The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Fifty-fifth Message

On the morning of June 8, 1942, at 2:12 the Messenger of the Lord appeared to me at my room at 521 W. Lexington,
Independence, Missouri. He stood by my bedside and gave the following message. I wrote it as he spoke the words. The
light accompanied him and the power of the Lord was upon him.

1 “Arise! Behold, I come again. Write the message I will give you. I come from the presence of the Lord God. I
bring the instructions and words he has sent. My message is one of love to all those who will obey it. The
words I bring will bring life and peace unto all those that shape their lives by them. Fear not, the Lord has sent

2 I am the Messenger of the Lord. I am the Messenger to bring the warning and my name is John. I come that
full repentance and remission of sins might be taught and I bring the word of the Lord.

3 The warning message is sent that mankind may have light and life—I bring the last for Christ’s coming is
near at hand.

4 Remember, I have told you this is the day of judgment and the plagues have been let. The evil one has gone
forth to destroy; but in the end the Lord will rule for in the lightning and in the flame he shall be cut off, he and all
his powers. The gospel shall be the law and all men will obey the Lord. The sufferings have come and will
come because of the evil one to deceive and hinder. Mistrust and unrest is among mankind because of the
whisperings of Satan, but be ye the children of peace.

5 Remember, I told you there are those that contend against the word of the Lord. Their minds are filled with
doubts and unbelief and they cannot see the hand of God move in this work. Hate in the heart of man has
destroyed many. There are those that hate you and the message I bring. Hate is not your work. I come to you in
love. I bring a message of life to the Church that a people may be prepared in righteousness. Will they heed it
and continue to follow?

6 Some that should be your fellow workers mistrust you and will not defend the message I bring; fear not, for
the Lord rebukes them.

7 There are those that are true and will be true for they delight in my coming as the prophets of old have

8 Fret not because of those who heed not their call, some will fail, some will repent. The day will come when in
sorrow and regret some will learn obedience; others will go to destruction for the Lord will be slow to hear.
Many are called, few are chosen, few are faithful to the end.

9 The instructions have been given and will yet be given and they must be obeyed. Let those that will heed and
obey continue on, let those that oppose and hinder be removed from the charge and responsibility for they
have denied my coming and the Lord cannot use such, for this work is holy and it must be kept sacred. Let the
faithful be firm and true, obedient to the words I bring for the Lord has sent me. Let all have faith in God.

10 Preach repentance and baptism that mankind might find life eternal in the way of the Lord. Let the hands be
laid on all; let the work continue in all places; let all who can and will take the message to mankind for the
harvest is on and the sheaves are ungathered.

11 Therefore, let R. G. Newby be set apart as an apostle; let him be humble; let all be humble and filled with
love for the Lord will reveal much by his Spirit. In time others will be called to fill the vacancies that shall come.
Let Roy Lougheed be set apart as an evangelist; let him take the field and the Lord will bless him. The Lord
has heard his prayer and will heal him.

12 There are those the Lord has touched by his Spirit that they might come into this work, for he will use them
to his honor and glory. Let the work among the Colored and the Indians continue for the Lord will bring many to
the knowledge of the truth.

13 Give this message to the brethren and the Church. Be humble and the Spirit will bring joy to many. Keep
your calling sacred for I come to do the will of the Lord; the words I bring are his words. Be at peace with all
men. This is the Lord’s work and he chooses the weak and the unlearned to bring about his wise purpose. I
leave peace with you and the Church, and will come again as the Lord will direct. Amen.”

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