The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Ninety-second Message

The angel Messenger of the Lord came to me at 4:45 a.m., July 4, 1973 in my home at Independence, Missouri, and gave
the following message. The room was filled with light. He spoke calmly and slowly as I wrote the words he gave. He left at
five o’clock.

1 “Behold, I come to you at this time. Arise and write the words I shall give you. I am John the Baptist, a
resurrected being. I am the Elias. My mission is one of love and peace. The powers of the adversary cannot
hinder my work.

2 I come from the Lord’s presence. Look to the Lord, this is his work. I bring a message from his voice and his

3 The Lord’s people have seen trials and afflictions but let all arise to a closer walk with the Lord. Come away
from contentions and bring love and obedience in your lives. Continue in good works. The Lord has heard the
prayers that are of the heart, and this Assembly. And I bring peace and an answer to the problems when it
becometh a need.

4 There is none that have done right in all things, they have fallen short.

5 Where is that great love and the Spirit that mellows the heart, is it still among you? I say unto you, yea, let it do
greater work. Qualify to be leaders of men. Do good to all mankind. Love always, hate and bitterness is not
your mission.

6 He that loveth the brethren, loveth God also. The Lord will uphold him and make him a blessing.

7 Follow the pattern. Let all that come this way be baptized into one Spirit. Teach and preach the same things
in the way I have given you and it will be well.

8 The Church of Christ will never again be destroyed but will move on her mission until Zion is established and
the people redeemed from their sins—and the Lord come. The Kingdom and the dominion shall be for the
saints of the Most High.

9 A deception has gone out among the people and churches of mankind with doctrines of men with a cry to
speak in tongues of unknown words. Such has no meaning but to harden the hearts of those that do so—
making the authority I bring of none effect and will not be a part of them, neither will they receive or obtain it.

10 There is no greater authority or gift, or gifts given to man than that which I bring of the Lord God, after the
order of his Son.

11 Who is mankind to claim more than this? He that will not recognize the authority and power I bring, faileth,
and his works will not stand the test in the end. Let this evil not be among you for it will not calm the soul nor
will it save you.

12 There cometh a day when a true gift will be given. With great wisdom will it work a work and convince,
moreover convict, but as yet is not among you in measures of saving grace.

13 Turn away from those things that divide and separate you one from another. The Lord knoweth the hearts
and wherein powers of man and deception lies. Except such repent and cleanse their minds of these things
they have no part of this work.

14 I have brought and bring a message for mankind—that he may heed and conform to it; that he might be a
part of the Lamb’s bride when he comes to make up his jewels. I speak to fulfill the word of God, to bring all the
faithful in Christendom together to one fold, one Shepherd, one Spirit of God, one baptism with power for
remission of sins and traditions of man that can not save.

15 The Lord will call many into this way.

16 Be firm, fret not, hold the peace and your reward will be sure.

17 In time the quorum of twelve apostles will be filled; there are those in the Lord’s reserve. Some will fail,
others will take their calling when the Lord speaks.

18 Peace I leave with you and the Church. Lift your faith—the way of the Lord is sure. I will come again. Amen.”

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