The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Seventy-sixth Message

The Messenger appeared in my room at Brookville, Kansas, at 1:25 a.m., August 17th, 1959. He gave the following
message slowly as I wrote it down, repeating words when necessary. He left at 2:12 a.m. The same glorious light that had
accompanied him before filled the room.

1 “Arise and take a message I bring at the Lord’s appointing. I have come to you in the past and have spoken
and will bring words and instructions from the Lord for his Church for the Lord your God has spoken.

2 Your peculiar work and appointings the Lord has given has been his will. You have seen the faithful, you have
seen many fail. The faithful ones never waver and some who could help you have been as bitter enemies—to
destroy. Put not your trust in man.

3 The Lord has spoken and his work is set in pace—let it continue.

4 Much has come to pass, and wars, famines and prosperity have come and will yet be. The faithful are
making ready to bring about the Lord’s Zion. Many represent Christ and are helping to bring peace.

5 Satan’s work will be destroyed. The Lord sees the faith and good works of those that do his will. Continue
and your way will be pleasant.

6 Let the work continue far and near. Let the translations continue that the messages of the Lord may go to all

7 Moreover the work of the Lord will continue. Groups will gather that they may have peace among them. Let
humility and careful speaking be your mantle, in the faith of the Lord. The Lord is pleased with the work of the
gatherings—let them continue that there may be examples of the Lord’s power in bringing peace to many.

8 The Lord’s plan has been decreed and it shall bear fruit. The great perils shall shake mankind and many will
inquire of the Lord. Learning wisdom, their idols shall melt away, for the word shall go forth from Zion. Men’s
hearts shall be cleansed—being ministered unto by the word of the Lord. The faithful shall stand forth and
many shall find salvation with the Lord.

9 Those that do evil and disobey will destroy themselves. The day comes when those that desire for greed and
spoil will come to an end.

10 The Lord accepts the humility of the gathering of the assembly of his people. Continue and peace will go to
each home and bring joy in the Lord.

11 Let Pritchard be restored; let Gibson and Wilkin be added to the twelve as the vacancies occur. Let R. G.
Newby be set apart as an elder and let him take his place in the twelve. If he will be humble, much good can
come from faithful works, for there are many who will learn the truth and follow the way of the Lord.

12 Let elders be set apart for labor as the Lord will direct—taking the field and establishing good works and
bring peace to many. There are those that look to the Lord in all humility. Peace will be theirs.

13 Preach repentance everywhere that salvation may come to the obedient. Give these words to the brethren
and the Church. The faithful will believe and obey. Others will turn farther away. Fear not. To judge is not man’s
duty. The Lord will reward. Be humble and fear not. Peace I leave with you.

14 I am the servant of the Lord. I speak his will. I am the elect one, the Ancient of days. This was my calling. I
will continue to come until the work is finished and Christ comes to his temple and the gathering of his people.

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