The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Eighty-third Message

The Messenger of the Lord appeared to me in my home, 1500 West Lexington Avenue, Independence, Missouri, 64052
February 14, 1966, 2:10 a.m. and left at 3:35 a.m. He spoke firmly and slowly. I wrote the message as he gave it.

1 “Arise and write the message I will give to you at this time.

2 I have been sent of the Lord. I come to do his bidding. I speak his words and will. My message is true and
faithfully given—it must be obeyed.

3 I have come and will yet come, as the prophets of old have foretold. My mission is one of love.

4 Teach the reign of peace. Teach faith in God and his plan and decrees. Proclaim the word commanding all
mankind everywhere to repent and obey for the time has come when the way of truth alone shall stand. All else
will come to naught.

5 The ways of man will not save you. I give the instructions and the authority in its assured way. Those that
speak lightly of my words, deny me and the trust and authority—it is taken from them for they lose by their sin.
In time they will amount to nothing. Fear them not. They have no right nor authority from my words.

6 Defend the words I bring. To the faithful: continue and hold high the standard and the words and work I bring.
As you prepare for it, greater peace and power will come to all.

7 Let the apostles and bishops counsel together and stand firm to defend the Church of Christ, with the words
I bring.

8 I brought the authority and trust, to re-establish the work to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery and again
anew in 1929 to Otto Fetting. I continue to come bringing words of instructions and directions, revealing God’s
will, unveiling the mysteries of the Kingdom of God on earth. For my coming is that mankind may endure and
prepare for the coming of the Christ to earth again. I bring a way of deliverance from sin to life and way to the

9 I am the forerunner of Christ, the proclaimer of the warning, the announcer of his soon coming.

10 I am the Messenger of the Covenant, the servant of the Lord, the Elias which was for to come. I bring the
Elijah Message.

11 Those that have obeyed and are obeying my injunctions and directions, retaining and preserving the
authority I bring, are the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message, established anew in 1929. Let it go to the
ends of the earth, proclaiming the gospel of Christ.

12 The Lord has reserved and preserved many to help in this work in the far reaching and soon to come. Many
are desirous to hear the message of life, the gospel, the glad tidings, the good news with the authority of the
Lord—the fulfilling of the word.

13 The gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world. Yea, it shall be published in all lands.
Deliverance will come to all that will hear and obey. Come all the way.

14 All that come to the Church of Christ must be baptized of the water and of the Spirit. The hands must be laid
on all, that they may receive the gift of the Spirit of God; truly be born again.

15 Teach the decrees of the Lord that all shall be converted to salvation and the gospel. The way of life in the
Kingdom of God to eternity shall be their reward.

16 Yea, to those that are almost persuaded to come in this way of the Lord, to life eternal with God your
Redeemer, the Christ, the giver of life, your Witnesser and Commander, the Savior of mankind—hear him

17 This is the midnight cry. Come, join ye to the rest and peace the Lord can give. Go ye to meet the Lord—in
service to the people. Your reward shall be sure.

18 Many will come into this way. Bring them to the Lord.

19 The Lord accepts the house built unto him. His peace shall be there.

20 The Lord will bless all that help to bring about his Zion in righteousness. Not by might, nor by evil powers,
but by the Spirit and faithful service to the Lord, love that surpasseth the understanding of man.

21 Those that are covenant breakers, turn away from—and those that count my words and this work as evil. Let
them alone. Thus saith the Lord, ‘They know not my gospel, for I am the Lord and Savior, I only am the Eternal
God. Those that believe not my words, they doubt and count them as from the evil. It is they that listen to the
whisperings of Satan and he has taken hold of them and as with a silver thread about their necks, he leadeth
slowly down to that awful hell, saith your Lord.’

22 Fear not those that have gone from this work, they become as empty vessels of dishonor, turning against
the words I bring. I am sent of the Lord. I come from his presence.

23 They reject me. They have a veil over their minds, their understanding is covered. They obey not the Lord’s
command. They have not, because they do not the pleasing things of the Lord in defending all the words,
directions and instructions I bring, and my coming. They are traitors to the work I bring of the Lord. Will they
repent and return to the Lord?

24 Save your strength. Be up and doing for the Lord and this cause.

25 I will give you more for the apostles, and as vacancies occur let them take their calling that the work will go
on: Charles O. Martin, Edward Lee Stone, Roy Woodward, R. David Temple. I will give others as the need shall

26 Let these prepare for the bishopric when the need occurs: Vincent W. Yates, Newell J. Mead and Dohn E.

27 To evangelist: Thomas Evanson, A. H. Morse, Deonarine Ojar and Dolton. If they will be humble, the Lord
will bless.

28 To the elders: Phillip M. Dixon, Glen Chittenden, and Donald E. Thompson.

29 The Lord will give peace to the faithful—keep the peace. Command peace and justice will follow you
wherever you go.

30 Proclaim my coming and words everywhere. Let none take part until they come in by the door.

31 Proclaim the gospel everywhere and in every way possible. Let the decrees be taught and published for all
to hear and obey.

32 Pay your tithes and oblations that the work may continue on.

33 Let Stone and Pritchard be in the field as much as possible and the way will open for others soon.

34 Let Clay England know the Lord accepts his efforts. Send help to the Indies soon as it can be arranged.
Bring souls into this way. Baptize and set those apart that are truly humble and converted to this way—teaching
the way of life and deliverance in the Christ.

35 I will come again. I will direct in all things. I leave peace with you. Amen.”