The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Fifty-fourth Message

John the Baptist, the Messenger of the Lord, appeared in my room, March 9, 1942, at 3:20 a.m., and gave the following
message. The light and power accompanied him. I wrote the words as he gave them. He left at 4:30.

1 “Behold, I come to you from the Lord your God. I come from his presence. I am the Messenger of the Lord
and my name is John.

2 The Lord has heard your prayers and seen your humility. He has forgiven thee and thy brethren of their sins,
but remember, you must not sin more for the Lord’s Spirit will not always strive with man.

3 Remember I told you not to take honor unto yourself. Beware lest you fall as them in times past. Moses
displeased the Lord in the honor of his power and was not in the promised land. Let it not be so with you.
Others fell by the way, not having the wisdom of God, seeking their own and not the honor of God.

4 Speak not lightly of the things I have told you, but tell the truth. Remember, Satan will tempt you and cause
you to fall if you would. Let it not be so with you.

5 The Lord has raised up those to defend this cause. Your brethren love you and will uphold you if you will be

6 This work shall continue on, for love is the message I bring. The Church of Christ shall never again be
destroyed. The evil shall not prevail against her for she shall be adorned with a crown of twelve bright stars and
garments of righteousness.

7 Oh, ye servants of the Lord, ye apostles whom the Lord has called, stand ye together, be in unison, uphold
your brother. Remember the Lord has chosen you men for special witnesses to his work this closing hour.

8 ‘Yea, thus saith the Lord, my young servant is one with you. The adversary has sought to have him. Behold, I
have used you to deliver, for it is I that have chosen and I shall deliver the elect; for I have spoken and sent my
messenger that my Church may be established in its completeness, and the gospel of my Kingdom preached
to all the world, then shall the end come. I have chosen the weak and unlearned to bring about my wise
purpose, saith the Lord.’

9 Let all labor that can, that the work may go on in all parts, but see that all preach and teach the same thing as
is found in the Bible and Record of the Nephites as I told you.

10 You have borne witness to the Church, of my coming to you. The time soon comes when you with your
brethren must bear greater witness to the world of the message I bring. Be not faint hearted, but rejoice, for the
message you bear will bring light, life, happiness and peace to many, for I have spoken the words and will of
the Lord.

11 The Lord has chastened you. Others have been chastened, that the peaceful fruits of righteousness shall
be the yield.

12 Let the warning message go as fast as the way is prepared, for the Lord will provide.

13 ‘Thus saith the Lord, let my servants Lewis and Lear prepare that they may be set apart to fill the vacancies
in my house as apostles. Let all work together in love, for great is the responsibility before you. Be humble and
let your light shine. Be at peace with all men. Come before me in humility and meet in your assembly and I will
meet with you. Love one another; bear ye each others burdens; remember what I have suffered for you that a
way of deliverance might be. Behold, I will give greater light and power as my people will prepare for it.

14 Let A. G. Haggberg be set apart as an evangelist. Let my servant Moss take up his work for I the Lord have
seen his humility. Let Jerry E. Barhyte and Elmer E. Watson be set apart as elders. Let them be mindful of their
calling for there is much to be done. Let Richard G. Jones be set apart as a deacon to assist in the work. Let
W. C. Hill take up the work as pastor over the flock at Nucla, at present, that they be not scattered, but that they
may be fed and it will be well with them. Let all be humble for many conditions will come that shall try many.
Many shall be chastened that their works may stand the test.

15 Let the moneys be sent in that more may take the fields, for the harvest is on and the sheaves are

16 Keep the warning message going to all parts of this land, for this nation shall be cleansed then it shall be
Zion. Therefore, the Church of Christ shall do her work, but it shall be done in haste. Lo, a mighty awakening is

17 Give this message to the brethren. Let it go to all. I have come to you from the Lord and not to another. For
this work were you born. Keep your calling sacred. I will come again as the Lord will direct. Amen.”

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