The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Seventy-first Message

During my stay in Wichita, Kansas, at the Broadview Hotel, the Messenger of the Lord appeared to me on three successive
nights, the last of which, on the morning of August 13, 1948, at 3:30 a.m., he gave the following message.

1 “Arise and take the words I will give you.

2 I am your fellow servant; I am the servant of the Lord; I am he who sits and refines. Of ancient days it has
been my mission, and my name is John. I preached repentance and baptism before the Christ—and again I
preach and prophesy before his coming. I come to bring his word that a bride might be prepared and a people
that is his Church in very deed—the Church of Christ. I have come in the past and I will come in the future until
the work is finished, and the Christ sits in the right hand of power when Satan’s rules are put down. Then will
be rejoicing, for the millennium shall break forth, and all nations that live and dwell in the lands come up to
worship the Lord their God.

3 Fear not, for the Lord is mindful of his people. The Church shall see his hand and his power. Heed not that
which does not calm the soul—it is of the evil and seeks to destroy. Be not moved in emotion, for Satan takes
hold of mankind and entices evil that they may gain prominency—and speaks in confusion and untruths.

4 There are those that cannot be trusted; they have and will deceive. Be calm—even all. Let peace rule your
lives. My message is one of peace and security to all who humble themselves and obey, for this is the assured
way of the Lord and the Elijah Message so many look for.

5 I come not to bruise; I come not to quench the smoking flax; but to bring peace, and let the people choose the
way to eternity and life with the Lord, or go down to darkness and that awful rejection of their choice.

6 Let the assembly meet in peace and hold to the way of the Lord. Let man deny himself and seek not for the
praises of men.

7 Let the work continue in all parts of this land and the foreign fields. Up, ye servants of the Lord, live and speak
the truth, and more light and joy will come to you as you prepare; and the greater your faith the greater your
work and responsibilities will be.

8 Let the Lord’s voice be heard. Let the translations continue. Let the message go to Jew and Gentile, bond
and free, the dispersed and outcast, to Israel, that all may have a chance to hear the warning word.

9 Thus saith the Lord, ‘Let my servant Allsworth, whom I have led and preserved for a great work, be set apart
as an evangelist, and take his calling and mission, that salvation and life may be carried though the gospel
teaching to many. I will lead him by my Spirit, for his faith hath been heard, saith your Lord.’

10 Teach the whole truth and let not man have his way, except it be the way of the Lord. Worry not over things
you have no control.

11 Let all pay their oblations to the Lord and send the word to the end of the earth.

12 I speak light to the world, and my mission is designed of the Lord and shall have its effect, for the word shall
fill the whole earth and men will know the truth and be abundantly free. Satan has bound mankind with
soothing ways and words and enticed in sin, until the Spirit of the Lord cannot work with them, except they
repent. Let repentance be taught. Faith in God’s word must be heard and the baptisms, that men be born
again of the water and Holy Spirit, with fire from the Lord—and peace will rule and Satan have no power on
those who heed and obey, having strong faith.

13 I leave peace with you and all who heed.”

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