The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Sixty-fourth Message

The Messenger of the Lord appeared in my room at my home, 122 W. Sea Avenue, Independence, Missouri, about 5:30 a.
m., on June 1, 1944, and left the following message. He was clothed in light and with the power of the Lord.

1 “Awake, arise, and take the message I will give you. Behold, I am the servant of the Lord, his messenger
whom ye delight in my coming. I am sent of God to bring other servants that his vineyard may be nourished,
yea, this last time that it may bring forth, and a people be prepared for the coming of the Lord. I have been
chosen, and my name is John. This is my calling, to prepare the ways before the Christ to come to his bride.

2 Will the people heed the warning and obey the instructions I bring from the Lord, your God, that there may be
a bride prepared and the way of deliverance established, that mankind may learn of the way of the Lord, his
words, in these last days.

3 The Lord has sent me with a message when the hearts of his people were bleeding. I have come to minister
that comfort may come to all who will walk righteously in this way. All that I have brought and will bring comes
from the Lord, your God.

4 The Lord has looked upon his Church to bless the faithful. Some have denied the Lord and his goodness;
some are full of doubt and are deprived of the joys of the Lord. Some will repent, others will go to destruction.

5 There are those that seek to prophesy in the Lord’s name, and in vain they do speak their own words for they
know not his Spirit nor his power, for God speaketh not to blaspheme. Fear them not.

6 You have seen the trials of man, and your burdens have been hard to bear, but take courage for the end is
not yet. Trials will come to all and those that will not be humble will not stand in the last day.

7 Lift up your strength in the Lord. In times past you have been delivered from the pitfalls of Satan. The plan of
the evil one to destroy shall be frustrated. Heed wisdom. Those the Lord has sent you for encouragement to
stand by this work shall be blessed, for in peace they shall find rest. Many blessings shall come to the humble.

8 The Lord has heard the prayers of his servants and his people and will answer as their faith is.

9 I am he that is sent of God to bring his light to mankind. This is his Church and shall be his bride when she
is prepared and made ready. I speak not my words but the words and will of the Christ who has sent me. My
message is one of love. It will bring life to those that will obey.

10 Teach men everywhere to repent and be baptized. Let the hands be laid on all who come to the Church that
they may be humble and that the Lord may fill them with his Spirit.

11 Fret not, nor grieve not, over things you have no control, but be calm.

12 The day will come when you shall be apart from the turmoil of the world for the work the Lord has designed
must come to mankind. For this work were you born. Be ye penitent and humble that your light may shine.
Speak the truth and not the traditions of men nor the thoughts of man. As I say to you so say I to all. The Lord
knows your heart and your righteous desires shall be granted. Those who have set to harm you and this work
will suffer and their end will be sad. There are those you cannot trust. They betray and deceive.

13 Keep holy the sacred rites of the Lord. Defile them not. Let not the plan be changed. Heed not man’s self-
righteousness nor those who set themselves to be great, for victory comes through humility and obedience to
the Christ, the Lord.

14 Let no man change the Articles of Faith and Practice, neither let man say the Lord is not wise. The Lord
cannot use those who will not keep holy and sacred his plan, therefore, let them have no part in the ministry of
this work for already they deny its sacredness.

15 Let the people meet in the assembly in solemnness and humility and the Lord will bless them in their
meekness. Seek not to please man but do the Lord’s bidding. Let not the time be spent in contention.

16 Conditions have come as the Lord has said. The plague of death in war has taken many. The evil must be
destroyed. Let there be left neither root nor branch that the evil may not rise again.

17 If the people of the Lord will be humble and pray mightily unto the Lord he will show his hand and the time
will come when many will be touched by this marvelous work. Let the place of rest for the Lord and his people
be prepared. Press on in the peace of the Lord with all men.

18 Let those the Lord has called take their places. Seek the Lord often that the mysteries of the Kingdom will
not be hid, but heed not the prophecies of men.

19 I leave the peace of the Lord with you and the Church. Hold high the banner of the Christ.

20 I will come again as the Lord will direct. I am his servant. I am John the Baptist, the Messenger of the Lord. I
am sent to speak his will. I will be with the Christ when he comes. I am sent to prepare the people for his
coming and a place to come to. I am your fellow servant, the Elias which was for to come.

21 I am to direct in all things of the work of the Lord. I am to bring the instructions that the Spirit of God may lead
men to righteousness and life eternal. His sheep shall know his voice.

22 Be at peace. Give this message to the brethren and the Church. Publish it with the rest. Amen.”

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