The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Sixty-first Message

The Messenger of the Lord came to me at my home, 122 West Sea, Independence, Missouri, on June 11, 1943, at 4:15 a.
m., and left the following message:

1 “Arise and write the instructions I shall give you.

2 I have come again when the cries of the people have come up before the Lord, your God. He is all-powerful
and will bless the faithful.

3 I am the Messenger of the Lord. I speak his words. I have come in the past and I shall come in the future. I
am commanded to bring a warning message and instructions. I come in love for this is a message of love.

4 Fear not what man may say of you. Those that have gone astray are led by the evil one. Fear not, nor fret not,
for some will repent. Thy will see their error and yet the faithful shall be blessed. Come all the way for the Lord
wants a holy people whose hearts are just and righteous before him.

5 Blessed are all they who seek to establish the Zion of peace for it shall be done by a people humble before
the Lord. All those that obey the words I bring are those that shall be the Lord’s bride.

6 Those that the Lord has called, let them be in the field as the way opens. Let not man have his way but heed
the instructions I bring, for the Lord has sent me. I speak his words.

7 Let all that are the Church of Christ come in humility, preparing themselves to work in love for great is the
responsibility and trust placed upon the people of the Lord.

8 The Lord has reached forth his arm to save his people. The voice of the obedient and faithful shall be the
Lord’s will. Let them carry on. The Lord accepts those that are heeding the will of him that sent me.

9 The Lord accepts the work of the assembly of the faithful. Let the glad tidings go to all and the voice of peace
be heard everywhere. Let justice and righteousness follow you wherever you go.

10 Let J. W. Savage take charge of the bishop’s office that the moneys received may be in safe hands.

11 Behold, some the Lord has chosen have slumbered and slept, not arising to obedience; while others have
denied my coming and thus destroyed the trust the Lord placed upon them. Behold, I have plead yet there are
those who have hardened their hearts, opposing and denying my righteous cause. Yea, unto such that have
hearkened to the whisperings of Satan, doubt and fear have entered their minds. Thus they have sinned in
denying this cause and the authority and trust has been taken from them.

12 The Lord has heard the prayers of the faithful and will continue to bless you. Keep the standard, be calm
and at peace and joy shall be with you. Obey the instructions I bring for the Lord has sent me and it is his
words that I bring, and Christ’s words shall judge all men at the last day.

13 Let the work move on in all parts. Keep the way of peace that the honest may find comfort.

14 Let Charles J. Pritchard be added to the apostles. Let all I have told you be at work in the field for many are
seeking this way of peace and will find it in the obedience of the servants of the Lord. Let the Lord’s servant,
Stearns, take up his service and calling as a bishop. Let not the ways of man destroy the good. Let him fear not
man. Let E. H. Tiffin be set apart as an elder for much good can be done by his efforts. The Lord will favor all
those who keep this way.

15 Peace I leave with you and the Church and will come again. Many you love will yet defend this cause. I will
come again. Amen.”

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