The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Fifty-first Message

The Messenger of the Lord appeared to me at my room, 526 West Maple Street, Independence, Missouri, 2:30 o’clock a.m.,
June 11, 1941. He commanded me to arise and take the message that he would give and I obeyed. He said:

1 “Behold, I come again to give instructions to the Church. The Lord your God has sent me. I come from his
presence and my name is John. I am the Messenger of the Lord. I speak his words.

2 I come that the plan of God will be fulfilled, for the words the prophets of old have spoken shall come to pass.
Let this message be sent to the ends of the earth, and the gospel preached, for the Lord will reveal to the
honest in heart of his truth and of my coming that the work may be established.

3 The Lord God hears the prayers of those that seek him. He has heard the prayers of his servants and the
plea of his people.

4 Therefore, the new light is promised. Continue to prepare for it. The greater your understanding the greater
your work shall be. All must sanctify their lives unto the Lord, for sin cannot receive the glory of the Lord nor the
power of the Lamb slain.

5 Some do not understand but let them be humble and the greater light shall come in its fullness. Live in the
Lord, walk in the way of salvation; the Lord has not yet entrusted the greatest unto his servants, but it shall be,
for all must learn the full plan of God.

6 As I have told you, there are those that are called for special work. There are those that have been raised up
that this work might be carried on. Many have been true, some have not. The hearts that are honest before the
Lord will find place with him as they obey his wise design.

7 Fear not, the words I bring are from the Lord. I speak at his command. Greater things shall be revealed for in
principle and in power by the Spirit of the Lord all righteousness shall be brought about.

8 Thus saith the Lord your God, ‘Let my servant Emmanuel G. Glaeser come into this work and take up his
calling and I will be with him. Lo, I have raised him up for my cause. I will bless his home and those of his
loved ones, for in joy they shall know I have spoken.

9 Come all ye faithful and I will open the way before you, I will bless your efforts, and my Spirit shall fill your
souls with joy.

10 I have sent my servant John to reveal my will—and he shall yet come, as much shall be done; for this work
was he born, to prepare the way before me. I am your Lord, I change not. I speak to the ends of the earth.
Repent ye, for my Kingdom is among men.

11 Let peace dwell in your hearts for I shall quicken many and my plan shall be fulfilled, saith your Lord.’

12 Let these men come into this work in full purpose of heart and take up their work as elders. Let them be set
apart: C. D. McCormack, Carl Franks, H. E. Bryant, A. R. Rendon, A. F. Brace, J. E. Taylor, W. N. Lemmon and
Paul Costa. The Lord has heard their prayers and felt after them. He will bless them if they will heed his voice;
for this is the great responsibility given to man. Let William L. Davis take up his work.

13 Let Charles B. Harvey and J. W. Derr be set apart as elders for the Lord has need of them. Let Arthur
Sheldon be set apart as a deacon. Let Martin Case, as an evangelist, be in the field.

14 Let more be sent into the field for the harvest is white—therefore, as much as possible let all be up and

15 The Lord knows your burdens. He will provide. Fear not man, this is the Lord’s work and I will come to direct
as the Lord your God will command. By his Spirit he will search the hearts of mankind, and the greater light
and power shall be among you as you prepare for it.

16 I come from the presence of the Lord. I am your fellow servant and my name is John. I am the Elias. I cried
repentance in the wilderness. Again I cry repentance that the plan of God might be fulfilled. Be watchful unto
prayer and the Lord will hear you and much shall yet be done to the glory of God.

17 Let your faith be firm as Job, who humbled himself before God.

18 The words I speak are for the Church. Give them to the brethren. Let them be sent that the message of life
and Christ’s soon coming may go to all mankind.

19 I leave peace with you and the Church.

20 I shall come again.”

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