The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Fifty-seventh Message

The Messenger of the Lord appeared to me at my room at the Oliver home, 637 Millwood Road, Toronto, Canada, 3 a.m.,
December 9, 1942, and gave the following message. He spoke slowly and repeated the sentences so that I wrote exactly
as he said the words. He spoke with authority. The power of the Lord was with him. The light from his presence filled the
room. He left at 4:10 a.m.

1 “Behold, I come to you again—arise and write the words as I shall give them. I am your fellow servant. I am
the Elias, the forerunner of Christ. I came to point the way to the Christ. I am he who preached repentance in
the wilderness before the Lord and I come again to proclaim the acceptable way of the Lord and my name is
John. Fear not, for I come that the way of the Lord might be among men and that faith and repentance shall be

2 The Lord your God wants a holy people, those that will humble themselves before him. He know the hearts of
all and their desires. He knows your weakness and faith.

3 Satan also knows the weakness of man and he has sought to destroy. Remember I told you that he has
sought to have you. Many the Lord has called have failed. Let it not be so with you. The Lord has heard your
prayers and repentance—be watchful unto prayer always, for there are those that rejoice because of offence
and desire to overthrow you. The evil has come upon them. Some seek to destroy you and the message I
bring, but they destroy themselves for the words I bring are from the Lord and will have their place. There are
many that love the truth.

4 In the message I bring is life to all that will obey and defend them for the Lord has spoken it.

5 Let all be encouraged; let all know the greatness of this work for the word shall be fulfilled. The way of the
Lord shall be. He will judge the quick and the dead for it is Christ’s words that shall judge all men.

6 Fear not man; some hide in their sin and justify themselves in hardness of heart. Yet they say, ‘We love the
Lord,’ and know not his Spirit nor his goodness. Man’s mind is continually evil unless he is filled with the Spirit
of God.

7 There are those that doubt. Let them repent lest it be counted against them in their failing.

8 Remember, I told you, fear not for some would repent. If they are humble and defend this cause the Lord can
yet use them.

9 Let the faithful be true that the spirit of peace will be upon you. Watch against the days to come wherein many
will suffer but shape your lives by the words I bring and it will be well with you.

10 Behold, there is much yet to be done and much to be revealed to the coming to pass of much of the
gathering of the houses of Israel. They shall know the Lord is their God. The promises shall be fulfilled and the
record shall be known for it shall come in the Lord’s planning. Be true to your calling, be humble in spirit, be at
peace for Satan shall not destroy the Lord’s work. The Church of Christ shall continue on until the Christ shall
come, the temple built and the gathering complete. The gospel shall go to all nations, therefore I have come to
bring the authority and it has been among men. The greater power shall be given as you prepare for it. Be not
deceived by man for I am the Elias which was for to come.

11 Thus saith the Lord your God, ‘Let all be established in my doctrine, be not divided, be ye one in purpose,
for I have designed the way. Oh ye my servants, I have called thee to be messengers of peace among my
people. My love is unto you and I would have you love one another. Help ye one another and I will send
deliverance unto you. My Spirit shall bless you if you will open your hearts to me. Bring my sheep into the fold
for I shall be their King and all mankind shall know I have spoken. The words I speak, even by my messenger,
must be obeyed. Hear my voice today.’

12 The Lord will comfort all that come unto him, therefore be not troubled but lift up and rejoice, even all. Fail
not lest the Lord turn to others; be overcomers in all things for Satan seeks to set thee at variance one with
another. Let it not be so.

13 Let Edward Sykes, Mansell Hanna, know that the Lord knows their hearts. Let them be set apart as elders. If
they will be humble the Lord will bless them greatly in this work. Let them take up their work.

14 Let W. T. Wadsworth and E. H. Tiffin be set apart as priests, George Daniel and Kenneth Allison be set
apart as deacons for the Lord’s peace shall be upon them.

15 Let George A. Grigsby be set apart as an evangelist and as the way shall open let him be in the field.

16 Let F. W. Booth and A. J. Shephard come into this work and be set apart as elders. The Lord has heard their
prayers and knows their honesty before him. The Spirit and peace shall be upon them as they obey the call.

17 Fret not but be at peace. Let all counsel together as I told you. Contend not but tell the truth. As I speak to
you I speak to all. Turn from traditions of men and strange delusions. Let none be self-righteous in this work.

18 I have come as the Lord appointed. I shall come again. I leave peace with you that you shall keep your
calling sacred that the election might be sure in the Lord.

19 Let Harold J. Pritchard remain in the field for the Lord will send the greater peace. He has heard his prayers.
Let C. M. Belcher arise to his calling and go into the field and the Lord will lead by his Spirit.

20 Let the message be translated into other languages as many shall yet learn the truth. Let the word be
published—for it is the Lord’s will.

21 Send this to the brethren and to the Church—it will be well with all that heed for the gospel shall be the law

22 The Lord has sent me and this is his word. Be true and your brethren will uphold you. Amen.”

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