The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Eighty-eighth Message

The Messenger of the Lord, the Elias, the angel of God appeared before me in my home, 1500 West Lexington Avenue,
Independence, Missouri U.S.A. and gave the following message; awakened me and bid me arise and write the words he
would give. The room was full of the resurrection light. The Spirit of God was powerful and mellowing to my soul. He spoke
plainly and distinctly, waiting upon me as I wrote. I know these words to be exactly as he spoke them.

I would that each person reading these words would seek the Lord for testimony and witness to their truthfulness and need
in their lives. He appeared at 1:15 a.m. November 17, 1968. He remained till 3:30 a.m.

1 “Awaken! arise and write the words I will give you, a message of hope and peace to all that accept them and
follow through. Deliverance is found only in the teachings of Christ through his atoning blood for remission of

2 Behold, I come to fulfill the words spoken by the prophets of old and by the Christ. I am the prophet of the
Highest. I speak his will. I represent the Lord. I am his servant; all ye that follow are my fellow servants. Many
are called, those that prepare are chosen. Be ye faithful. Others will come as you keep sacred the work and
true to the plan and workings of God.

3 Praise the Lord in worship, lift up and rejoice. Bask in his life given light. I bear witness of that light. The earth
is lightened by the words I bring. I come to moderate the will of God. I proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Only
through his atoning blood can mankind be saved.

4 There are many that seek earnestly to represent the Lord, they do well. Let them hear my message,
moreover, the word of the Lord that I bring from his presence. Let them come in by the door, receive of this
calling, and labor as the Spirit will direct, shaping their lives by the words I bring that their works may stand the

5 Woe to those that set their hearts against the injunctions I bring from the Lord.

6 As the Spirit calls, the Lord speaks, as the need grows, let there be added to the fields of labor all that can
hastily prepare to go in the work of the Lord.

7 There is work at home, there is a call and need everywhere—let it be filled.

8 Let all things be done in order—and comely. If the Spirit mellows and calmeth the soul, it is of God. Serve the
Lord in praise, in joy and peace. Pray earnestly and the Master of men will manifest his power.

9 The Lord has heard the prayers of the faithful and has sent me again to speak his will.

10 I come to you my fellow servant for I bring to you and to those that labor with you, and all that will yet come,
for there are many that look for my coming and the fulfilling of the prophecies of old, the words and will of God.

11 I come from the Lord’s presence, I come to do his will. I am his forerunner. I am that servant of the Lord. I
am the Elias, yea the prophet of the Highest. I am ‘that’ prophet. I am the elect one. I speak prudently. My voice
is not heard in the street. I shall not lift up, but will give power and the words to be spoken that mankind shall
be lifted up, all those that obey.

12 Fear not man whose heart is not filled with humility and truth. He is wretched of a reprobate mind and evil,
fighting against my coming and plan of God. All such know not the meaning of the scriptures. They wrest the
word and say the Lord hasten or delayeth his coming. However, the Lord shall come as his plan folds into
being and action and the necessary evils try the people, testing their faith, to determine if they be the Lord’s
chosen, tried and faithful, or will fall with the evil one. Yet they say they love the Lord.

13 When the wicked are fully ripe in their iniquity, sudden destruction will come upon them. All their great
speaking will come to naught. Watch therefore, and be careful in thought, in doctrine, for in truth the faithful
shall endure, they shall stand. They that err in doctrine and do not respect my words, shall go down.

14 Mankind was commanded to subdue the earth, much of it has been done, though there be nothing new
under the sun. The sun shall be hid when the finish of all things new cometh.

15 Mankind shall live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, the very eternal Christ the Lord
and Maker of all. He cometh down with power in his word.

16 Then turn and discern them that be the Lord’s, or them that serve him not. They that serve him shall have
right to the tree of life.

17 I speak the Lord’s will today. I am he that was prophesied in ancient times, of my coming before the Lord’s
return, to help prepare a people to be ready to meet him at his appearing.

18 I am he that the prophet Daniel spoke of as the Ancient of days. I am the proclaimer, the warner. I am he that
the people of the Lord delighteth in my coming and the words I bring, the Messenger of the Covenant. I sit as a
refiner and purifier of mankind, of the ministry of God, cleansing out the traditions of men and the power of the

19 The wise shall build their house upon the Rock, which is Christ the Lord; with firm faith and understanding,
in the knowledge of the word, of obedience, shaping their lives by the words I bring.

20 I bring the assured way, the way of the Lord, to give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of
death, by my words cleansing out the dross, the sins of men, moreover, false doctrines and traditions of men.

21 See those that turn a deaf ear and will not hear—will not learn sound doctrine. Be patient and kind to all
men. Many will yet learn to heed and obey the injunctions I bring and build upon the solid Rock of truth.

22 The law and the prophets spoke until I come. Now all mankind, all churches, all creeds and factions must
hear my words and know what I have spoken and will yet speak.

23 Without me and the words of the Lord I bring, they build upon the sand where the storms of life and the
doctrines of men will sweep them away and their works come to naught.

24 All that hear and obey my words shall come to understanding.

25 Be glad and rejoice ye wise men, ye that claim to be leaders, obey and your works will come higher in
greatness if you heed what I have to say.

26 Little flock be not discouraged, for greater things are yet to come for you in your hope and salvation.
Redemption draweth nigh. There is hope for eternity with God in what I have to bring you and in what I say.

27 He that is for you is greater that they that be against you.

28 Blessed and holy are they that come into this way. They shall find the greater peace and God’s plan shall be
made perfect.

29 All that be the Christ’s, they that are called Christians will flow together. They that be of man and his
traditions will fail.

30 Let the young and the old come—let all come into this way; truly be born of the water and the Spirit—ridding
yourselves of the traditions of men, make clean the slate.

31 Some that have been touched by the Spirit, that have felt its quaking power, shaking their very beings, let
them come through the door to a higher plane, and hands be laid upon them for the greater gifts and obedient
will of God. Suffer it to be so to fulfill the way of authority and holy priesthood and the work of the Church of
Christ with the Elijah Message; for this is my command and mission to establish God’s Church and Zion—with
authority to bring about the restoration and restitution of all things.

32 They that be in this way are the Church of Christ with the Elijah Message. Great is her mission. The
multitudes shall come into one fold—all that truly fear and obey the Lord. They shall be one sheep in the Lord’s
fold and he shall be their Shepherd. They shall become like him of heavenly and holy nature, redeemed from
the fall to an eternal glory with him. The reign of peace shall fold in.

33 But Woe, Woe unto the rejecter—their days are numbered. The power and ways of Satan and of man’s
idols, and ideals shall fail and come to nothingness.

34 The Word of the Lord is line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little in time and
purpose of his will, pleasant to the righteous.

35 Satan’s powers shall be bound and he shall have no more temptation on mankind until the reign of peace,
the millennium, shall be over.

36 Satan knows his time is short and he will work to destroy all that he can. He will work to hinder and deceive
and lay stumbling blocks for mankind to fall over. He will puff up in pride and he will discourage in hope, and
hinder the faith of many if you do not watch and pray. Have faith in the words of the prophets and the Lord and
what I bring and he will not have power over you.

37 Therefore come against him, break his yoke by true belief and study the word—obey the Lord’s Spirit and
make ready.

38 There will come trials, but they cannot destroy. Yea, read these words and follow through, find worship and

39 Let Daniel Aaron Rogers continue in the Lord’s work with this authority and trust placed upon him as an
elder, moreover an evangelist, and his works shall be mightier and great power and blessings will be given
him. The Lord will bless him, even in the far reaching he shall bring many to salvation and truth with God’s gift.

40 Let Donald Eugene Harsch take up his calling as an elder, moreover let him be set apart as an evangelist.
The Lord will be with him in his faith and he shall accomplish much good.

41 There are many that are called of the Lord by his Spirit to labor. Let them know it is the Lord’s will; these add
to the evangelists.

42 Let Peter Harry LaFrance know the Lord has preserved him to this day when my message comes forth. His
calling is to proclaim the full truth, as an evangelist.

43 Let Warren London know his prayers and faith has brought him great blessings as an evangelist and
pastor of the household of faith in his area. His efforts are not in vain. He shall carry on.

44 When David Terrell comes into this work, let him take up this calling and authority as an evangelist to labor
in the field with this message and authority, his works will endure the test in the Lord’s plan. The Lord has
preserved him and reserved him to be a part of this, his deliverance plan.

45 Likewise others the Spirit has called, let them know this work is true and of the Lord. Some have been
baptized, others will yet come. The Spirit will reveal to them of their calling.

46 Let these know the Lord calls for them to labor in this cause and great peace will come over them to direct
their lives and service to God as elders in this holy priesthood: Lloyd Polson, George Arthur Polson, Fred
Eldridge, Kenneth Eugene Palmer, Junior N. Pierce, Milton Fife, George Henderson, Rinehold Hermann,
Herman Thraen, Fred Erickson, Ralph Polson, Lee Ellis Polson, Henry Allen Semler, Darry Immanuel Miller,
Dallas Miller, Paul Johnson, Clifford Hitchcock, Joseph H. Truitt, W. H. Thorpe, Robert Daniels, Morris Miller
and R. E. Werner.

47 Every elder’s duty is missionary when and where opportunity permits—be valiant in service, quick to
respond, instant in season and out of season—at all times.

48 I will come again as the Lord will direct. I leave peace with you. Publish this with the rest. Amen.”

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