The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Eighty-fifth Message

The Messenger of the Lord, John the Baptist, the Elias, the forerunner of Christ appeared to me in my room while I was
sleeping, August 14, 1967, 2:02 a.m. He awakened me and instructed me to arise. The room was filled with light, and the
power of the Spirit of God, the mellowing spirit—truly the quickening spirit of the resurrection. He took me by the hand. I felt
him a real being. I heard his voice. I arose and wrote as he spoke. He spoke distinctly and slowly with firmness and waited
on me as I wrote. I give the words as he gave them to me. He left at 4:30 a.m.

1 “Arise and write the message I will give you for the Church and all mankind.

2 I come from the Lord’s presence. I am sent of God to speak his will. I bring a warning, I bring the gospel. I
speak the truth. I am a resurrected being, I am the Elias which was for to come. I am the prophet of the Lord. I
came down to fulfill the word. But moreover to prepare a people to make ready to be the Lord’s bride when he
comes again to dwell on the earth, the millennium reign, ere there cometh to pass a new heaven and a new
earth. The old shall roll together like a scroll.

3 Seek to warn and save all you can, all that will repent hastily and faithfully come this way, defending the
words I bring, worship and come all the way unto the Lord. Let the Spirit come unto them; those that receive
same the Lord will bless.

4 Let mankind come all the way. Those that will hear the small whisper, hear the loud voice, hear the call of
God may thrust in their sickle and reap, for the harvest is white—nigh unto gathering.

5 I have spoken prudently, and surely. This is the assured way.

6 Let all that come be baptized and the hands laid on them that the Lord by his Spirit may confirm their works.

7 To the faithful, be thou joyous in well doing. Keep the peace, as you have and it will abide in your assemblies,
and in your progress adjust to the multitudes that will hear and obey my coming that they may be the Lamb’s
bride, made ready when he comes.

8 Many that have been bidden, or that are bidden, will not come. They hear not my voice, nor words I bring of the
Lord. They close their minds to God’s plan, setting themselves up to be great. Yet they have not extra oil in their
vessels, nor Spirit of God to their ways; but short of understanding—because of manmade doctrines and laws
of their own making and traditions. They obey not the call of God.

9 Miracles are for witness and proof of God’s power. Yet it is only God’s flow and power to his own and all that
will be his of all nations, color and kind through the gospel of salvation of Christ Jesus, the everlasting and
Eternal One.

10 Many are watching for this work. Some are waiting for something great to stir the world. Few are workers for
the cause, having faith for the hope that is in God’s plan.

11 Many are forced to be humble. Many will come low before they obey.

12 Turn away from the secular and claimed peculiar, but be ye a righteous people.

13 The Lord’s people are peculiar, but not ridiculous or sordid in fashions and styles—or conspicuous in
attractions—not of good works. These will lead astray.

14 The Lord rested in the hands of evil men and they caused to be brought about the plan of God—redemption
and the resurrection through the death of the human and the resurrection of himself to an example of life
eternal. For all mankind, resurrection, but to many a ransom to all that hear and obey—enduring to the end that
they might be saved.

15 He is the Father of our spirits and the Savior of our souls, the Redeemer of mankind that was lost to an
eternal hope, and eternal King over all.

16 The words I bring is The Word of the Lord, precept upon precept—here a little and there a little, but with all
the plan and will of the Lord.

17 Mankind has been scattered abroad, and the earth, she is defiled, it is empty. And it shall be, as with the
people, so with they that teach, until now I come, the priest, as with the servant, so with the master. Those that
labor, lend and borrow as though they were one.

18 All alike, all faileth and are empty, because of sin and transgression, changing the ordinances and
destroying the teaching of the Lord’s covenant, the teaching of my coming and proclaiming of the hour of God’s
judgment has come, the time of the end, the end time, the Lord’s return in like manner as he ascended.

19 The law and the prophets spoke until I come. Now I speak.

20 Some that represent Christ, have talents and will hear this cause and receive it and many-fold will be their
reward. Others turn a deaf ear and what they have they will lose and their work will spoil and waste away.

21 There is no reincarnation. Such thoughts are of the evils of man.

22 There was the incarnate of God in the flesh to offer the sacrifice of ending all spilling of blood and the altars
of figurations and shadows. That men might give a broken heart and contrite spirit to serve a living God.

23 Flesh death and sin must come to an end for the quickening of Spirit of God to rule and dwell in mankind in

24 When Israel desired a true prophet, one on whom they could rely upon to speak God’s will, they
remembered Elijah and asked for an alikeness of such. Thus it became their expression a true prophet must
come—likeness of Elijah.

25 Therefore the Lord promised a warner of things to come, to speak the truth. Thus in this Elijah saying, ‘Elias
must first come,’ ‘Elias for to come’ is promised a true prophet—a prophet of the Highest to come and restore
all things, the restitution and restoration of all things as it was in the beginning and mankind lives his age in
peace and freedom of toil, of pain, of sweat or the fear of death.

26 Let the warning continue everywhere, taking the word to every nation, kindred, tongue and people. Send
help to the foreign fields.

27 Let Temple carry on in Germany and help in the work there. The Lord is in the work with Kobs in his efforts.

28 Again, as the children of Israel heard and obeyed the injunctions of the Lord through Moses were delivered,
so will the people be delivered today if they will hear the words I bring preparing themselves to follow through.
For there is the way of salvation and preservation, the way of deliverance in the fulfilling of the words of the Lord
spoken by the holy prophets of old—as they were moved upon by the Holy Spirit of God.

29 I come fulfilling and to do his will. This is the assured way, the Elijah Message. The curse is lifted as belief
and obedience comes.

30 This is the midnight cry—the great confusion must fall. Pentecost must come, the outpouring of the Spirit
must be even to those that are afar off.

31 I am the Messenger to restore all things. I bring a book of instructions, prophecy and commands to all men,
to every branch of the house of Israel.

32 Fear not, let the Spirit fill you to overflowing for it will come to all who make ready. The Lord sets his hand
again the second time, to recover his people.

33 I am that servant sent to give meat in due season. Now is the day of choosing—to serve the Lord, or fail to
find peace. For all they that do not hear me heareth not God and shall not be found among the people of the

34 I am the one chosen of the Lord, mighty and strong one. I shall not falter. The work shall be accomplished.
The Kingdom shall be prepared and given to the saints of the Most High.

35 Israel shall win and be delivered. Did I not say Assyria shall be beaten and fall, a nation born at once of
hope and deliverance?

36 The 2300 days of Daniel’s words are being fulfilled in the Lord’s Church, the gospel and the rock.

37 ‘But to this man will I look, saith the Lord, who is humble and of a contrite spirit—I have spoken as of this

38 Let there be added to the bishops—Dohn E. Weaver. The Lord will bless him if he will come boldly to his

39 Let these know the Lord has called them by the Holy Spirit: C. W. Brizendine, George L. Rhodes, James
Naslund, Eddie Lee, Charles Isaac Resler and Sam David Houston. The Lord will bless them in this work.

40 Let these be added to the elders: Gordon Charles Shrives, Clifford Ellis Moss, Ronald Clayton Moss, Tracy
J. Pittman, Lloyd George Ford and Leonard H. Draves.

41 And when these come into this work, let these be set apart as elders and evangelists: Russell R. Price, J.
D. Tippett, James R. Tippett, Roy Bowman, Donald David Pittman, John Daniel Pittman, James Paul Pittman.
And let Marle Kilgore and his people know this work is true and from the courts above. Let him know his alms
have been accepted of the Lord. Let him come all the way. Set him apart in this holy priesthood as an elder and

42 Seek to give more of your time to the church work.

43 This is the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message.

44 Give this message to the Church. Publish it, make it the Church’s rule and guide.

45 Greater responsibility will yet be given to others to help you in this work.

46 Let John Leabo know there is much good he can do and bring many to hear this message. Let him defend
the words I bring.

47 Let peace be with you; give peace to the brethren and the Church. Amen.”

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