The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Seventy-eighth Message

August 21, 1962, while staying at the Earle Hotel, Independence, Missouri, U.S.A. I was awakened. It was 3:24 a.m. as I
could plainly see the clock. At 3:40 the Messenger appeared by my bedside and gave the following message. He left at 4:
22 a.m.

1 “Behold, arise and write the message I will give you.

2 I am the Messenger of the Lord and I come from his presence. I am he who cried repentance in the
wilderness. I am he to cry repentance now. I am the Messenger of the Covenant; the promised one to come. I
come at the Lord’s appointing. Many pray for my coming. Your work is to present the words I bring. To all that
heed and will obey fear not, for great is your work yet to be done.

3 Moreover, there are those who bear the fruits of the Spirit and are humble. Many seek to be right before God.

4 The Lord has given those to encourage you and to stand by you. He knows your strength and weakness and
he will save to the uttermost. Be not fretful. Be very humble. Continue with all your might to do the Lord’s work.

5 Lo, and behold, the Lord’s arm is not shortened. He reaches forth for all to come into this work.

6 Go forth, the pruning is on. The hour of God’s judgment is under way. The sifting and the gathering is on.
Seek to save and not destroy.

7 Let the things of confusion be away from you. Let all be encouraged.

8 Let the message, the gospel of Christ go to the ends of the earth.

9 Let the work be more firmly established here.

10 Let men prepare, choose the wise and careful and those that will be humble.

11 Prepare for this message to go to the ends of the earth that the word of the Lord may be established.

12 Give ear, Oh ye people of the earth. Heed the warning today, prepare and your joy will be full when the Lord
comes to claim his bride. The greater power is promised and it shall do its work.

13 Let there be added to the bishops—C. W. Brizendine. Let him be ordained an elder. Let these be set apart
as elders: Henry L. Hopper, Roger Vick, Donald R. Vick, Willaim Mathis and Frank David Mallory. Let Fuller
Johnson know his call is from the Lord.

14 Let Michael A. Romero be set apart as an evangelist. Let him go to his people in their language and tongue.
If these be humble, great good will come of their works. Let them study that they may know the gospel in truth
and power. Also set Mervyn Johnson apart an evangelist.

15 My message is one of peace to those that will come the way of the Lord. To those not yet covenanted with
the Lord, this is the way of life, the gospel of Christ that is brought in power and authority for salvation unto
mankind. Let all that seek Christ and his Church come into this work. For salvation is given by the power of

16 The Lord has seen your humility, rejoice that you are the children of your God.

17 My message is to all that hear and obey and to all that will come. Send it to the Church. Your Assembly has
been pleasing in the eyes of God. Keep peace among you. I leave peace with you. Amen.”

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