The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Seventh and Eighth Messages

Received at Port Huron, Michigan, October 30, and November 30, 1928.

On Thanksgiving night I retired very early as I had been suffering with a heavy cold ever since we came home from
Independence. I went to bed at eight, and at twelve o’clock I was awake. I heard the clock strike twelve. Just shortly after
that I saw the Messenger in my room. He came from the east and very suddenly. I was not thinking of the Church at the
time. My mind was more on the cold I had. When I saw him this came to my mind: “Well, what is it you want this time?”
This thought had no more than passed through my mind when he said:

1 “On October 30th I came to you and told you about the basement floor, how it should be eighteen inches thick
and reinforced with steel, and that heavy ties of steel should bind the whole building together at that place. I
told you that the main wall and steel should go to the rock and the concrete should be two and a half feet thick,
and that it should be reinforced and tied with angle steel. The basement floor should be dovetailed and tied in
with the main wall and that the steel should be heavy; also the tile under the floor should be perfect and the
outer drain should have an opening every twenty feet. This is very important to have done.

2 I said that each stone should be fitted to hug the building and that the mortar coming to the outside should be
very thin.

3 You did not write this down. While this may be plain in your mind, your brethren do not know this, therefore
write this. Withhold nothing from them that they may know all the things I have told you. Also your brethren of the
twelve must know these things, as you all shall have to give an account of your work.

4 The Lord requires this work to be done after the pattern that he shall give you from time to time. It is well that
you choose a wise man who fears God and who is no mocker, but one who will follow the instructions that God
shall give concerning the building of this house. He may draw the plans, and if he will give heed to the voice of
the Spirit and the instructions that I shall deliver to you let him draw the prints and the plans.

5 You have been appointed to inquire of the Lord. If you will do so in prayer and fasting your vision shall be
opened and nothing shall be withheld from you. I shall come from time to time to instruct you in all things as to
the building of the house of the Lord, and your work concerning Zion. Behold this house shall be the
Government of God on earth; from which the law of the Lord shall go forth to all nations, even to the Jews that
they also may know that God has again spoken, and that he again shall gather Israel in their own land. For the
coming of Christ is near at hand, when he shall destroy the works of Satan and bring about the restitution of all
things, and the restoration of peace upon the earth. Then shall be fulfilled what the prophets have spoken of
when the lamb and the lion shall lie down together and all men shall be equal and shall love one another and
shall serve God with all their heart.

6 But remember, before that time Satan shall do all in his power to destroy and to deceive all flesh, and you
shall be tempted and tried as men of old. Think not that the work that has been committed to your trust is light.
Satan knows that his time is short when he shall deceive the nations no more. Therefore he shall bring
destruction upon the wicked, and trials and temptations upon the just that he may try their faith and deceive
them if they will not watch and pray.

7 Therefore, let the temple of the Lord be built. Shout the tidings to the nations of the earth. The Lord God has
spoken and has again sent his messenger that peace may come and salvation to all people. Prepare ye a
people that shall be ready to meet Christ when he comes to make his abode with men.

8 Teach the law of the lord that the millennium may come, for great shall be the joy in heaven and angels shall
sing aloud at that day. Hearken! The Lord has chosen his servants to proclaim the message. Then hasten,
and do not delay his work. The lord will bless you that labor, and the people you shall labor among, for your
sake. Labor in love; be harsh with no one; qualify to be leaders; go to the rich and poor alike. Be not puffed up;
be humble, and inasmuch as you will do this God will be with you.

9 Those who will not labor somewhere in their calling will not enjoy the Spirit, and their minds will be darkened,
and their vision will be as one in the dark. Many are seeking for light. Tarry ye not, but do the Lord’s bidding. He
will provide.

10 Let the roof of the temple and the doors be of copper, and let the seats also be fireproof; for behold, the
world shall be cleansed by fire, by storms and by tempest. Satan shall destroy all that he can by his power.

11 Let your faith be strong in the Lord your God. Read the eleventh chapter of Hebrews. Read it often. By faith
you shall do your work. Send this message to your brethren. Some will believe it, but some will not believe.
Nevertheless, it will strengthen others; but inasmuch as you and your brethren are humble and faithful to your
trust, God will bless your work.

12 I am John, the Messenger, sent from God to prepare the way as in the day when Christ was here. Behold,
my work has just begun; for the works of Satan must be destroyed. For that work came I into the world, that I
may prepare the way that Christ may destroy the works of Satan.

13 I will come from time to time to instruct you; but be not slothful in your work, lest the Lord rebuke thee. Amen.”

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