The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Eighty-ninth Message

The angel of the Lord, the Messenger, the resurrected John the Baptist, clothed with the light and power of God appeared in
my room, 5053 Belmeade, Kansas City, Missouri 64129 and awakened me on July 18, 1969 at 1:10 a.m. The light that
accompanied him filled the whole house. I could see to write the message he gave to me. He is the same personage that
has appeared to me on numerous occasions giving the messages, the Word of the Lord—the book of His words for all
mankind. I would that if any doubt his coming pray for light, for God will reveal.

1 “Arise. Behold! Take the message I will give you at this time.

2 The prayers of the faithful has come up before the Lord. He has heard and he answers by a greater infilling of
his Spirit. By the Spirit many hearts are made glad.

3 Yet, behold, this is a day of a greater awakening—and to the wise a warning, to the sleeper something to stir
him. I have spoken, I have been sent of the Lord. I speak his will.

4 The Lord has seen your gatherings and your Assembly. He will continue to be with you.

5 Read and study the words I bring. Shape your lives by what I bring, for this is the assured way.

6 I bring life and a light of the Lord to all that will hear the instructions I bring. The day comes when I will appear
to all the faithful. I will be with the Christ when he comes. I am the one crying in the wilderness. I am a
resurrected being. I am the Elias which was for to come. I am the servant of the Lord. I am the Messenger sent
from God. I am his forerunner. I am sent that the curse might be lifted. I am sent of the Lord. Yea, I come from
his presence.

7 Nations shall know I have been sent of God. I am the prophet of the Highest. I am John the Baptist.

8 Hear, all ye ends of the earth. Hear, O nations of mankind—God has spoken.

9 The Lord has those in his deliverance plan in every clime, nation and people—in every land under the sun.
He would that all would quickly receive this authority and trust of the holy priesthood of God, after the order of
his holy Jesus. Receive the baptism that I bring, the plan of God. Let the hands be laid upon them that their
works may stand the test. Suffer it to be so to fulfill the full plan of God in the authority I bring.

10 Let the quorums counsel together. Let those the Lord gives to be leaders be recognized in God’s will: let all
be considered.

11 The Lord will send many to you for this authority—many are now waiting to receive. He will humble the high
and mighty for the Lord only is great.

12 Let George A. Rogers, Adel Rodewald, George Wilkin, Don Mace and Herman Stalvey know the Lord called
them to accept this authority and trust as elders, moreover evangelists in this work. Their work will be far and
wide. Let them be up and doing—yea, the Lord knows their work. Deliverance will come to many through this
way. Let them continue.

13 Let Sam Todd know he has long been a vessel of God—he is part of God’s deliverance plan. The Lord
brings him that he might receive this authority and trust and proclaim it to the ends of the earth. For this work
has he been preserved and reserved to come higher in the Lord’s plan. There are many the Lord has reserved
to defend the words I bring from his will.

14 Let all take new courage, new faith. Let the Spirit lift you. Fear not to lift your hands to the Lord.

15 ‘Behold! saith the Lord, I will rule and overrule. Fear not, little flock for great things shall come. Much will
come to pass. Many will be healed in my name. Many will be added to your numbers. Many are ready to unite
with my Church—my bride to be when I come—yea, even my Church that I have established by sending the
Elias. Hear me this day. My cup runneth over, saith the Master of men.’

16 Let all be in the field that can go. Let support come. Bring in the means that others may go, even from the
churches that shall be set up; and let them be dedicated everywhere in the name: The Church of Christ with the
Elijah Message, even the words I bring. I am the Elias.

17 Many that are afar off will yet come to you to learn this way.

18 Let the tent preachings continue. Let the revivals move onwards in this awakening. I bless the people. I
bring a blessing to all that hear my voice. I am sent of the Lord. I will come again. Amen.”

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