white even as the whiteness of saints, for they shall be made pure, as the Lord has promised to make
clean a people, and all must be made clean and pure and holy in his sight.

20 The earth will tremble and men’s hearts will fear because of the many changes that will take place. The
saints shall be tried and made pure.

21 Let all be at work that the warning may go. Let those prepare to take the fields as I have told you, for soon
the gospel message will be taken to other nations; the temple must be built.

22 Send the message to the world; the Lord has given the vision and it must be sent to all, that they may know
what is coming to pass.

23 Let Arthur Roberts and Marion C. Vowles be set apart as elders. Let the Lord’s servant, Roberts, come into
this work and from there he will carry the message to others. Soon the message will be preached in Australia
and New Zealand; prepare to send the authority there, that they may hear of this message of life.

24 It is the will of the Lord that you take your place in the quorum of twelve; there are those that will not be
sustained. There are those the Lord has called that will not accept at this time. Be at peace; the Lord pleads,
and pleads; come all ye that will for the Lord will bless you.

25 I have spoken the Lord’s will. I am your fellow servant; I am sent of the Lord. My name is John.

26 I will come again as the Lord will direct. Amen.”

The Messenger left at 4 a.m. I was sitting up in bed as I wrote. He sat on the bed near my feet. He watched the paper as I
wrote word for word as he gave the message.

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