The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Forty-ninth Message

While in southeast Missouri at the home of Brother and Sister William O. Stearns, at Bernie, the Messenger, John the
Baptist, appeared in my room at 12 midnight, September 15, 1940, and left the following message. The room was lighter
than at noonday. He spoke with authority, kindly and stern. I wrote the words as he spoke them. He left at 2:28 a.m.

1 “Behold, again I come to give instructions to the Church. I speak the will of the Lord. It is life to those that obey
it. Write the message as I shall give it. The decrees of God are unalterable—let no man change them. Let no
one speak lightly of the words I bring. I am the Messenger of the Lord and I speak his will.

2 Yea, blessed are all they that seek to bring forth and establish the cause of Zion, a nation of peace. All that
will obtain the words of the Lord and his will obey, shall have right to the tree of life.

3 ‘Behold, saith the Lord, the field is white already and the harvest is ripe. Let those that will, come unto me that
they all may obtain life and obtain it more abundantly. Yea, whosoever will thrust in their sickle to reap is doing
my will, and if they endure to the end the same shall obtain my gift, even the gift of eternal life. For by my Spirit I
shall feel after mankind, and the honest in heart will come unto me. Lo, I have spoken and my word shall not
return unto me void.

4 My Church shall be more firmly established and my gifts and blessings shall be among them that believe,
saith your Lord, for it is I, even the Christ that speaketh. Yea, my mission shall be fully accomplished and the
Father see it well done.

5 Behold, the world is ripened in iniquity and it must needs be that mankind be stirred to repentance. Blessed
are all they that hear and cometh to me for I shall make them white and pure; they are my sheep and they
follow not another.

6 I have sent my messenger and he speaks my words, thus all that defend my cause, do well, and shall
receive of my Spirit in abundance. Verily, verily, I say, my Church shall never again be destroyed but shall
continue on until my purpose is accomplished that the works of darkness be destroyed, Israel gathered and
my people freed from bondage whereunto they have been bound by traditions and sins of men. My words shall
judge all men. Yea, heed my voice in all things, keep my full law, even obedience to my messenger whom I
have sent and will yet send that the words of the prophets may be fulfilled and the reign of peace break forth.

7 The voice of gladness shall be heard and Israel shall come forth in righteousness. Preach my gospel for it
shall be the law even unto the ends of the earth. Thus I have spoken saith your Lord.’

8 Let the work continue in all parts, many are coming to do the Lord’s will. Let all be up and doing for their
responsibility is to represent Christ and his Church. Those that would be his bride must come in by the door
and be baptized. Let the hands be laid on all that the Lord will confirm their work by the Holy Ghost.

9 There are many that have long represented Christ. Those that will hear his voice in very deed will come into
the Church of Christ that is again being established with all its gifts and blessings, and represent Christ and
his Church.

10 Let all pay their tithes that their works may stand the tests when the trying times come. The Lord will bless
them and they shall not want for the way of deliverance shall be theirs.

11 Come, ye that seek truth, Christ will come to his own and his Church. Remember there is safety in the light I
have brought. The Lord’s covenant shall be fulfilled and this nation cleansed and Zion shall be set up with

12 This is the midnight cry, prepare, make his paths straight. Be wise in the way of the Lord; let all be humble
and seek not after praise of men, nor the love of gain.

13 Let all the servants be at work among the people. Let W. E. Baughman, J. W. Lilbourne, Alvin Pape, Robert
G. Newby, Harry J. Seymour, Gilbert H. Shultz, Bert Plagens, and F. D. Cosburn be set apart as elders. Let
them carry the message to others for the Lord knows their hearts and he will bless their efforts and as their
faith is their works shall be. The Lord shall give greater faith to all that do his will.

14 Let these that I shall give you come into this work and take up the work as elders to represent Christ and his
Church: W. H. Lunbeck, Richard Isaac, James Joslin, Gale Blackledge, H. L. Woelber, Leonard L. Abbott, E. G.
Glaeser, Henry Knudson, Martin L. Glaeser, Willard E. Glaeser, George Johnson, Paul Neidermeyer, Jake
Brown, L. M. Clark,

W. L. Martin and J. G. Jenkins. The Lord will be with them and confirm their work by his Holy Spirit.

15 Let George E. Ford, William C. Leer, and Melvin Mallory be set apart as teachers. The Lord shall bless them
if they will be humble and his Spirit shall be upon them.

16 Let Floyd E. Bechtel, and Clarence Parks be set apart as deacons. Let them do all things that is their duty
that the house of God may have order.

17 Let W. O. Stearns be added to bishops and he with the bishops counsel together much, that their work may
be pleasing unto the Lord in all things, and let Paul Neidermeyer prepare that when a vacancy comes in the
quorum of bishops that he shall be set apart in this office. The Lord has seen his efforts and if he will heed the
whispering of the Spirit he shall be among the faithful and chosen of the Lord—this is the Lord’s word to all.

18 Let Armstrong and Griffith prepare to sail to Australia this year that the gospel in its purity and greater light
may be taken there—for there are many honest of Israel in Australia and New Zealand. Let them take the
authority there for the Lord goes with them, and he gives his angels charge before them.

19 That the Church may be more firmly established, the Lord will call evangelists in this work and if these men
will be humble the Lord will bless their efforts. Let them travel with the message for it shall bring life to many.
Therefore, let E. G. Glaeser, Robert G. Newby, Martin L. Glaeser, Willard E. Glaeser, H. L. Woelber, and L. M.
Clark with authority as elders—let them also be set apart as evangelists and their work shall be confirmed by
the power of the Holy Ghost.

20 I have spoken the words and will of the Lord; I am the Messenger sent from God; I come to set in order; I
come that the work may be fully established; I come to bring the warning of Christ’s soon coming. Let all have
faith. Preach repentance and baptism that the way of the Lord shall be among men. His Kingdom shall fill the
whole earth. Soon it shall go to other nations, for the Lord has reserved those that will defend this cause of
salvation unto men. I speak the will of the Lord. I am John the Elias which was for to come.

21 Those that heed and obey, overcoming, shall stand with him in eternity.

22 I bring peace to the Church. I leave peace with you. Tell the truth in humility. Send this message to the
brethren, with the rest, and to the Church.

23 I shall come again as the Lord will direct. I am the same John that preached repentance in the wilderness.

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