The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Ninetieth Message

I was awakened at 2:15 a.m., July 10, 1970 and heard the front door latch click—thus I knew the door was opening. I heard
the screen door close. I hear the main door close. I wondered who may be entering at this hour. It is not unusual for any of
the family to be coming late because of the work hours. So I was not frightened, but in seconds I felt the great power of God
and recognized the light. Because of being able to see the clock and all around me—the light of the resurrected one, the
Messenger was present.

I heard his footsteps crossing the front room and coming down the hall to my bedroom. I watched for him to appear. In
radiant light there he approached the open door facing me with his right hand held up near level with his chin, slightly
reaching out, hand open, palm facing me tilted directly at me.

By this I know I have done well to defend his coming to me. I felt a great assurance it was well with my soul. I spoke the
words, “from my precious Jesus.” All this happened in less time than it takes to tell it. Glory to my Jesus—Don’t muzzle
the ox that treadeth out the grain.

With a stern, loud, yet pleasant voice he said, “Behold!” Immediately, I was carried away in a vision, though I knew the
room ceiling was above me it was as though it were not there. I looked beyond and far, far in the heavens, I saw a Great
White Throne and on it sat our Lord the Christ Jesus.

All around this throne were multitudes of people, glittering in brightness as if they were clothed in bright white raiment,
their voices were ringing out—Holy, Holy, Holy is our Lord, Hosanna to His name! I saw much and heard many praises and
songs of joy; a sound of music and singing, and felt a peace that permeated my whole being.

I thought, all this, concourses of angels or saints that once were on the earth. Then I appeared to be real close to them in
vision, and wondered if they knew I was looking in upon them. I thought I knew men, like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Joseph,
Moses and many, many others. All the righteous that was before the Christ came through the resurrection. Those that
before had lived in the Lord’s will, their sojourn here on earth and were counted righteous for their faith and good works.
Redemption, deliverance and salvation was theirs to have to eternity with God.

Again I proclaimed, “Precious Jesus,” I heard my voice, and the vision closed. Many more things I saw and heard which I
have not written here.

I know my Lord lives and on the earth again shall stand with many saints with him. I want to be worthy. I understood that all
righteous before Christ’s resurrection were resurrected at that same time.

I want all who read these words, the angel message to prepare for that eternal way and day with our God. Deliverance has

I do not know how long the vision lasted but it must have been some time compared to the things I saw and heard. A great
serene feeling of joyous ecstasy was all over me. I thank God for this wonderful way of life.

The Messenger was still standing there just inside my bedroom door. His hands pleasingly at his sides he stepped closer
to me and began to speak on.

He said:

1 “Arise and write the words I will give you. Do with these as you have done with the others—publish them in
the book, the Word of the Lord, and send to the ends of the earth.

2 Arrange so you may do more in this work, as the way opens. The Lord will direct and it will be well with you
and others that hasten to follow.

3 I come to you with a message from the presence of the Lord. To the believing and faithful peace and joy: they
delight in my coming.

4 Press on, greater trials await the nations, the people and the Church. Let nothing destroy your faith and good
works. Deliverance has come—reach out. The way is prepared for greater outpouring of the Spirit and mighty
things will be revealed, but only to the humble.

5 The Lord will water the seed you have sown. Many more shall yet come. Much more shall yet come to pass of
miracles and healings and a better way in the lives of many.

6 Fret not over what men may say of you. You have those to stand by you and this work. Respect ye one another
and lift each other by being faithful to this work of redemption, the plan of God.

7 Every tree, the churches, the Lord has not planted shall be rooted up. There are many false claims and
proclaims that is of the evil one to get gain and make merchandise of the word of God. When man is not
humble and his soul is not calm, know ye this, it is not of the Lord.

8 Some you think to be your friends is laboring for Satan, seeking to destroy your good and this work.

9 Those that will work together, stay together in faith and good works.

10 Those that will not come to understanding of my teachings, what I have to say to all ministry—unless they
hear and follow through, their works will not stand and in the end they will not be there.

11 Behold, it was said by the Christ, that I come not eating nor drinking and men say I have a devil—but it is
they wherein is the devil. Fear them not, be calm, for I come, and I speak the truth.

12 In ancient times, it has been told of my coming in this day and time: the end time, the closing time, the
midnight cry, the time of purifying the ministry, leading all Christendom into one fold, wherein is one Shepherd,
the Christ Jesus who shall rule all nations and peace shall be from one end to the other of this world.

13 There are those that stumble over the words of truth and claim to love the Lord Jesus. However, if they knew
him, they would be meek and lowly of heart—full of peace. Let them be delivered from the adversary and learn
the full truth, more perfectly, the fullness of the gospel of Christ. There is no other way mankind can be saved.
Hold to that I have given, build upon the instructions and directions I have given of the Lord. Shape your lives by
the words I bring, for I come from the Lord’s presence and my mission is one of love and deliverance. For the
way is prepared that mankind may walk therein and be saved.

14 From another language and tongue the Lord has spoken to this people through the book—The Record of
the Nephites—the language of the Nephites and Jaredites; which to hear in their language would appear as
stammering lips—but what the Lord doeth he doeth well.

15 Yet there are those that imagine a vain thing, making evil thoughts against my words, and the Lord’s plan.

16 All that are heady and highminded seeking prominency, shall be brought low. Some will learn and yet know
this work is true, though they fail.

17 When the rivers of the seas flow towards the heavens, then many that believe not, shall say, ‘The Lord he is
great, he doeth all things well. Surely, these things are true and he has spoken.’ Some will believe, but Woe to
the slow to hear.

18 As it was in the days of Noah, the doubter, the disobedient, the sinner were all taken away in their unbelief.

19 Does not the revelation say that I come with the everlasting gospel, to preach to them that dwell upon the
earth? Who is man that claimeth to have more than this?

20 When men work in subtle manner he destroyeth himself. Seek to deliver and save all that will come this way.

21 Let all labor that can. Send others into the field of service.

22 Let the Church stand firm that the residue of troubles will not harm you.

23 There will be many troubles and trials within and without the homes, the nations and the Church, until you
will rejoice to stand together. Let peace rule your lives—watch what you say and do, and where you are.

24 Let the Assembly of the people be in peace. Let the conferences of the apostles and bishops continue
throughout the year and always to come closer to each other and the Lord’s will.

25 Pray the Lord of the vineyard to send forth men of renown and faith to work in this way. Let the women help
all they can—there is much to be done.

26 I leave peace with you and I shall come again, when the Lord directs. Amen.”

The Messenger left, it was 5:50 a.m.

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