The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Ninety-first Message

I retired a little after midnight, shortly after I had been in bed, the Messenger of the Lord, the Elias, appeared and gave the
following message: he spoke slowly as I wrote what he said, July 15, 1972. He was with me about two hours.

1 “Behold! Arise and write the message I will give to you. I come from the Lord’s presence, moreover, the
Christ who is Lord and God.

2 I am your fellow servant and my name is John. I am resurrected—I was resurrected when Christ arose from
the tomb. I am the Elias, the Messenger of the Lord. I am his forerunner. I have come in the past. I have spoken
his will and I shall come in the future. I come at his appointing. My message is one of love to those that heed
and obey it.

3 My mission is, that the Church may be fully prepared at the Lord’s coming. I come to prepare a people, the
Lord’s bride. Yea, let all hear what the Lord has commanded me to say.

4 I have brought the authority of the holy priesthood and reiterated and affirmed it. Will you keep it sacred, that
the work of God may be accomplished and salvation comes to the humble, those that are full of love and obey
the will of the Lord?

5 Fear not, for this is the Lord’s work. I have come to you. I have called other servants to help in this work,
though they be few—yet a great work can be done. For the Lord of the vineyard shall labor also, that the work
might be done, for it must go on in haste.

6 My warning message is: Let all men everywhere come repentant before the Lord, cry mightily unto him, that
they might find deliverance. Except they repent they cannot be redeemed from that awful state. For the way of
redemption is prepared that whosover will may walk therein and be saved.

7 God worketh not in subtle manners; nor in evil ways, nor in delusions, such as Satan and man doeth.

8 I am that prophet of which Moses spoke of saying, the Lord your God shall raise up a prophet, him shall you
hear in all things, speaking the will and the way of the Lord God.

9 I am not Elijah the former prophet neither was he me. He was a prophet in his day with the power of God
upon him. He proved God to be real. Likewise, I shall have the same power upon me and my work and in the
words I speak. I speak with the same power, therefore the reason to say, ‘In the spirit and power of Elias, or
Elijah.’ It meaneth that of God, not of man.

10 I was a prophet in my days on earth. I am not another person, nor any other person is me. Each person is a
child of themself. It is given once for mankind in this life of probation—once to die. In the resurrections all
mankind shall be resurrected.

11 I am now a resurrected being in and with the redeemed of the Lord. I am body and flesh and bone. I bear
the Spirit of the Lord. I speak his words. It is the Christ’s words that shall judge all men—therefore he cannot
use man filled with selfishness of his own way. Therefore come out of the ways of sin and self.

12 The ways of sin grows worse and worse. Children will disobey their parents. Parents have and will disown
their children and turn aside in sin and evil doings. Gossip and deceit are everywhere—thus destroying
confidence in one another. Sin speaketh sin to cover their evil deeds.

13 Be thou clean that bear the vessels of the Lord. Let your conversation be clean. Let realness of charity rule
your lives. Lift up a standard.

14 Man’s sins will find him out and be his sorrow. How great a grief they bring.

15 This is the day of the Lord’s preparation. Let all mankind prepare to meet their God.

16 Woe be to those that claim they are elected for special callings—when it is the duty of man to be as humble
servants not seeking to be great.

17 They that are of God and are humble, seeking the Spirit and find it in righteous acts, showing charity beyond
measure, will have the greater power and their works will stand the test.

18 See those that think themselves to be great, seeking prominency, moreover seeking the praise of mankind.
Their works do show their nothingness and will not endure the sword of truth and justice.

19 In the past, some have been ordained to the priesthood who have not qualified to work in God’s will in this
way nor attained to the Holy Spirit. Evils and their planning and plotting, yea, their sins will be seen in their

20 See those who would be vessels of honor but because of pride, and seeking praise and high positions,
have walked away from this humble work of God—or would not come to it. Therefore their call of God they heed
not but destroy and deny it by their actions. Save what and all you can, but cast not your pearls before swine.

21 Moreover, the Lord is grieved because many that have been called are doing nothing—waiting for a great
day to come to shake them loose—when this is a great message and great day. What have you done now?
Where are those that would qualify to be leaders and be up and doing?

22 Fear not man nor the whisperings of Satan, he will deceive, if it were possible the very elect. But the elect
shall not be moved. Moreover, they will do all they can in love, humility and the spirit of peace in good works.
Joy be to the hearts and souls of the faithful—those that be calm and built upon the Rock, the Word; they will yet
bring forth.

23 Why doth man feel himself to be great? Come in this way, suffer it to be so—receive this authority and God
will multiply your good works.

24 If it be of God and by the Spirit speaketh knowledge it will calm the soul. When man speaketh in an
unknown tongue, he that speaketh shall know what he saith—else he speaketh in vain. The vain sputtering
and babbling of the lips of man is from the mind of man or Satan and seeketh to deceive. It is the spirit of
divination though it acteth in pretension for truth, it is deception. Where has it led them? Has it brought them to
this work? Yea, to only be slower to hear the truth when it comes.

25 Take the bitterness out of the heart and be firm, even all, and God will yet use some to speak the word in
power in other languages that are real to the people where they need it.

26 Go forth, swing wide the gates, step forward and the way will divide. Though I call the unlearned and the
learned, let all learn this way. Some will repent, others will blaspheme in action, word or deed. Be not
dismayed, take courage others will come all the way.

27 They that are filled with bitterness and contempt, charity hath no hold on them.

28 Let the tithes come in, that the churches may stay alive and build themselves up for great is the call to be
ready when men look for standards and find it not elsewhere. Let it be found in the Church of Christ with the
words I bring that God’s plan may be understood.

29 Love not mammon, nor the ways of the world. Let your moneys serve instead of master. Seek God and his
righteousness and much will be added unto you.

30 Let the work continue far and near and in all parts of the earth.

31 There are necessary trials that have come to all that they might learn patience and the love of God for charity
knoweth nor doeth no evil.

32 I bring a message of love, of hope of salvation and deliverance. I come from the Lord’s presence. I speak
the truth. Men shall be judged and stand before the pleasing bar of God.

33 There are ways that seemeth right to mankind but the end thereof separates them from God. They walk in
selfishness and not in good will towards all men. Be at peace with all men as much as it lays in your power.

34 The conditions of the world will grow worse and worse until you will think there is no peace anywhere—save
in the hearts of the faithful.

35 My work is to bring all Christendom together into one fold, to one Shepherd and plan of eternity with God. Let
my message go to the pastors and them that lead and all that seek truth.

36 Let David Temple continue his good works; send him more help in materials and finance. He has planted
the seed—let it continue.

37 Let Herbert H. Fillmore know this work is true. The Lord has brought him to know this way and if he will hear
the call to higher service with God for mankind, he will bring many to the truth. They shall find deliverance in the
words and authority I bring. Let him come into this work and be set apart as an elder, moreover an evangelist.
Let him labor among the many that know him, for the Lord has preserved and reserved him to carry on to this
day. Great rejoicing will be his.

38 Let Charles W. Burpo know the Lord has established him. Trials have brought him to grieve much, but God
will deliver him. He has preserved and reserved him to carry this work to the heads of the nations and to this
nation where the foundation of Zion shall be. Let God be just—man of himself will fail, but in the Lord he is a
mighty power. What the Lord doeth, he doeth well. ‘I will be with him, saith the Lord and he shall be a servant in
my hands to speak justice and truth and this way of deliverance. Let him come into this work and be set apart
an apostle.’

39 There are those that have been called to fill the places of vacancy; let them arise and move in the will of the

40 Let Warren R. Foskett prepare as an evangelist to work among the Spanish, as the way opens and he can
arrange his home plans.

41 Let the Assembly be conducted in peace and teaching the word. Let all learn this way more perfectly that
they may give a reason for the hope in them in defending the words I bring.

42 Let the work among the Indians and Colored be of greater interest and bring them to this way in humility, in
peace and in the Spirit that calms the soul and brings deliverance. Let them likewise carry the message to
their own color and kind.

43 Let Eddie Lee prepare for greater evangelical work that he may go among his people, even to foreign fields
and bring them into this way. Deliverance will come to them and they will find the way of truth and life. Awaken
the honest in heart that they will be ready when the Lord comes to claim his jewels. Many shall be among them
at that day. Take to them the gospel of life, hasten as the way opens.

44 Let Omel Harold R. Bogan know the Lord has seen his faith, humility and efforts to defend this work. He
shall have greater peace and power. Let him labor as an evangelist, the Lord will establish him.

45 Let LeRoy Gripe know the Lord has seen his desire and will fill him and open the way for a greater work. Let
him labor as an evangelist.

46 Let Mike J. Bogan come into this work for the Lord has given his good works to bring others into this way
and bring deliverance to many—for this is the hope of eternity with God.

47 Let Daniel A. Rogers be restored to an evangelist and if he will be humble and turn away from that which
causes contention, that is not prompted of the Lord, he will be a great blessing to many.

48 It is the Lord’s will that L. M. Thornton take his place as he has done. The greater gifts shall come to him in
his faith and good works.

49 The greater gifts and power are on you if you will but qualify and strengthen your faith in actions. I place
peace upon you and leave a blessing for all who read these words. Amen.”

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