The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Eighty-seventh Message

While on a mission in Rottweil, Germany, to attend the first European Assembly of the Church of Christ with the Elijah
Message, the light of the Messenger filled my room from 2:10 a.m. to 3:00 a.m., September 20, 1968, at the home of Martin
Huonker. This occurred after a week of services and deep prayer to know if God was pleased with the work being done.

Four days later, on September 24th, 1968, the angel appeared at 2:40 a.m. and gave the following message. He wore the
white robe as on previous occasions, and spoke with authority, lifting his voice to emphasize many phrases. The light of
the resurrection emanated from him, filling the whole room, enabling me to easily see as I wrote. The great mellowing of
the Spirit remained even after he left at 4:35 a.m.

I hope and pray that every reader will seek God in deep humility and faith, believing that they may receive the testimony of
the coming of the Elias.

1 “Behold! Write the words I will give you.

2 I have come to you at this place in this house, that I might again give assurance that this is the Lord’s work,
and his will you have obeyed.

3 The Lord has sent you to this land of Germany to bring the greater blessing to the brethren here. All those
that help you and labor in this cause will be blessed.

4 There are many honest of heart in this part of God’s great vineyard. Many will come forth to unite for God.

5 Let all labor in love; be harsh with no one.

6 As servants labor and learn their needs, qualify to be leaders of Christ. Go to the rich and poor alike. Be not
puffed up, be humble, and inasmuch as you will do this, God will be with you to the end. You will enjoy the Spirit
and great things will come to pass.

7 You will find those that are wise, whose hearts are filled with the Spirit of God. Be patient with them. This truth
will be revealed to them and they will be a part of this work.

8 It is the Lord’s will that the servants go forth from this place to other nations in Europe, Asia and Africa as
much as they can, as the way opens. The Lord will touch hearts and many souls will be saved. He will water
the seed you sow and they shall bring forth.

9 The Lord has used others in great works to prepare the way for the words I bring to find their place in the lives
of those in this nation, as well as others: even his servant Lorber.

10 Many here are descendants of the Levites and because of their ancient choosing and vow, they will serve
the Lord. But remember the work is sacred, and the priesthood holy, therefore be unspotted from the sins of
the world.

11 Unto my fellow servant Huonker, the Lord has long held him in faith and preserved him to this day, with
those the Lord gives, who would carry on this work. Indeed the Lord has, and will give help as the way opens.
The elders now established and those yet to come will work together to save souls, wherever they go. His
children will labor also.

12 Likewise my fellow servant Kobs has been counted faithful. The Lord has heard his prayers, and will bless
his efforts. Though there is much to do, his labor is not in vain. God will be with him.

13 The Lord has preserved many to help. Those, now in this work with you, are the Lord’s planting. Yea, the
time is short for the great work to be done. Be kind to all men and you will win favor with God and man. My
mission is one of love.

14 Let the book, The Word of the Lord, the words I bring be printed in all languages as fast as it can be done,
as the way opens. The word of the Lord must go everywhere. The people must have it that they may read.
Swing wide the gate, plant the seed and the harvest will come forth.

15 When the storms and wars do their sweeping as necessary evils in destruction, the people become
humble and learn to inquire of the Lord. Let the standard be found among you, in the Church of Christ, with the
Elijah Message, the words I bring, the gospel of hope and salvation, the words of life, deliverance for mankind.

16 Some are slow to obedience, yet not active in their calling—the Lord will give you others to help.

17 In times to come there will be changes in conditions in governments and ways will be opened and some
closed, but let the message be sent, or proclaimed wherever it can be done, in all languages, tongues and

18 Yea, the faithful shall mount up as eagles in understanding and knowledge of God’s planning.

19 Let all peoples, color and kind, work together in love to bring the consummation of all things to pass. I bring
the restitution and restoration of all things. I bring the priesthood authority. I have planted the Church in pace. I
have called servants to labor and the Lord of the vineyard will labor also that the work will be accomplished.

20 I am the Elias which was for to come, I am John the Baptist. I bring the Elijah Message. I am the forerunner
of Christ. I bring peace. I establish love, I bring hope for mankind that all men might believe in the light of
Christ. I bear witness of that light. I bring together the works of God’s plantings and bring together in one fold
those that serve the Lord—God’s people speaking oft one to another. Then turn and discern them that serve
him, and those that serve him not. They that serve him shall have right to the tree of life.

21 Be at peace. I leave a blessing in this place upon all that hear my words. I will continue to come until the
work is finished.

22 The Lord has spoken. He has sent me to speak and his words shall not return to him void.

23 Let those that come to the Church be baptized in water, and the laying on of hands for the gift and gifts of the
Holy Spirit.

24 Let repentance and faith be taught and remission of sin through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ.

25 The work may go slow now, but young and old will be awakened—as there comes the greater
understanding and light will take place. Praise ye the Lord in his wonder working power and plan.

26 Some called to be in the quorum of apostles will not accept or prepare—therefore as openings come, let
Phillip M. Dixon and Martin Huonker take their place in the quorum.

27 Let Ernst Huonker and Rolf Dieter Burk be set apart as elders. The Lord will bless and make his servants a

28 Give these words to the brethren and the Church, publish them. Place them in the book with the rest.

29 Be up and doing, write the decrees and the teachings the Lord has given you that the people may know and
the work move faster.

30 I leave peace with you and in this house. I will come again. Amen.”

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