The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Eighty-sixth Message

The angel, the Messenger of the Lord, appeared to me and gave the following message. He instructed me to arise and write
the message. He spoke distinctly and slowly as I wrote: he repeated when necessary to wait upon my correctness of

He had on a white robe, with a purple cord, with gold tassels, around his waist. He brought the light of the resurrection with
him. The light filled the room. The Spirit of God was mellowing and powerful that was upon him. I felt it very much.

He is a resurrected person, John the Baptist, the Elias, the forerunner of the Christ soon to come. He spoke of dates and
assuredness; his words are forceful with the peace and power of God. He appeared July 31, 1968 at 1:15 a.m. and was
with me more that three hours.

1 “Behold! Arise and write a message I will give you. I come from the Lord’s presence. I speak his will. His
words shall judge all men, color and kind.

2 Make haste. Are you ready? Will the people hear that they might live and have life in the hereafter?

3 This is the closing time, to open to the millennium reign of peace, with Christ on earth ere there cometh a
new heaven and a new earth.

4 There have been loses, loved ones have been taken from you. This is the Lord’s planning. Your companion
also has been taken. Changes come, yet greater service and greater things will come to pass. The Lord has
and will give you comfort.

5 I bring a warning and a deliverance. All they that believe and obey the gospel shall find it.

6 Many represent Christ and have faith to do many miracles. This is good, if they hear the final call—this the
midnight cry and obey it. Their works will stand the test.

7 If they speak against this work believing not that I come, they have not God—and will not be of the bride, the
Lamb’s Church in the end.

8 He that believeth not these words nor cometh not to obedience, hath not God.

9 God’s plan will not change to suit them that believe not, they must conform to his will.

10 Some are almost persuaded to believe, but they will not follow because of their personal dislike of you, my
fellow servant. For this, they lose and their end will be sad.

11 Be ye repentant and humble and your work will be accepted of man and God. As I speak this to you, I speak
it to all.

12 Let come what may, and let go what will. You will see them fall on your right hand and on your left, for all that
will not hear me—‘that prophet’ shall be cut off from among the people. I speak the assured way.

13 Every tree the Lord has not planted shall be rooted up. If they hear not this message, the light they claim to
have will fade away. This is the midnight cry the scriptures speak of—are you ready?

14 A peaceful solution and condition for the Colored people will be underway by 1980.

15 The great powers, not of God’s will, will find their failing and end. This will consummate in 1989.

16 Merchants will weep and howl because their future of craft-making and merchandising to get gain will be
wounded and broken.

17 There will be a better way and some will join in the pace for peace to be set up.

18 Warring powers will continue to conspire and a day of decision will come when Armageddon will begin in
the nineties (90’s) and when it ends—few men left in battle alive. But God will appear to the delivering of the
righteous and as Christ places his feet on earth—there shall be a great trembling; terrible and dreadful for the
wicked, but great relief and deliverance for the righteous. Then the saints of God shall know the days of trouble
are over.

19 The binding of Satan will be and a reign of peace shape into place.

20 Unless the servants of the Lord arise and be no more oppressed—arise to their place and calling; cease
their error of negligence and hindrances turn away from, their choice and work will come to nothingness. The
Lord will call others to work and carry this work onward.

21 Let come what may, let go what will—weary not in well doing.

22 Some are born to be with you in this cause—lest they stay with you defending the words I bring, they destroy
their gift. Some are true and will yet be true to their righteous calling—not thinking themselves to be great.

23 Evil has sought to grip the Church and has long had its effect—eating out her soul. When it is removed she
will put on her brighter garments and many of her children will come unto her.

24 The great stumbling block put out by the mind of man is to say Jesus Christ is that prophet like unto Moses,
when it is I, John the Baptist, the forerunner—the Messenger called the Elias which was for to come.

25 A prophet represents, and Christ is God himself. I represent him.

26 The carnal mind will not see this, the selfish will not see this, nor they that set themselves up. But they that
God has set up will see, will come to understanding, obey and follow through in this work.

27 Worry not, the command has long been to see that the work be more firmly established. This, you, my fellow
servant have done in the incorporation you have established, that according to the laws of the land the Church
does rightly and legally exist.

28 God has set in pace and given the authority and trust; but man through weakness and seeking prominency
has hindered the work. Yet they say they love the Lord.

29 Fret not, in time the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message will move forward. Already the Lord has
prepared multitudes and those to be with you in greater love, respect to God and my words and support it. It
shall bring forth fruit meet for the Father’s Kingdom. That eternity with God may have place for the faithful—all
those that obey my words shaping their lives by the instructions I bring from the Lord.

30 Let the apostles lead the Church and carry the work on: preaching and teaching the same things, in the way
of peace, in Christ Jesus—the gospel of life and salvation.

31 The day comes when all Christianity will flow together, a mighty people in righteousness.

32 My the year 1989 many great powers will unite, will change. The righteous planting will bear much fruit but
that which is not in God’s will, will fold up and be no more.

33 The sun in her place shall become seven times hot. The water of the oceans will much of it pass to the
firmament. Then suddenly, as though at once, the sun in her heat will be hid, to burn no more the face of
mankind, beyond the waters. And the earth shall bring forth as it was in the beginning.

34 In the late nineties (90’s) contentions shall again grow worse. The great wars will be so bitter—the great
worldly confusion—Armageddon shall come in and ere the times of mankind shall be six thousand years the
millennium shall break forth. Then all that serve the Christ shall be one people—delightsome in the Lord—if
they obey and trust the very eternal God the Father, who is Jesus Christ the Savior and Redeemer of mankind.

35 There will be those that cannot endure sound doctrine—they lift their hands against this work. They set their
face as steel to not let the words I bring to have their way with the people. But keep ye this way sacred and the
Lord will give you faithful ones to help in this work.

36 Some you have trusted will walk no more with you, but many more will come.

37 Some will return to this work and faithful ones will awaken to this call and bring forth much fruit.

38 There will be great changes in the unsafeness of peoples, homes and travel—dangers will arise. This will
tie things up here and navigation will be at a low ebb.

39 Many will seek to run to and fro, still conditions will be hard at times. However, again a change will come
and all men will begin to respect one another and work together, bearing one another’s burdens and comfort
will come to the humble.

40 Distress of nations and perplexity will be felt everywhere. However, none can save but themselves and that
through the Lord.

41 Man will say, ‘Oh that these things were hid from me and I knew them not.’ Have you not been warned of the
things to come?

42 There will be riots, strikes, outbursts against the government, picketing and much destruction of property
and people, confusion and dismay, emptiness and untrust toward many people. Labor shall rise up against
the hand that feeds them: unrest everywhere.

43 For a time these conditions will be terrible, then suddenly a change will come, and peace will take hold of
all that look to the Lord and a better way.

44 Deliverance will come as the people seek to work together and love one another: even all, lifting the fallen,
the downtrodden, the outcast and preserving hope in mankind.

45 Salvation is free to all that will hear and take hold and work this way.

46 There are many the Lord has called that represent his word and are doing a mighty work. But when they
hear this message, the words I bring from the Lord, and the Spirit reveals to them it is true, they shall accept it
and their calling to higher work. They will be filled to overflowing with power to represent Christ and his Church,
the Lamb’s bride: overwhelming with the power and the Spirit and the working of miracles on many of the gifts
of the gospel. Hear, Oh hear! Ye ministers of peace and God will give you the soul winning power. Come all the

47 Fellowship not with those that twist the word to thwart the plan of God to justify their own evil means.

48 God’s plan is plain and simple converting the soul and a deliverance to those that truly obey.

49 Worry not about those that will not hear my message now, they will know of it if they are to be found in
fellowship with the Lord.

50 I come that the restoring of all things shall take place. I am the forerunner of the Christ. I am the Elias, I
bring a message of life and hope.”

At this juncture he arose and lifted both his hands and said,

51 “Blessed be the people of the Lord. I bring peace for all.” (He then lowered his hands.)

52 “There are some that once walked this way are almost persuaded to return. The Lord will bless them when
they do.

53 Some try to serve the Lord standing afar off. Some fail to fully dedicate their lives to his service—they seek to
serve two masters. Until they meet the Lord face to face and repent of their error they will not fully find peace.

54 I laid my hands upon Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery and ordained them to the holy priesthood after the
order of God, after the order of his Son. This has been preserved and reserved to this day and time.

55 Again I laid my hands upon Otto Fetting and gave him special help to do the work in his day. That holy
unction is upon the servants today.”

He arose again from the chair near me, while I sat on the foot of my bed writing the message on the table, then he said,

56 “Now again, I lay my hands on you to bless you in your work that you are to do—that lies before you. That you
may have the gift enlarged and power to accomplish the work and to bless others with this holy unction
renewed, and help in completing the great plan in your day and time. I bless you that you may bless others.

He sat down and repeated what he said as I wrote it down. My soul was filled and indeed I felt the gift surge over me and
more love and the Spirit mellowed my whole being. He said,

57 “Let those that the Spirit calls be set apart in this work. Send them forth to do the Lord’s will—withal
proclaiming the message I bring.

58 Hearken! Hasten! Obey! Be about the Father’s business.

59 There are those that place themselves upon the alter of service for the Lord’s work: teach the decrees and
help in this way of life.

60 In the Bible and Record of the Nephites contains the teachings and pattern of the fullness of the gospel in
its plain and precious parts. But my words and authority gives the right to set the Church in order—the Church
of Christ with the holy priesthood authority and power to act in the establishing the Kingdom of God on earth
and bringing in the Zion of the Lord. The Kingdom and the dominion shall be for the saints of the Most High.

61 The honest in heart that hear, that have heard the Spirit in the past will hear this message now and in
obedience receive of this authority and add my words to their teaching and training to become joint heirs in the
body of Christ and members of the bride, the Lamb’s Church, for when he comes to claim his jewels. Let them
come in by the door, the hands laid on them and take the name: the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message.

62 Take the message to the pastors, the leaders, if they believe the scriptures, they will believe my coming and
follow through.

63 That which will bring about a quick relief, help and deliverance to the situation of the Colored people will be
by their acceptance, belief and obedience to this gospel message. Let them come in by the door—all the way
and the Lord will be their Deliverer. They shall be a mighty people, delightsome in his sight. As the Spirit calls,
let them come and move onward, God-ward.

64 The isles of the sea will wait for this message. Take to them the gospel of salvation, this way of life. The
message I bring is the call from God to service and deliverance in his Church. Canada will work hand in hand
with the United States and many of the isles will become states to this Union, a great nation.

65 Kings shall shut their mouths at the words I have to say.

66 Let the article in the Articles of Faith and Practice read ‘conferences,’ the several yearly meetings of the
quorum of twelve in their planning and programming this work and it will be greater in the future even with
proper representation.

67 Let not the work be frustrated by the way of man.

68 The book shall be called: The Record of the Nephites.

69 The Assembly is for the people to learn this great work and follow through. The work of the ministry is in the
hands of the apostles—lead them aright.

70 Much of the leadership rests with you in defending my words. Keep the holy order holy and right. Let this be
done in the way of the Lord.

71 Take this message, send it forth to the world, that all may hear and read and know the Lord has sent me.
He has spoken, let it be so.

72 The Church will obey and put on her brighter garments of righteousness.

73 Praise ye the Lord. Let the hands of faith carry on. Zion must come forth.

74 Let the quorum of apostles be filled. Let R. David Temple be set apart as soon as it can be arranged.

75 Let these be added to the apostles: Tommy Gargus, Herman Hylander and Chuck Hubbell. The Lord will
bless their efforts and water the seed they sow, and it shall bring forth. Let these prepare as the vacancies

76 Let Conerd E. Crownover take his place among the twelve, the Lord will continue to bless him in his faith
and good works. The translations thus has been accepted, let it continue.

77 The translations of the message in German are pleasing to the Lord in this work: let it continue.

78 Let these prepare: Charles Isaac Resler, Tracy Jacques Pittman and Larry E. DeCocq for the apostleship
when vacancies occur.

79 Let these come into this work as elders, moreover, evangelists: R. R. Rich and A. W. Bryant. The Lord will
bless their work.

80 Let Richard F. Ream and Leo LeVerne Ream as evangelists, labor in California as much as they can.
Establish the work there.

81 Let these be set apart as elders: Gerald Lee Savage, James Clinton Savage and John Eldon Savage.

82 Let these in Germany be set apart as elders, moreover evangelists: Emil Burk and Friz Single.

83 Let Martin Huonker be set apart as evangelist. The Lord will bless this mission. Let Bruno Kobs care for the
finance in his parts and help will come when the work moves onward.

84 I will come again. Be not worried or dismayed. The message I bring will bring joy to the honest of heart.
Many look for my coming and the message I bring. It will mean life and fullness of joy when they obey.

85 I leave peace with you and to all. Amen.”

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