The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Seventy-fourth Message

The Messenger, John the Baptist, appeared at 2:40 a.m., January 8, 1951, and gave the following message. He was clothed
in power and light as in all other occasions and visits. He spoke slowly, repeating at times as I wrote the message down.
He was with me 40 minutes.

1 “Arise, and take the message I will give you.

2 Behold, this is a day when the Lord has established his Church among men, to bring salvation to the earth in
its fullness, and prepare a bride, the Lamb’s wife; and power and authority is given that it shall be done.

3 Likewise, a day wherein Satan has great power and seeks to destroy all he can of the good, but he shall fail
in the end. He has swayed men for this long time to follow traditions of men and not the way of God; having a
form of godliness but denying the power thereof. They turned from the former commandment and remembered
it not, until now, the faithful are holding to the truth, even the Record of the Nephites and all the Lord’s words
wherein there is but one Lord, one God, one salvation, one plan of redemption and a place in the hereafter for
the faithful with God, and for those that doubt and are evil, captured by Satan, absorbed in his ways, shall
remain so till the resurrections shall be, where the judgments are spread. It shall be man’s own ways while
here that decides his decree. Woe to the doubtful, the wicked, the heedless, and those that plan to destroy.

4 False prophets will arise. False proclaims will be made. Evil will grow worse and worse among the ungodly.
Hearts will be sad until few will have faith in the gospel of Christ. Mockery shall be among men, but the truth
shall go on to its mission.

5 I am the Messenger of the Lord. I am the one to bring the authority before the Christ. I am Christ’s servant. I
have brought and bring the instructions for the Church of Christ. I bring the message. I am sent from God. I
speak his words, and moreover, it is Christ’s words that shall judge all men. Trust not in the arm of flesh.

6 Fear not those who speak lightly of my coming for I come as the Lord commands. In days of old, there were
those who said the Lord spoke not through Moses, through the prophets and through the Christ who walked
among men. Nevertheless, the Lord has spoken, and speaks now as I come and his Church is set up among
men. It shall continue on to prepare the bride until the Lord comes to reign on earth, when the powers of Satan
are cast out and subdued, for the millennium reign of peace among mankind. All of those that doubt and reject
will not be there.

7 The Lord accepts the work of the faithful; therefore continue on. Fear not those that reject the words I bring,
those that speak lightly of the message, those that are removed. Have no part with them. They have no part in
this work of the Lord’s. Their minds are in darkness. They destroy themselves. Their hope fades away. Some
will repent; others will fail. Some will blaspheme to the end. Man fails but the Lord’s work will not. They that go
from this work are ‘as a body without the spirit is dead.’

8 Let Parkinson know the Lord placed him in the quorum of apostles. Let there be added to the apostles:
Howard Leighton-Floyd, W. H. Callin and Andrew F. Flanders at this time. The Lord will call others as the
vacancies occur—the work must go on.

9 Let there be added to the bishops: C. G. Clary, H. H. Burt and Seth LaVern Fife. Peace will come to the faithful
that will do the Lord’s bidding.

10 The Voice of Peace carries peace to many; let it continue.

11 Let R. C. Conoley and George Rolfe be set apart as evangelists. The Lord will open the way for their faith to
be spoken to many.

12 A word to those that endure. Yea, greater things are yet. The unfolding of much is before you. The mysteries
of God will no longer be hid, if you will have great faith and endure.

13 Let all be humble and the powers of the world will not disturb nor destroy. You have seen the vision, the
wars and the peace. Hold sacred the will of the Lord, that the way of life may go to many.

14 I leave peace with you and will come again as the Lord will direct. Amen.”

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