The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Eighty-first Message

In this month of March the Messenger appeared to me on two different occasions. The room each time was light as
noonday. He stood looking at me and smiled each time, but disappeared before I could arise. I felt he would come again
soon and leave a message. Many were praying for his return to bring more of the words and will of the Lord. He appeared
the third time, March 30, 1965, at 2:40 a.m. at my home, 1500 West Lexington Avenue, Independence, Missouri and left the
following message. He spoke slowly and I wrote it word for word as he gave it. He left at 4:31 a.m., thus he was with me
lacking nine minutes of being two hours.

1 “Arise and take the message I will give you.

2 Fret not nor worry not, this is the Lord’s work. I have come to you and given the message. The authority and
trust is upon you. No one nor none other can take it from you. All that they have, you have given them of the Lord’
s calling.

3 Some will turn against this work. Some will let Satan destroy them, others will be true. Some will yet arise to
faithful works, upholding you and the message I bring from the Lord’s planning and will.

4 You have done the Lord’s will and work. Preserve the work and keep sacred the authority, and the Lord’s
power will be upon you. Stand firm, hold to your calling.

5 Let none destroy the plan nor the power or sacredness of the holy priesthood after the order of the Son of
God that was once delivered to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery, and faithfully preserved to this day and time
through the remnant unto which the Lord has sent me, and I have continued to come to, sent of the Lord God,
establishing anew through the command of obedience of baptisms through the Lord’s servant Otto Fetting and
your fellow leader who was faithful in his day of works.

6 Now you have been faithful to set firm, legally establishing the line of authority, preserved into the remnant
whom God shall call—through whom his work shall be accomplished.

7 Adjust yourselves to be up and doing.

8 Those that hinder, let them be removed for already they doubt the words I bring, and fail to see the Lord’s
hands moving.

9 Add to you faith knowledge, wisdom and obedience in all things, hope in eternal salvation.

10 Ye that are afar off, ye that are near, ye that are almost persuaded, come into this way and work of the Lord.
Greater responsibilities will be yours to have and to hold in service to the Lord in his way.

11 Seek to save yourselves, endure and seek to bring salvation to others, bring them into this work.

12 Fear not what men may say of you and your work. There are those when they hear will go all the way with
you and the message I bring.

13 Remember the Lord Jesus Christ is the truth, the way and the life. No other way can mankind be saved and
that in the life of the flesh, this life of probation only. Mankind chooses this day what his destiny shall be in the
hereafter—in the resurrection.

14 When the saints gather for their prayers and humbly seeking the Lord, in their communion, the Lord’s
supper or sacrament, let them partake the bread an emblem of the Lord’s body; the wine unfermented grape
juice from the fruit of the vine, emblem of the blood of the Lamb of God spilled for all mankind that the sins of
the truly repentant that look to him may be forgiven and have life and find it more abundantly.

15 He that striveth for the mastery, let him be temperate in all things.

16 The tongue of fire kindleth a world of iniquity. Watch therefore and pray. Go therefore and deliver the decrees
to those that are ordained of this work—that they may keep them.

17 Let all come to attendance to exhortations to doctrine that greater light may come, and it will to those that
prepare for it, unto the measure of Christ, in all things showing good works.

18 Remember there is one God, one Jesus Christ, between God and men who gave himself a ransom for all—
that mankind may be redeemed, even the saving of sinners, a way of deliverance.

19 Let the shepherds feed the flock that they fear no more, and they shall not want. Let your cloak and mantle
be humility, for grace shall come to all such. Christ giveth the life that they may have it more abundantly, a pure
heart and faithful works, a good conscience toward God and your fellowmen.

20 Let the words I bring be the rule and guide with the Articles of Faith and Practice, for upon all the Lord’s
words, will and planning shall this work be built.

21 Let the house of the Lord be built, and the Church of Christ with the words I bring, the Elijah Message be
established everywhere. Come! All that love the Lord and this work, work together. This is the Lord’s anointed,
and appointed, the associated ones of faith. Peace be unto all.

22 Many represent Christ, but you men are to represent Christ and his Church.

23 The Church is organized. I have given the type and leadership, the way through the gates is open.
Repentance and faith are the beginning, worship and receive the gift. The hands must be laid upon all that the
Spirit might come to those that prepare for it.

24 Heed my message for this is my mission. The doctrine is given, and is set forth in the Bible, the Record of
the Nephites, and The Word of the Lord, the words I bring.

25 I am John the Baptist, the spirit and power of Elias, the Elias, the Elijah which was for to come to restore all
things. I am the elect one, the horn, the Ancient of days, I am the forerunner. I am the Messenger of the
Covenant, the promised one. I came before the Christ, preached repentance in the wilderness. I proclaim the
word again before the Christ shall come again. I shall be with him when he comes to claim his bride, the

26 This is the assured way, the way of life and salvation. Let all men flow into this way.

27 As mankind subdues the earth and climbs to other spheres and planets, learns God’s great universe, the
closer comes to unveiling all mysteries and understandings be uncovered.

28 I have come at the Lord’s appointing. I have been sent. May the Church be steady for time of the end draws

29 Let the message and word of life be broadcasted everywhere, to every nation, language and tongue, to
every heart.

30 Let the work continue everywhere, far and near. Let all take courage for the Lord has sent me. I am your
fellow servant. I bring the warning of Christ coming and instructions of his will to the Church.

31 Let Steve Martin be set apart as an elder; the Lord has heard his prayers and knows his humility.

32 Let Raymond Ridgell and Milfred O. Walberg come in this work and let them be set apart as elders,
moreover as evangelists in this work. The Lord will bless them in their faith and efforts. Much good can be
done. Many can be brought to know the truth, this way of life.

33 As I speak to you, so is my message to all. Give this message to the brethren, the Church, let it be
published with the rest. Peace I leave with you. Amen.”

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