The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Sixty-sixth Message

This was given to me by the Messenger 12:35 to 2:40 a.m., Monday, March 12, 1945, at Vancouver, Washington.

The Messenger was dressed in the white robe he has worn on previous occasions. His whole body radiated a powerful
light that filled the room. His face shone with brightness and his feet as fine brass. He spoke calmly and with power. He sat
in a rocking chair while giving most of the message, though he arose while speaking the words of the Lord spoke through

1 “Arise my fellow servant and take the message I shall give you. Be not afraid, I bring you peace. Rejoice in the
peace of God. Great shall be the joy in the hearts of all that hear and obey the message and words I bring from
the Lord your God.

2 Behold, I am the servant of the Lord, the blessed one sent of God. I come from his presence and my name is
John. I am the same that was and is called the Baptist. I am the Elias. I bring the Elijah Message many have
looked for. I bring words of the Lord. I bring a warning.

3 Come out of her is my cry. For thus I am sent to fulfill the words of the prophets.

4 My message is to all mankind. Rise up, hear my voice, give ear unto my speech ye nations of the earth.

5 The Lord has used his liberal servant, he that has held this nation in America to be at peace with others. God
has given him power; the liberal to devise liberal things, for by liberal things he shall be caused to stand. The
Lord knoweth this nation whose fire is in Zion. With his fierceness in battle shall greatly assist in the destroying
of the wicked and her root and branch. God has set the man at the head of this nation that it might be caused to
be brought about that the world may have peace established from one end to the other.

6 Be troubled, ye evil of the world. Strip yourselves, make bare your houses for your pleasant fields are made
waste, your evils shall count your days, and your days are numbered for your time is short, because you
despise the Lord’s words and trust in oppression and doleful perverseness; thus your breaking shall come
suddenly as at an instant. Your idols shall fade away and through the voice of the Lord the Assyrian shall fall.

7 You have seen the evils of man. You have seen the destructions and wars as I told you. The plague of death
in war has taken many. The Lord knows the hearts of his people, all those that shall be his in that day.

8 Let the Church continue on with great power for thus is my message, that the earth may be filled with the
glory of my coming for the Lord has sent me and I come from his presence.

9 Let the faithful rejoice for I come at the Lord’s command for the Lord has heard their prayers and will bless.

10 There are those that have written letters of contempt which Satan has inspired, entering the heart of man
and spreading mistrust and doubt among the people of the Lord. Let such speedily repent. Already from such
the Lord has withdrawn his Spirit because of the prophesying of man. Fear not those that seek revenge.

11 The Lord in all ages has chosen man to do his bidding. Some humble themselves and have been and are
true, others listen and have listened to the whisperings of Satan and where are they? Man may choose whom
he will serve. Some have become evil and are as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Fear them not and have no part
with them. Therefore, except they repent let them have no part in this work. Some will yet repent, others will go
to destruction.

12 The Lord is pleased with the work of the bishops in that they have obeyed in seeking to establish this work
more firmly that those of the world will not deceive you. The Lord has blessed many because of their faith and
humility before him and the people. He is pleased with the humility of those that seek to establish peace. He
has blessed his servant Stone with godly wisdom and knowledge that he may steer aright the Voice of Peace,
and that contentions will not have way therein. Let him continue. Let the people continue the glad tidings that it
may be sent to the end of the earth bringing joy and gladness to many. The Lord will touch the hearts that are
honest and bring them to find joy and life in his will.

13 There are those who set themselves up to be clean and holy but their hearts are full of raging evils. The
skeptic and the scorner and those that seek to use the Spirit of God, all such, the Lord by his Spirit cannot use.

14 Fear not those that set themselves up, seeking that I come to them for they shall lose and that which they
have shall be taken from them. It is not theirs to choose.

15 The Lord has sent me to you with the instructions, therefore keep sacred your trust. The Lord has seen favor
in you in that you deny not my coming. Fear not those who set themselves against you, nor those that form a
band to destroy you and the message of life I bring from the Lord your God. I speak his will.

16 They that go about teaching pervert things to set in order are not of the Lord, for they bring discord and
destroy the faith in subversive teachings. Fear not for such will not save you.

17 Let all pay their oblations to the Lord in tithes and in offerings. Let Savage continue to receive the moneys
that they may be safe in the hands of the bishops.

18 Let Fred H. Bartlett be set apart as an apostle. The Lord has reserved him for a great cause. The Lord will
more abundantly pour out his Spirit that this work may be accomplished and the message of life taken that the
bride might be prepared.

19 Let E. H. Tiffin be added to the bishops. Let him continue humble before the Lord and he will bless him and
great peace shall be with him in his work. Let T. R. Jenkins be at work as much as possible for an awakening
will come. The Lord has heard his prayers and will bless him and those he labors amongst.

20 Let his servant Callin come into this work and be set apart as an elder, moreover as an evangelist. The
Lord has preserved him for this cause that he might bring life and peace to many.

21 The Lord has spoken and it is his will that his young servants Blackmon and Grigsby take up their work as
elders. Let the work in all lands be carried in love and power for many are pleading to know God’s will.

22 Some will turn against this work because of this message. Many will be strengthened. Send it to the Church
and the brethren. Many have prayed in humility and the Lord has heard their cry. Thus let peace be unto them
and the Church.

23 Behold, this is Christ’s Church and shall be his bride, the remnant. She shall be made ready. The
message is given—the authority is entrusted with man. The call goes out; the cry is given. The warning must
be heard. The work must be carried on.

24 ‘Thus saith the Lord, heed ye the words of my patience and I will deliver thee from the hour of temptation
which shall come upon all the world to try mankind. Behold, I come quickly. Hold fast in faith that which I have
given thee that no man take it from thee. I am the Lord and I give my word that it may bring life. My words shall
judge you in the last day. I am the Christ, your Lord and Savior. I am the God of the living. Those that drink of the
water of life I give shall never thirst, saith the Lord.’

25 I have come from the Lord’s presence and will come again. Amen.”

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