The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Seventy-second Message

The Messenger of the Lord appeared to me and gave the following message at my home, 1417 South Pope Street,
Independence, Missouri, U.S.A., at 2:30 a.m., May 22, 1949. The Spirit of the Lord was present and the light accompanying
him filled the room.

I hope and pray that every reader will seek God in deep humility and faith believing that they may receive the testimony of
the coming of the Elias, with the Elijah Message, as spoken of in Malachi and other prophecies.

1 “Behold, I come again with a message. Arise and write the words I shall give you. I am your fellow servant, a
co-laborer for Christ and his Church.

2 My mission is one of love. I come from the Lord’s presence. I am he to deal prudently; to bring the warning of
Christ’s soon coming; to prepare a people to be the bride, the Church of Christ; to refine and cause mankind to
become pure; to instruct the way of the Lord and I bring the Elijah Message many look for. Lo, the prophets
have foretold of my coming.

3 I come to fulfill the will of the Lord. I am the Elias, the forerunner of the Christ. He has designed the way and
stretched out the earth from one end to the other.

4 I bring glad tidings to the faithful and those that love truth. I speak the truth. I bring light to the blind in the light
of time.

5 The Lord has sent me with salvation and life in the words I bring from him to those that hear and obey. Fear
not, the reward is at the end. The gospel of Christ will bring you to life, and away from the valley of the shadow
of death, for he is the Good Shepherd. His pure unbounded love shall rule when there is unity among the
faithful. The greater your love the greater your joy shall be.

6 Hearken, all ye that desire to know the truth; this is the way that leadeth to eternity and to God-ward. There is
no turning back.

7 Heed the instructions I bring and establish justice in the gates. Let no one treat lightly the way of the Lord.
They that stir contention and maketh confusion are of the evil and shall have no part in this work. Keep peace
and comity in gentleness, and meekness shall make you blessed—a delightsome people.

8 Behold! the Lord knoweth all those who stir against this work and those whose hearts are full of revenge and
subtlety, in evil’s suavity, planning evil in the far reaching, to accomplish their envious gain. Lo, they cannot
destroy the Lord’s work. Their end will be sad. Their faces shall turn about with darkness. Doubt and mistrust
shall overtake them.

9 Turn away from those of adulterous and evil minds. They shall not have part in this work. Authority and trust
they deny, and it shall not be with them.

10 Choose the clean, upright and the faithful, that the sacred work will not be defiled.

11 Fear not when evil arises; act in your place and calling, and put it from your midst. For unto those who
qualify is given power over unclean and unholy spirits—those whom the Lord calls and are touched with his
Spirit. The hand of power and trust are his. He giveth as mankind prepares.

12 My mission is to cause righteousness to look down from above and to speak the will of the Lord.

13 Behold! the Lord knoweth his servants, and there are those that know his will and seek to establish the
word. Let his servant Fuehrer continue, that the word may be translated, for many of the Lord’s are among

14 Let Otto Arthur Leers come into this work, keep holy the way of the Lord. Let him be set apart as an elder,
and evangelist, to represent Christ and his Church in that of his homeland and far and near, whithersoever the
Lord shall lead and guide. The Lord has preserved him for this special work and to publish peace in his
homeland. Let him fully establish the the work of truth in that land. Many of the favored of the Lord shall hear
this way and come to the knowledge of truth. Take to them the way of life.

15 Teach baptisms, faith, and repentance towards God. Let the hands be laid on their heads for the gift, and
gifts of God on men.

16 Deliverance shall come and the faithful shall stand.

17 Let those be removed that hinder or cause contention, that are not clean, and that obey not their calling, but
in doubt and sin spread disbelief in the words I bring.

18 Blest are all those that see this way and the God of the living, the God of heaven and earth that stretched
forth his wise design.

19 ‘Thus saith the Lord: I plead with mankind that he may know I have spoken. I have sent my messenger. I
have not spoken in secret, I have spoken in power and given the plan. Will my Israel be delivered and come
unto me, your Lord and God, moreover, the Christ, for I am he who speaketh. Lo, as the light shineth from the
east unto the west, so, shall my coming be, and at an instant, suddenly shall a nation be born at once. Every
heart shall cry and every tongue confess I am their Christ. So, shall the joy of the faithful be even in my glory.
But Woe, Woe, Woe unto the wicked and those that count my commandments as naught. My words shall judge
all men; both those that live and those that do not; both the righteous and the wicked; those in peace and those
that are not. Yea, I have spoken and my words shall have their place. My messenger has come as I have sent
him. He is my choice, and the faithful are mine election, saith your Lord.’

20 Let the message I bring be published in every land. Let it go in every language and tongue, to the ends of
the earth. Peace will flow in rivers of joy unto many and tongues shall yet cry out in testimony to my coming, by
the words I bring, and the ends of time.

21 The millennium is to be the Lord’s reign and all men obey the Lord’s will from sea to sea, from shore to
shore, from north to south, from far and wide of the earth and the isles of the seas.

22 The Church of Christ shall continue on that a Church and people be fully prepared, and my duty is to bring
instructions from the Lord your God to the Church and the children of men. Learn the better way at this, the
closing time, the time the vineyard shall be cleansed and pruned, this, the last time, and the reign of peace
breaks forth.

23 Keep sacred the trust, and holy the work, and the way of peace in your hearts and homes. I speak to all, the
Church, and all who will hear.

24 I leave peace with you and on the Church. Fear not, I am John the Baptist, and I shall come again, until the
work is finished. There are many yet the Lord will call and has reserved against the day, that the work may
continue on. Amen.”

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