The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Fifth Message

On March 22, 1928, the Messenger came to me at my home for the fifth time since his first visit on February 4, 1927.

I awoke when he laid his hand on my head, and he said:

1 “In 1899 the servant of the Lord laid his hands on you and set you apart from among men to represent Christ,
and gave you authority to preach the gospel and bring others into his Kingdom. That authority has not been
taken from you, and never will be taken from you unless you deny the Lord your God.

2 Again in 1926, you, with your brethren, were set apart as members of the twelve to represent Christ and his
Church, with the same authority as the apostles of old. Many are representing Christ but not Christ and his
Church, but you have been chosen to represent Christ and his Church as he established it when he was here.

3 Remember, Satan, in times past, has led men away from the teachings of Christ and his Church, but let it not
be so with you. Others have been led away by adultery because of following the whisperings of Satan, but let it
not be so with you. Some have been led by pride and the love of the praise of men, but let it not be so with you.
All these things and many more come from the whisperings of Satan. Let not your hearts be tempted neither by
the praise of men or by the love of money, because it will rob you of the Spirit and goodness of God.

4 The Lord has called you men to assist in his work in these last days, to build up the Kingdom of God; and to
help in his work let there be added with you Elmer E. Long, B. C. Flint, and James E. Yates, as members of the
twelve apostles in the Church of Christ. And if you men and brethren will work in peace with the love of God in
your hearts, then God will bless you, and also the Church for your sake, and God will love you, and will bless
you and the people and your work.

5 You men, with others, shall assist in the building of the temple, the house of the Lord, which shall be started
in 1929. The Lord will give you seven years in which to complete the work. While it may be slow in the
beginning, the Lord will open the way and many will help. Let the work be well done and as the Lord will open
the way, and direct from time to time. As you stand in need, he will direct and send you help. Think not that the
work can be done without the help of the Lord. He will send his Spirit and his messengers from time to time,
for this house shall not be built by promises, but by sacrifice; but the Lord God shall sanctify the house that
shall be built in his name, and the glory of Lord shall rest upon it, and the Spirit of the Lord shall fill the hearts
of men, and Christ shall come to it, and the cloud that shall rest upon it shall sanctify it and the lives of his

6 Let all those who can assist in the work of the Lord, and let the bands be broken of the blind shepherds who
have led away the Lord’s people to dry pastures and to by and forbidden paths, that they may return unto the
Lord, their God.

7 Let the house be built of steel and concrete, and let the outside be gray stone, polished. Let the pillars and
foundations be strong. Let the basement or first floor be finished, that the Lord’s people in Independence may
gather there for their services. Let the main floor be used when the Lord’s people gather for their general
assemblies from time to time, at which times the Lord’s Spirit will rest upon them in great power, and will
direct them in their work that the gospel may be preached to all nations in power, for behold your message
shall be a message of love, and this power shall come to the servants of the Lord and his people.

8 The cloud shall not rest upon the house all the time, but only when the people of the Lord shall assemble
therein, in humility and love; then, will the Lord meet with them. Let the length of the building be double the
width thereof, so that the main floor may seat three thousand five hundred. The people that will gather there at
times will be many, for great will be the desire of the people to come to the Lord’s house, and the Lord will
meet them in the hour of their great need, when they confess their sins unto him, and the weak shall be made

9 Let the roof be strong, let the beams be of steel, the center be rounding, and let the building be fireproof in all
parts that nothing can burn.

10 To the servants of the Lord, let your voice be heard everywhere, warning the people that the coming of Christ
is near at hand. Preach the gospel, cry repentance to all people and nations, that all may be warned.

11 Do not be harsh with your brethren who also believe in the coming of Christ and the building of the temple,
and if you will present your message in love you will win your brethren, and many will help. Yea, let your
message go to them first, for many have looked for this day when they could help; nevertheless, you shall start
your preparations for the temple now, and in 1929 your weak efforts shall start in faith to begin the work which
shall be great when finished.

12 Great shall be the joy of the people of the Lord, not so much because of the house, but because the Lord
shall sanctify his people; his power will be with them and his Spirit will fill their souls with joy. The house shall
be a sheltering rock to them, a haven of rest wherein they will find spiritual food and knowledge, a school
wherein they will learn of God’s goodness.

13 Let all your work be done in faith, for behold you can do nothing without faith. Faith will make you strong.
Prepare yourselves to be a people who can meet the Lord at his coming.

14 Let each one warn his neighbor in love and faith. Prepare the ground, then will your harvest be great. Think
not that you are weak and cannot warn your neighbor, for the Lord is strength, and inasmuch as you will trust
him in your work he will give you the strength you need. Think not that Satan will not tempt you, for his power
will also be manifested, and unless you are spiritually minded you will not detect his work by which he will
seek to destroy your work. Ask, and ye shall receive as to your needs from day to day. Let all things be done in
love and faith.

15 Warn ye the people that they may till the soil, for famine will come, and many things that shall make people
idle and no work, and all those that shall not seek to supply themselves with the fruits of the soil will suffer. Let
the people of the Lord take warning and keep out of debt, lest when the trying times will come they shall lose,
but those that are wise will seek to supply themselves with that which they need and be therewith content.

16 Work while you can, and save while you can, that each may have their home and the soil to grow food for
their families, that none may suffer. Follow not after the craze of the world, for the Lord wants a holy people.

17 I will come from time to time, and will direct in the work ye shall do that a people of the Lord may be
prepared for his coming.”