The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Eightieth Message

The Messenger of the Lord, John the Baptist, appeared in my home, 1500 West Lexington Street, Independence, Missouri,
U.S.A. His presence awoke me. The room, in fact the whole house was filled with light and the power of the Lord. He gave
the following message. After he left I walked down the hall to the front room to see the time from the big clock on the wall. It
was 4:45 a.m., August 15, 1964. He was with me about an hour and 25 minutes.

1 “Behold! I come from the presence of the Lord to bring instructions and directions for the Church, the people
of his elect. I am the servant come to call others to work a work, to bring the restitution and restoration of all
things. To the wise a warning, to those that look for it—the fulfilling and bringing in the assured way of
salvation, all else will not save you. It must be the Christ and his teachings, his words, for salvation only comes
by him.

2 I am sent at this time, the Lord’s appointing. Give my words to the Church, the brethren. There are many
faithful that grow not weary in well doing. The Lord’s work is set in pace, let it move on.

3 Take hold your peculiar work. Lift your brethren that all may arise to greater standards and the people be
made strong, filled with the Lord’s Spirit.

4 The time comes when Zion shall be established, a nation in righteousness. Then the dominions, the
kingdoms absorbed by his righteousness and power, shall be given to the saints of the Most High. His
enemies shall be turned back; they shall fall and perish at his presence.

5 I am the Elias, the forerunner of the Christ. There are many representing Christ and believe in my coming, yet
they heed not my words.

6 Churches will unite, some will come into this way and be made ready. Put on the armor of faith, the shield of
wisdom, knowledge and salvation.

7 Mankind chooses this day, what his destiny in the hereafter shall be.

8 There will come vacancies in the men that lead in this work. Let them be filled as I shall direct you of the Lord’
s will. When men fail it is of their own choosing and action.

9 Let there be a house, a church building, a place of worship, built for this work; for the local of Independence
to meet and hold their convocations, their services to the Lord. In peace the Lord will meet with them, many
shall see the hand of God move. Many will flow into it to find the way of truth and life. Let the headquarters and
records be there. Keep and protect the records and files. Let Edward Lee Stone continue the information and
files on all that come into this work.

10 Fear not and worry not about the temple of the Lord, for the Lord can choose the place, the time to build, and
direct in his work when he desires his temple to be built. But with all, let there be churches and buildings
dedicated to the Lord’s work everywhere—in the name of the Church of Christ, with the Elijah Message.
Declare among the people the Lord’s doings.

11 The Lord has given those to help and defend this cause. He has given those to stand by you and cause this
work to move on in the Lord’s will. Be strong, be firm, let the truth be heard everywhere.

12 Meet in the Assembly, let your prayers be solemn and from the heart.

13 Establish peace and power will dwell with you. Sanctify the people in holiness and good works, obedient to
the words I bring. Let the work of preaching and teaching continue everywhere and the Lord will be your
strength and stay.

14 Those that contend, believing not all the words I bring, let them have no voice or vote in this work; already
they remove themselves from your numbers. Pray that they may repent and obey the Lord’s will, for I speak his

15 Let the young and old work together that the work may be planted everywhere. The Lord is pleased with the
efforts of the young servants, their labor in love, taking the message from door to door.

16 Let LeVon Walker, Richard F. Ream, Benjamin F. Sanders, Columbus Rivers and Dohn Emmet Weaver be
ordained as elders, preaching faith in the Lord and his divine way, repentance and remission of sins through
the atoning blood of Christ.

17 I am the Elias. I am John the Baptist. I came at the time before the Christ walked among men. I come now
to work a work to save mankind. My mission is one of love. Will mankind heed?

18 Peace I bring, peace I leave with you. Amen.”

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