The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Eighty-second Message

The Messenger came to me at my home 3:30 a.m., August 15, 1965, 1500 West Lexington Avenue, Independence,
Missouri, 64052 and gave the following message. The room was filled with light that accompanies him, the same as before
when he appeared. His divine presence permeated my whole being. He spoke calmly and slowly and repeated at times so
that I wrote every word as he spoke them. He left at 4:35 a.m.

1 “Arise and take the message I will give you.

2 I have come to you from time to time, to instruct in the work being done, for the Church of Christ. I bring the
warning. I proclaim the will of the Lord. I have brought the authority and it is among men. Some accept it, others
reject it—nevertheless it is given, that the servants of the Lord may be filled with the Spirit of God. That they may
take the message of the gospel to the nations of the earth. Keep it pure and holy.

3 I come, and speak in your language that you may understand and impart it to the children of men.

4 You are the remnant of the faithful down to this day and time in which the Lord will do a work, and deliver his
people as in the days of old.

5 Be faithful and the word shall deliver you and all the faithful but to those that doubt and reject shall not be

6 They that deny and reject my words are as clouds without water, empty vessels. How good and great of
vessels of honor could have been for those that once were filled with the gift of this work—but now turn from it.
And they choose darkness rather than light. Hence let them be released of their charge and responsibility.

7 Remember the day comes when there will be no more evil in all the land of God’s people. For peace and
tranquility will be serene there.

8 Where are those with patience that believe in God’s words and plan?

9 Blessed are all those that defend this cause believing all the words I bring. Truth shall live and bring to
naught all error. Shape your lives by the words I bring to you and it will be well with you.

10 There are those that are traitors to this work, they have no part in the work of the Lord.

11 Teach diligently the doctrine of the gospel of Christ Jesus. Let your conversations be in humility, for this
shall be your power in winning your brother—whose mind is in the dark.

12 Those that speak lightly of my coming and of the words I bring have lost the Spirit of God and of this work of
salvation. Satan has sought to have them, save all that you can.

13 Oh! that they would repent and heed the words I bring and the still small voice of the Lord. Defend this
cause for it is, that mankind may be lifted from the curse.

14 Behold! the Lord will speak in greater power—would mankind heed, that he may be filled and find life and
light in living, yea, and come forth in the resurrection of the Lord’s calling?

15 They that reject my words and heed not, already they are without the authority of this work.

16 How great a work could be accomplished if all would be humble and obedient with no jealousy, envy or
strife. Doubts enter, then bitterness and hard feelings, then they oppose this work and seek to destroy you and
the message I bring, the way of peace and blessings for the obedient.

17 Peace like a river of pure waters will flow to all the faithful that heed and obey. Give to them the words I bring.
Let gladness and peace in God be in your hearts and the oppressors will fade away.

18 Seek to save. Seek to remove the doubts, lest it destroy the doubter.

19 Some will rejoice to know I have come. I come not to another, but I come to you and have come. This is your
work to take the message and give it to the Church. Many will accept it, some will reject it, some will
blaspheme and destroy their usefulness and service to God in his planning.

20 Man cannot lift himself without the Spirit, he will fail. With the Lord’s power great things will be
accomplished everywhere and peace shall be there.

21 Pay your tithes and oblations that the faithful may carry on. Let the hindering causes be removed that the
work may roll on. The wheels of justice are turning. The purging and cleansing is on. Man cannot glory in

22 I am the one to give the instructions of the Lord. I bring the message to you for the Lord’s people—this is
your calling and in the plan of God.

23 He hears the prayers of the faithful and humble. He will yet hear and answer to the joy of the righteous.

24 The work is established and set in pace. Many will join in this work and the success of the righteous will be
great in the Lord’s sight.

25 The vision has been given—see the powers move that cause distress, see those opposing the wars and
the downfall of nations. The sifting time is on—men’s hearts are tried. Who will stand, and who may abide the
days to come?

26 That this work may go on as the vacancies occur as I told you—others will be called to labor in the quorums.
Let these be set apart that I shall give you at this time.

27 That in the far reaching and that the work may not halter, let these prepare for the apostleship: George
Rolfe, Warren R. Foskett, Richard F. Ream, Richard A. Johnson and Lloyd Ford. Let them be humble for great
is this responsibility.

28 As the changes come, let the vacancies be filled.

29 Let these prepare for the bishops as there will come other changes: Mervyn Johnson, Earl W. Baggerly,
Edward Lee Stone, and Floyd E. Bechtel.

30 Let Vincent W. Yates, Henry L. Hopper, Frank Stanley, LeVon Walker, Dohn E. Weaver, Oscar R. Nicholson
and Columbus Rivers be set apart as evangelists.

31 Let Gary Doudy and Wallace Yates be set apart as elders.

32 Let Glen Doudy and John Leabo come through the water of baptism and take up their work as evangelists—
servants in the cause of Christ.

33 Let L. M. Thornton come into this work and obey the words I bring. Let him be set apart as an apostle as the
way opens and great good will be the work he may do in bringing many to salvation. His prayers have been
heard. This is the assured way.

34 I am John the Baptist, I am the prudent one, I am the Elias, I am the forerunner of the Christ that shall come
to the bride the Church now being prepared to meet the Lord at his coming.

35 Heed my words today—repent in humility and save yourselves. Teach repentance and salvation through the
baptisms—and the Spirit will work to save souls of men.

36 Come forth with compassion to save and work together. All will see this work if they will listen and wait in

37 Hold high the standard and the hands of justice. Keep the peace.

38 I will come again. I leave peace with you and all that hear. Amen.”

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