The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Seventy-fifth Message

The Messenger of the Lord appeared to me at the home of C. E. Crownover, 6718 Maple Street, Kansas City, Missouri,
August 18, 1956, 3:53 a.m. and left at 4:35 a.m. These are the words which he told me to write.

1 “Arise and write the message I will give you. Give it to the brethren and the Church.

2 Lo, you have prayed for my coming and the Lord has heard and sent me. Satan has hindered many times in
the past—of my coming. The Lord’s work has suffered much. Satan has shown his iron hand and in vain has
sought to have his way—but has caused unrest and no peace, deceiving, deceiving and planting evil seeds. In
false prophecy has man been deceived and sin has wrought a work. Let it not be found among you.

3 As I speak to you, I speak to the brethren and the Church. Speak the words I bring, let them be heard. Destroy
not the plan of God.

4 Behold! let not traditions come among you. The Lord speaks to the nations and this people as respect the
day and days of rest, which is the Lord’s day, being the first day of the week, that there might be a day for
worship and learning of the Lord.

5 Let not division come among you. For the old law and its traditions are finished and is not a part of the gospel
of Christ, in its sabbaths and burning of bloods—but forgiveness, humility, and sincerity, in the humble way of
the Lord in obedience to the words Christ spoke in his gospel.

6 Fear not, ye say ye love the Lord; keep his words, bow not to the idols, respect the just plan of God. Great
peace like rivers of flowing waters will come with power over you in mellowness of heart.

7 Speak the truth and justice will follow you wherever you go. Remember in the end when the angels divide
between them that serve God and them that serve him not—be ye among them that serve the Lord. Though
mankind may be consumed, let not the word of the Lord be hindered from its mission. The wicked are as chaff
that the storm carrieth away, but the righteous as a sweet savor in his mouth.

8 I am sent of the Lord that I may bring the words and will of the Lord, that this work may be established in its
purity. The words I bring is the assured way of the Lord. Woe! to them that speak lightly or defile the words I
bring. Woe! to them that are full of sin. The fury of the Lord’s wrath shall be upon them and there shall none of
their seed be left in the end. The candle of the wicked shall be put out. Woe, to them that run ahead of the Lord,
vainly prophesying.

9 Let Tiffin take his place among the bishops. Let Leonard Johnson be set apart as a bishop when the vacancy

10 Let Swanson and Thomas stand among the twelve. Let Edward Sykes, Conerd E. Crownover and George
Rhodes be added to the quorum when the vacancies be. Let Crownover, Rhodes, Charles Morris and Warren
Foskett be set apart as elders at this time. Let all be humble that the light of the Lord may shine in their lives
and works.

11 I leave peace and calmness with you and will come again; be strong and fear not. Some will not accept the
words I bring. Let them alone. Some will turn against you and the words I bring; they lose and are not a part of
this work to the end. Your brethren will uphold you, for exceeding great joy shall be in their hearts in Christ’s
holy work. Amen.”

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