The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Fiftieth Message

The Messenger of the Lord appeared at 2:30 a.m., March 23, 1941, at my bedside while at the home of James R. Orris,
1444 Newport, Denver, Colorado. The room was filled with light, and it remained for some time after he left. He spoke with
authority, slowly and distinctly. I wrote as he gave the message, after which we visited a few minutes as two men on many
things of the Kingdom. He left at 3:45 a.m.

1 “Arise and write the message I will give you.

2 Behold, I come again with a message from the Lord. I am sent of the Lord to you at this place and at this
time. I am the Messenger to bring the warning. I come from the presence of the Lord. I am the Elias, and my
name is John. My message is one of love and deliverance to those that heed and obey it.

3 The Lord has designed his decree, and it shall come to pass that all who will learn his will, obey his law, and
endure, shall be counted his bride at his appearing.

4 The greatest peril is on, and destruction upon destruction, suffering and evil, are everywhere, but the Lord
shall be jealous for his people, for Israel shall be delivered and be made his elect through the knowledge of
the Lord’s choosing, in their faith.

5 The plagues have been let; and to destroy with fury; until the people cry unto the Lord.

6 Arise, ye ancient chosen of the Lord—the Lord is your deliverer. The vision has been; and many will yet know
I have come of the Lord, and that this work of the Lord is true. Few have heeded, but many are seeking. Take to
them the message of life. Let the glad tidings ring forth and the words of deliverance sound, even unto other
nations. Hasten! the Lord has spoken! Let the servants be swift to his command. Remember Job; his trials did
not destroy his faith. Yet lacked he anything? He endured and found peace with God.

7 You have seen the weakness of man. You have seen the evil plan to destroy. You have seen darkness cloud
the minds of those who doubt and oppose the work of the Lord. Be not moved; be true; some have heeded the
whisperings of Satan, and he has led them astray; let it not be so with you. As I say to you, so say I to all. For
this is the day of the Lord, and his will must be done. Deliverance will come to the faithful.

8 The Lord has spoken in times past, but few have heeded, for in their hearts they have heaped decrees unto
themselves, and the will of the Lord they have forgotten. Again the Lord speaks—I come to bring his words. Let
this message be taken to all parts of this nation, Alaska and Canada. Let the message be taken to Australia.
The Lord sees the efforts of his servants. It is his will, and it shall come to pass. The great awakening is on.

9 The harvest is on, the wheat and the tares have grown together. The cleansing time has come. Heed the
instructions I bring from the Lord. I have come that man may know the Lord has spoken and that Christ’s
coming is near at hand. Study the word of the Lord for the instruction is sent. Obey, and it will be well with you.
Heed ye, you that are afar off! The Lord will deliver. Let more be sent into the harvest field. The time is ripe. Let
those that hinder have no part in this work, the Lord calls others to carry the work on. The authority and trust that
was placed on some, they have denied; some have opposed; and doubt has caused them to sin in not
defending the truth and the word of the Lord.

10 I come to bring courage. Be not moved at the evil, nor the snare that is laid for you. There are those that have
been and will be true. Their reward is sure. Those that are traitors will not be called his jewels at the last day.
Remember the Lord. He is your strength. Let peace follow you wherever you go.

11 Let all heed the will of the Lord. The faith of many shall be tried. Many will fall by the way. Many are called but
few chosen. Few are faithful. They that be with him when he comes shall be called, chosen and faithful. Some
will be called to take the message afar, for many are honest of heart and seeking for light. His glorious voice
shall be heard, for, in the lightening, the indignation of his anger, and in the flame, Assyria shall be tried,
scattered, beaten, and shall fall.

12 The three unclean spirits have gone out bringing bondage, suffering, and idolatry. They deceive and they are
not the justice of the Lord. This generation of mankind shall not all pass away, for the Son of man shall come
in his glory. This is the time the prophets spoke of, in man’s inventions, destructions, and war. Like clouds the
enemy has gone over, and in noise they destroy; but Israel shall be delivered and brought to the land the Lord
God has decreed her boundary. The Lord of lords shall be their King, and the gospel, their law forever. For he
shall rule from sea to sea and all nations will obey him.

13 Storms and earthquakes shall come and the nations must know the Lord is God.

14 Be pleasant in your work; be of good cheer. Let your hearts be glad. Trust not in the arm of flesh. And to you,
my fellow servant, write your letters of kindness, in love that others may be encouraged; for this is your work.
Let the Lord direct by his Spirit. He will lead you. Worry not what man may say of you. The call goes out and the
honest in heart will hear. Nothing is impossible with God and so all the faithful shall learn his law, and
obedience shall bring them rest.

15 I will come as the Lord directs. Send this message to the brethren, and the Church, for many have prayed to
know. I have come. Let not man deceive himself for the Lord has spoken. I leave peace with you.”

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