The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Eighty-fourth Message

The Messenger, John the Baptist, a resurrected being, appeared in my room, November 3, 1966, at 1:30 a.m. and was with
me over two hours. He gave the following message. He was clothed with the same white robe he wore on previous visits.
The room was full of light, no shadows anywhere. He was powerful in his voice, and a flame of the Spirit of God issued
from him. He stood by my side and began giving the message. He then sat on the bed as I sat on a chair by the table. He
spoke a sentence at a time repeating to see that each word was accurate, as he spake it. He left at 3:45 a.m. The following
is the message.

1 “Behold! Arise and write the message I will give you. I come at the Lord’s appointing. I come from his
presence. I bring his words, I speak his will.

2 I am the servant of the Lord. I am the forerunner of the Christ. I am he to prepare the way. I give the word in
due season. I speak in the Spirit and power of God, of the Elias, the assured way, a fountain of truth. I am
clothed with light for a covering. The words I speak are eternal words. I speak the words of Christ, the Living
God. His words shall judge you in the last day. Shape your lives by the words I bring and it will be well with you.
This is the assured way of the Lord.

3 Let the Church and all men respect the resurrection, for with it there is hope for all mankind. Come together
and worship on the first day of the week—but remember God always. Keep the Lord’s day holy.

4 Be wise in works and humble in your talk and the Lord will direct in all things.

5 When the fruit is ripe, then is the time to pluck. He that gathereth when the harvest is not ripe—it wasteth
away and their labor is in vain.

6 Keep the faith and endure and the sunlight of righteousness shall arise over you, with healing in his wings
and ye shall be preserved in the hour when trials are upon you. Deliverance will come. Command peace and it
will bring you through.

7 God is love. My message is one of love. Keep the mellowing Spirit in your hearts. Many are moved by the
power of God. Many have been touched by the Spirit of the Lord. Many represent Christ and are ready for this
work. They that are for us are not against us.

8 I bring the authority and trust. I give the opening of the way for the flow of God to come unto mankind. I have
given the holy priesthood after the order of God, after the order of his Son. This authority was given and relayed
on unto the Church and the ministry of the Church of Christ, the Church with my message, the Elijah Message,
ordained in 1829 upon the heads of Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery and reiterated a hundred years later to
Otto Fetting, an apostle in the remnant the Lord had preserved on the temple lot.

9 Oh, that mankind would hear my words and obey. Light and life would come to them for the Christ is the ruler
and judge of all.

10 You will see the powers at work. Churches will unite, there will be uniting of forces. Those seeking truth will
flow into this way. The greater your understanding, the greater the light shall be and the greater will be your

11 My work is that Israel might be gathered and Joseph brought to understanding.

12 Seek out, acquire and restore with meekness those that are humble, repentant and full of love, if they will
come to doctrine and truth and refrain from teaching of men and traditions that will not save you but the gospel
of Christ of redemption and salvation unto eternity of eternal hope with God—preaching Christ and him
crucified and resurrected.

13 It is finished, no more the old law of burning of sacrifices on the alter and its spilt bloods, the worship of day
or days. But keep ye the Lord’s day, the first day of the week for worship and service in respect to the
resurrection. Herein was the gospel restored to a nation and nations bringing forth fruits thereof.

14 Mankind cannot lift himself. He cannot be self-appointed. His works will not stand the test.

15 ‘Behold! saith the Lord, I have sent my messenger to speak my will. My words shall not return unto me void
but shall bring forth. There shall be those with faith when I come to earth to reign.

16 I am he that is called I AM. I am the Great White Spirit. I am he that is called Shiloh. I am all in all. I am the
only living God, Creator of the universe, ruler and judge of all. I am the chief cornerstone, I am the stone the
builders rejected. I am the Christ, the Son of man.

17 I am God, I change not. I am he that was called Jehovah. I am Jesus Christ. I am the beginning and the end.
I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, I am the Lord. I am he that was manifested in the flesh, in the
flesh-death and resurrection. I am he that is risen. I am the Lord God.

18 All they that hear me and learn of me, hearing my decrees and obey, shall have right to eternity with me, your
Lord God Christ forever.

19 I am he that formed the heavens and the earth and all things that in them are. I am he that placed man in
the garden and preserved Noah over the flood. I am he that chose Abraham for his great faith. His seed is as
the sands of the seashores, innumerable. I am he that led Israel through the Red Sea and over Jordan and I
will deliver my people today, if they will watch and pray and serve me, your Master and Lord God.

20 When mankind will learn of me, he shall be lifted from darkness unto light and power—and hearing me I
will hear him and heal your souls and your lands.

21 You will see many fall on the one hand and many more on the left because of the works of Satan. They will
not hear because of the teachings and pride of men, the traditions of men, saith the Lord.’

22 Lo, the evil is at work and will do all he can to destroy—and that through mankind and through some that
claim to love the Lord.

23 Fear not, the Lord will raise up those to defend this cause. Even now, the great power of peace and
deliverance is coming and at work, yea, even till the Bridegroom comes and the door is shut.

24 All those that shall be there, those that shall be with him are they that have had their lamps trimmed and
burning: their lives arrayed in righteousness, their vessels filled with oil, their lives and works filled with the
Spirit of God. Their works show their faith, shaped by the words I bring. None shall stand, none shall endure
that will not heed the words I bring for I bring a restoration and restitution of all things—the holy priesthood of
God after the order of God, manifested in the flesh decreed from the beginning—stretching out the heavens,
the earth to her former beauty, the waters above the firmament as well as in the deep.

25 The day comes when there shall be a new heaven and a new earth. Sin shall not be there for there will be
no more Satan.

26 Behold! The work is in the hands of the faithful. I give charge that you see that it is directed humbly and in
love. The work you do will be recorded in heaven, that which you bind on earth will be bound in heaven. That
which you loose shall be loosed in heaven. Those that do or have spoken lightly and bitter of this work—their
charge and responsibility they betray and it is taken from them. Therefore they have no part in the sacred work
of the Lord. They walk in darkness at noonday.

27 See those that grope in darkness because they will not or do not study. Many are called, some faithful,
some have been ordained yet they are slow to prepare themselves to be leaders. The desires of their hearts
are not yet filled—nor the Lord’s will obeyed.

28 Set none apart that will not come to doctrine and seek to defend all the words I bring, for I bring light. The
earth shall be filled with the light I shall bring.

29 I bring the everlasting gospel. It is Christ’s words that shall judge all mankind. Those that hear you will hear
me and the words I bring from the Lord.

30 The day comes when all that serve the Lord will become a delightsome people, made white through the
righteousness of their obedience to the Lord, the Ensample, the Lamb of God.

31 The heat of the sun shall no more burn upon their faces for the Lord shall be the light upon them.

32 Worship and find the gift. The gospel is salvation to the faithful, hope in eternity with the Lord. They that bring
forth fruit shall find peace and rest from all their labors—peace in their hearts of God towards all men.

33 ‘Oh! I would that mankind would hear my words today as delivered by mine angel and humble themselves.

34 Oh! Do they not know the storms of life will bring them low—the hard of heart, the haughty, the highminded?
I will be slow to hear their cry. They speak lightly of my injunctions and words of instructions and come not to
doctrine and my decrees.’

35 There are those that say I have not spoken, but I come that mankind may find a way and learn deliverance.
There is safety in the obeying the words I bring.

36 The ideals in man’s heart will fade away. The great truth and the Church in her bright garments must shine
and stand forth. This is light and truth that Jesus is the Christ the Eternal God.

37 For the faithful, the sojourn in the wilderness is nearing an end, the Gentile times are closing in. The day
comes when it will be said, ‘The people of the Lord’ and them that serve him not. Be ye repentant and the Lord
will hear and heal all the weak and make you strong.

38 How oft have I told you, worry not over what men may say of you. The Lord knows your repentance and your
righteous desires to ever be in his will. You have done the Lord’s bidding in the establishing the Church and it’
s holy priesthood authority according to the laws of the land. Those that are with you and defend the words I
bring are the Church of Christ in deed and works. The Church with the Elijah Message, set in 1829 by my
hands when the holy priesthood authority was restored and kept sacred through the branch and remnant on
the temple lot and reaffirmed upon Otto Fetting in his day—and I continue to come. Be delivered from the sins
and traditions of men and lifted from the awful curse the prophet of old told of, lest the Lord should smite the
earth and all men be in vain.

39 He cometh, who is the Deliverer. I am his forerunner, I am the Elias, I bring his message of love. The carnal
mind of man cannot understand—but the spiritual shall understand and fold into this way.

40 The Lord has many in reserve and many he has touched by his Spirit—even, sending ministering angels
that men might be prepared.

41 Let the work continue everywhere.

42 The Lord has brought the message to his servant Tommy Gargus. He shall come into this work and let him
be set apart an elder, moreover an evangelist. Let him continue his good works for the Lord has established
him. With this authority and trust he will bring many to salvation. The Lord has healed and reserved him.

43 Let David Pack and David Roberts know they are called of God. Great good will come from their faithful

44 Let Floyd Tippet and Charles Pittman be added to the elders, and W. A. Pack and Charles Pack to the
elders and evangelists when they take up this work. The Lord will fill them with his Spirit and great good will
come from humble prayer.

45 Keep peace in the Church and unfold the mysteries as God gives to you. Teach the decrees. Hold the
standard high. Do all that you can. Many souls will learn life and obedience through your good works. As I
speak to you I speak to all. I will come again. I will direct the work of the Lord.

46 Peace be with you. Amen.”

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