The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Fifty-second Message

The Messenger of the Lord appeared in my room 3:20 a.m., October 4, 1941. He came from the presence of the Lord and
spoke as one having authority. I plead with you that know it not as yet, go to God in all humility and ask in faith as to the
truthfulness of the coming of John the Baptist, the Elias clothed in light and power, and it will be made known to you by the
power of the Holy Ghost.

1 “Awake! Behold I come again. Take the message I will give you. I come from the Lord God for he is over all,
even all his wise design. Yea, those that are faithful unto the instructions I bring shall no more be confounded.

2 This is the day of judgments; and the famines, pestilences and plagues will come and have come as I told
you. There will be suffering, because of the evil one, to deceive and hinder. Men will oppose the hand that
feeds them; they will mistrust their fellows because of the evil and unrest among them.

3 There will be those that contend against the word of the Lord. They shall be accursed, for unto them the Lord
will show no greater thing. Those that are not humble and forgiving, obedient to the truth, shall fall by the way.

4 ‘But, to the faithful, thus saith the Lord, Heaken! Ye, my servants; arise to your calling. Oh, I have plead! Few
have heard. If you believe in God believe also in me, for it is my words that shall judge you in the end, for I am
the Eternal One!

5 Now, therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my commandments, overcoming in all things, then
shall ye be called delightful, and a peculiar people unto me, for thou wilt be called righteous.

6 Sanctify the congregations in my sight, saith your Lord. Great responsibility is given unto you men; fail not,
lest the judgment be bitter unto you and the people be left in darkness.’

7 There shall be deliverance in Mount Zion, and in Jerusalem and with the remnant whom God shall call, for
there shall be a refuge for all those that look to God and obey his design.

8 All evil shall be destroyed and the earth shall be restored to its former beauty for the time will be shortened,
that the elect of the Lord may be saved. They shall find safety in the Lord in obedience to his will. Sin will not
have hold on them and they shall be preserved and arrayed in peace. But the waters of the wicked shall be
burned up and their idols shall melt away, for the Lord is God—he is God.

9 Let love dwell in your hearts that he may dwell in you and his love be perfected, and that you may stand in the
day of judgment.

10 Let all move in the will of the Lord and he will touch them and greater power in love will be theirs to enjoy;
bringing together many that shall find peace to their souls in their Redeemer manifested.

11 Let the Voice of Warning go in peace as you have done. Keep away from contentions; they will lead to evil

12 Those that reject me and the words I bring from the Lord have rejected the Lord and his words, and are not
in this work because they obey not but oppose and deny that which God has given and called them to proclaim
to mankind, that they may not have an excuse at the last day.

13 Unto the servants of the Lord: except you make ready and quickly prepare your hearts before the Lord the
greater light will not come to you. But you that overcome bearing the fruits of his Spirit, do, and shall,
understand great things of the plan and design of God. Much will yet be revealed—even the record that shall
prove and reprove all men, berating them before God and their fellowmen that a new day may come forth.

14 Let all be humble and repentant. Grieve not the Lord in slothfulness. Let not your goings displease him, nor
become shameful in disobedience and justification in evil doings and that against the gospel law. Betray not
one another, but love your brother. Some have been untrue to their fellows; their end will be sad for in their
hearts they know the better way, yet fail to obey. Blessed be those that are true, for they shall shine forth in
brightness in peace of God. All men must overcome besieging sins. The world in sin is retrograde to the plan
of God.

15 At this time let there be added to the quorum of twelve Harold J. Pritchard, let him be humble and at peace,
for the day comes when more shall be given. Some will find the greater portion of love because of their faith.

16 Let H. M. Stonehocker, Robert Wilkins, and C. E. Irwin be set apart as evangelists. Let them be at work; the
Lord will reveal his will to them. Let C. E. Irwin work among the Indians for this is his calling and place in this
work at this time.

17 To those that seek to find truth: let them come in by the door and the Lord will bless them, for this is the way
to peace and eternity with God.

18 Therefore; let John Bracken, Lloyd Ford, John S. Seiffert, George William Draves, George T. Morris, David
Spitler, William Pearl Brown, and my servant William Branham be set apart as elders. Let them be very humble
and swift to obedience, and the greater portion of the Spirit will come over them to lead the way. Let them be at
work, for the Lord has heard their prayers.

19 Thus saith the Lord, ‘Yea, my servant Glaeser, I have heard your prayers and yours shall have place with
me, as I have called them, and their work is great before me when they come into this way. Yea, I have spoken,’
saith the Lord.

20 Let the work move on—let William Thomas Pascal be set apart as a teacher. Let him teach the word for
there are those to hear.

21 Let Rony Paschall remember he is a servant of the Lord and the Lord has called him and will yet bless him
if he will continue in humility to look to his way. His home shall be a blessing unto many, for peace shall be

22 The Lord has seen the humility of many and felt after them and blessed their work. Let all pay their oblations
to the Lord that the work may move on. There are those that obey his law and are blessed; so shall it be that
greater peace will come to them and they shall be delivered when the trying times come.

23 Rejoice in the work and neglect not your calling. I speak to you, my fellow servant. Remember, many seek
the peace that I bring. Write your letters in love and kindness that truth may be the standard with the Spirit of the
Lord to direct.

24 Worry not about those things over which you have no control. Be not led into despair nor contention. The
Lord accepts your work and in that of your writings and that to carry the truth. For the Church of Christ shall
never again be destroyed, but the pruning shall come and the true branches survive and bring forth much fruit.

25 Be at peace with all men. Pray to the Lord your God; he will deliver the elect.

26 I leave peace of God with you. I am your fellow servant and my name is John. I am the forerunner of Christ. I
come from his presence. I will come again. I come to you and not to another as yet; but I bring peace and a
record that others may know the Lord has sent me. I speak in your language as also the word to others in their
language that other nations may have the plan of God.

27 As soon as it can be arranged let the servants the Lord has chosen be on their way to Australia—as there
are many there of Israel who will hear.

28 This is the word of the Lord. I speak his will. Send this to your brethren and the Church. I have come in the
past and I will come in the future that the way may be made plain to those that will hear and obey, that they may
be saved and united with the righteous of the Lord.

29 I preached repentance in the wilderness and I cry repentance again amid confusion and distress among
the nations, that the way of deliverance may be known. I am the Elias, I am he to deal prudently and my name
is John. Many have prayed that I come again. The evil has hindered but not to destruction. The Lord your God is
just. Amen.”

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