The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Sixty-third Message

The Messenger of the Lord appeared to me in my home, Independence, Missouri, and gave the following message,
January 2, 1944, 8:20-9:20 p.m.

1 “Behold! I have come to you again as my appointing. The Lord your God has sent me. I come to speak the
Lord’s will, though Satan has hindered and sought to destroy you and the message I bring; but it shall not be
destroyed. The Lord’s words will not return unto him void.

2 The pruning has begun and shall be for man must know the full plan and obey that they may bring forth much
fruit, and that of the Spirit of the Lord.

3 Fear not your calling for the Lord will give you strength. There are those filled with hate and revenge; their end
will be sad. Fear them not. There are those that are true and will yet be true to this cause for they know the Lord’
s Spirit and his will. Moreover, there are those who bear the fruits of his Spirit and are humble. There are those
that repent and are sought to be right before God. They shall be filled. Therefore, be not found in the path of the
erring and sinful for the Lord is your Master.

4 The Lord has given you those to encourage and to stand by you, for he knows your strength and weakness
and he will save to the uttermost. I speak his words and they are to all. Those that heed not and obey not shall
not have part in this work of the Lord.

5 You have seen the hand of God move. In all ages through faith man has found peace with God. Many are and
shall be made white and pure through their righteous works with God. Stand firm and be true and your reward
will be sure—for with God the righteous shall dwell.

6 Yea, the day comes when all men will come to worship the Lord, lest his arm will shorten and they perish in
their sin. He who is Master of men will extend peace like a river and the glory of the faithful like a flowing
stream; so will the Lord comfort. The Lord’s hand is known toward his own and his indignation towards the
enemies. He shall appear to your joy and the nations shall come together to work peace among them for the
Lord shall roar from Zion and the standard shall be established in peace for all shall learn—and speak that
language, loving all men. Moreover, in a day and at once—for Zion travaileth and shall bring forth her children.

7 I come that this work might be. That the gospel may be fully established and the plan of God be carried to the
ends of the earth. That salvation may come to all who will hear the Christ in his plea that whosoever will may
come, for it is his words that shall judge all men at the last day.

8 I am the Messenger of the Lord, my name is John. I am your fellow servant. I speak to all. Take courage, this
is the Lord’s work, his Church, and it shall not be destroyed. Let the messages go in peace. Let the tidings of
gladness be heard. Be at peace with all men, be pleasant in your work. Be humble always and your labor shall
not be in vain.

9 Let this go to the Church. Let the messages be published in other languages that others may know this way
for the Spirit will bear witness and they shall know. For that day shall come when power will come for there are
and will be those that come all the way in the Lord. Not in the traditions of men, but in the Spirit and its
obedience. It shall be said the year of the Lord’s redeemed has come.

10 The Lord has remembered Israel and his loving kindness is for them that hear. Let those that rebel have no
part in this work. Let Zion arise out of the wilderness and a people awaken from the desolations and
slumberings, for there shall be brought forth those that shall inherit. The elect shall inherit it, and the Lord’s
servants shall dwell safely.

11 Behold, the Lord will not keep silent.

12 Be at peace in this work. I shall come again, for I am sent of the Lord your God. I come to do his will. Be not
in thirst but drink of the waters of life. My message is to the ends of the earth. I am the Elias, John the Baptist. I
preached repentance in the days before the Lord Christ walked among men. Again I preach the word. I come to
prophesy, I speak his will. There is much yet to be done—and to be given for his that follow. Amen.”

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