The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Seventy-third Message

My work taking me through Kansas and through Wichita, I retired for the night about 2 a.m., August 12, 1949. I was asleep
about 45 minutes when the Messenger of the Lord appeared and gave the following message. He was clothed with light and
power. I felt his presence more than any man. He spoke calmly, but firm. He appeared at 2:45 a.m. and remained two
hours. After the message was given we spoke as two men on several subjects. He revealed much to my joy. I pray for
mankind to be humble and prayerful and seek to learn and know the truth in this way. May the Lord’s peace be with all who
read these words.

1 “Write the message I will give you. Take heed the words I speak, for I speak the Lord’s words and will. The
Lord your God has sent me in the past and I will yet come in the future.

2 I come now with a message. I am the Messenger of the Lord, the forerunner of the Christ that will come for
his own. All those that love his appearing shall find rest and peace with him.

3 I am John the Baptist, the Elias, which was for to come. I come at the Lord’s appointing. I am the Branch; he
that shall prune, refine and purify all that may dwell in the presence of the Lord and King of kings.

4 I bring peace like a river and the flowing stream of joy and life to all that heed and obey. I come that the plan
might be fulfilled and great peace established.

5 Let the faithful take courage and lift up, for the authority and trust is placed upon you and you have not denied.
But those that are full of doubts, fears, envy and revenge shall not stand. Those that speak lightly of the words I
bring shall not be numbered with you. Let their names be removed for they are not a part of those that love
truth. Yet they say, ‘We love the Lord,’ and do scatter seeds of evil all the day long. They worketh to destroy and
know not the Lord’s words and will. Their minds are darkened and they see not because of their traditions.
Therefore the traditions and sins of men have ruled their lives and do destroy them because they will not

6 The Lord knoweth the hearts of mankind and wherein they desire to learn and do his will, it shall be like
precious ointment poured out upon the faithful to dwell in this light of life and salvation. For unto them, shall be
great joy, that which the mind of man has not yet attained to.

7 Be not contentious. Speak the truth and be firm. A great light has been given but few there be that perceive it,
because of the precepts and commandments of men; which bind and destroy, closing their understanding.
Remember, the greater your study and illuminating of your minds with the words and will of the Lord, the
greater your understanding and light shall be; freeing your lives from the bands of Satan and all his powers;
making you a blessing among mankind.

8 Let your assemblings be, that, filled with peace. Let the Lord be honored. Let your conversations be yea, yea,
and nay, nay and no evil will come among you. Defend the truth and crush the evil. Be pleasant in all your
doings. I speak to all that will heed. Defile not the holy rites but keep sacred the plan of God.

9 Let the servants continue in the fields, for the harvest is white and there is much to be done.

10 Let Savage remain in the office for there is given him greater strength and responsibility. Let him continue
his letters of encouragement everywhere, for the Lord has given his Spirit.

11 ‘Behold! saith the Lord, Let my servant Callin continue in his place, office and calling—for I have preserved
him for this day, and prolonged his days among men, because of his faith and love for truth. Let him teach it to
others everywhere. Continue the Voice of Peace as glad tidings, going to the ends of the earth, for I have
spoken, saith the Lord.’

12 Let the Lord’s servant Scott be set apart as an elder and prepare for his place among the bishops, when a
vacancy occurs.

13 Let George W. Snook and Charles W. Scourfield take up their work for the Lord has called them.

14 Let Fredrick Richard Christensen, Earl Allen, Charles Cooper, Osborn E. Peterson, Owen Hiriam Ray, Vern
Oren Robertson, Aaron McClusky, Jr., George E. Greenman and Edwin McDonald be set apart as elders. The
Lord’s peace will overflow them and there will be those that will take the message and authority to foreign
fields, for there are many yet, not warned. Take to them the message of life.

15 Let the Lord’s servant Fuehrer take up fully this work. Let him be set apart as an evangelist, for the Lord has
reserved him for a special cause and will bless him as he labors. Great peace shall come to him and he shall
be a blessing to many.

16 Let these be set apart as deacons: Mervyn L. Johnson, Troy L. Hartle, Thomas M. Hartle, Dale M. Beam,
John Thomas Finley and Walter L. Stearns. The Lord will bless them as they take up their work.

17 Give this message to the Church and fear not, but speak the truth. There are those that will not believe this
message and speak lightly of the words I bring. Let them alone, they reject the Lord and the words I bring and
the Lord rejects them.

18 Fear not, nor fret not because of the evils they say against this work, nor the snares they may lay to destroy,
for they destroy themselves.

19 Let the work continue in the German field, for great is the work there and in its borders. Let the message go
to other fields as the way opens. The Lord has reserved and preserved and established the faith there. Let it
continue for peace and power of love shall overflow like a river, and many will be brought to the light, life and joy
in the Lord will be with them. The Lord accepts the work being done at this time; let it continue.

20 Be calm, be at peace, many will defend the message I bring, have brought and will yet bring. I speak the
truth; let it prevail, for the Lord your God has sent me. Peace I leave with you and the Church. Amen.”

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