The Word of the Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Ninth Message

The Messenger came to me again for the ninth time, at my home at 814 Pine Street, Port Huron, Michigan, at 3 a.m., on
March 8, 1929, and was with me thirty minutes.

The room was very light, and I saw him and he talked to me as one man talks to another, and this is what he told me:

1 “I come to you again to instruct you as to the work that shall be done, for behold, Satan is at work to fill the
hearts of men with doubts and fears. There are those who read the words of the Lord and the prophets and
have faith therein. Upon these Satan has no power. There are those who have read the word of the Lord, but
whose faith is weak and they doubt when Satan comes to them as an angel of light. Therefore, be not harsh
with the weak, for the time will come when their faith will also be made stronger. Behold, the day of destruction
is at hand when the judgments are coming on the earth, and many will suffer therefrom.

2 Fear not the word of men whose hearts are carnal and filled with selfishness, and who seek their own glory
and not the glory of God. Let the people of the Lord take warning that they rid themselves of all these things, for
the Lord wants a holy people, whose hearts are single, and who will love that they may also be loved of God.

3 I will give you more of the plans of the temple, but be not slothful in carrying out the plans that I have given
you. Get, as I have told you, a wise man whose heart is filled with the Spirit of God; who is no mocker. Let him
draw the plans and prints of the building as far as he can, for behold, this house is not built after the wisdom of
men; for it shall yet be shown to many who doubt and question the wisdom of this house that the Lord has
directed, and that it was not the wisdom of men.

4 But remember, this work is sacred, the work that you shall do. Therefore, be humble in all that you do and
say, for God looks upon the heart, and only the pure in heart are acceptable to him. By your lives and by your
teaching you must prepare a people who shall be worthy to meet Christ at his coming.

5 Be not discouraged by what people will say. This work is not your work but the Lord’s. He will provide, and
will direct; but take the message to the ends of the earth and to all nations, for Christ will come to judge all
men. The gospel must be preached, and as you go in love, God will provide the way and direct in his work.

6 Dig the basement, and dig the trenches to the rock, and from there start to fabricate and construct and get
your measurements for the steel, and floors, and heights. Begin at the bottom and work up, and as you do so, I
will give you instructions as you shall need it. Worry not so much about the temple, for greater work must yet be
done than the building of the temple, for the people must be prepared to meet Christ; the gospel must be
preached; the glad tidings must be taken from house to house; the warning must be done.

7 All those who are humble and full of love will help; but remember, Satan will tempt you and will bring many
enticements before you to try your faith. Love your brother who labors with you, though at times he may treat you
unkindly, for love will bring others to the light.

8 It is the will of the Lord that you shall give all your time to the work of the Lord at this time, that his work may
go on; and inasmuch as the members of the twelve will labor with you in this work the Lord will bless them in
their work, but they must labor in love. All selfishness must be eliminated from their lives, and as they rule it
must be in love. Lead ye the people in the paths of peace. Be patient with all men; and if ye will do this you
shall be the special agents of the Lord to do his work.

9 I will come from time to time to instruct you in the work of the Lord; for great shall be the work that yet shall be
done to prepare a people, and a nation to meet Christ when he comes. Amen.”

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