The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Ninety-third Message

The Messenger, John the Baptist came to me at my home in Independence, Missouri, U.S.A., July 23, 1974 at 3:45 a.m. and
gave the following message. He spoke slowly and distinctly as I wrote the words as he spoke. I determined by his
expression, where and how to paragraph and punctuate. He left at 4:50 a.m.

1 “Behold, I come to you with a message of peace, life, and warning—to all that hear and obey. To all those that
humble themselves to hear the whispering of the Lord’s Spirit: all such delight in my coming.

2 Those that hear not will be sad. In the end many will wish they had heeded the warning.

3 The midnight cry is on. Hear, O ye ends of the earth. Come, the Spirit says, Come. The Lord and the word
saith, Come all the way and deliverance will be yours. You will stand in holy places and inherit in the will of the
Lord. The Kingdom and dominion shall be the inheritance of the humble and righteous.

4 Be not disturbed by false claims of my coming to any other. I come from the presence of the Lord at his
appointing and I come to you. It is your work to give the message to the people, the honest in heart will hear.

5 The Lord has heard the prayers in behalf of his people and this Assembly. He has blessed and spoken by
the spirit of revelation; revealing much.

6 Be harsh with no one. Be not moved by confusion nor emotion, if it doth not calm the soul.

7 The Lord has caused the Colored, the Indian and all may come together and worship and find the gift of
sweet peace and the way the still small voice may speak to mankind, making him into an heavenly nature—
after the will of God.

8 Let the messages be printed and published in German at this time. The Lord has brought his servant
Huonker here at this Assembly and at this time that the book, The Word of the Lord, may speedily be prepared
to take to his people in his homeland. There are many honest of God’s people there.

9 Great changes in the conditions of the world have been—therefore preach the gospel of peace and
deliverance that souls may be saved from the destruction and death that will come.

10 For the wicked will be destroyed, moreover shall burn as stubble and the time cometh they shall be no
more. For the reign of peace will come in and deliverance be the portion and greater to the righteous.

11 Let the work continue in the Lord’s way. Man cannot have his way, unless it be the way of the Lord.

12 Keep peace in the Church as you have done and your brethren will love and support you. Do the Lord’s

13 Some have been called home and there are vacancies that shall be filled. I leave peace with you and I will
come again. Amen.”

After the Messenger had come this morning and given part of the message, saying he would come again—I
was very much overcome by the power of God. I left my home and to go to my regular work. I had felt like
weeping and to be by myself.

While at work, sitting at my desk weeping and praying, I felt the Spirit of God very strong upon me. It was 9:30 a.
m. The Messenger tapped me firmly on the shoulder, and spoke these words:

14 “I will come to you again after you have regained your strength that I might continue the message.”

He returned at 2:20 p.m. and gave the following:

15 “Let the translation in Portuguese continue. The Lord accepts this work by his handmaiden Idalina Temple.
Let the book be published with the cover title, The Word of the Lord, Brought to Mankind by an Angel; likewise in
other languages. This work is important and must move swiftly forward.

16 Teach the ministry and all to preach and teach the same thing. The Lord will direct.

17 As the way opens, send two men to the African people. The Lord will prove those ready to go.

18 As the way opens, let R. David Temple prepare in the knowledge of law that he may be a help to many from
the snares of the world and help to the household of faith.

19 Let the quorums counsel together in this work of love and salvation to mankind. As you and your brethren
prepare for greater things to transpire, greater things shall come to pass. Healings, miracles and deliverance
shall come but only those that hear his Spirit speak and the words I bring obey, shall find this gift. All shall be of
a heavenly nature and all become white and delightsome.

20 Then shall be the healing of the breach of his people, no more divided in classes or boundaries.

21 Let help come into the office that others may be trained for this work.

22 Bless the work everywhere, establish the locals more firmly. Send them help.

23 All that show true repentance and come into this way enduring sound doctrine, let them thrust in the sickle
and reap when the call of God comes upon them.

24 Be at peace with all men as much as it lays in your power. Fret not over things you have no control.

25 Let John O’Keefe prepare further to fill a place in the quorum of apostles.

26 Likewise, let Leonard H. Draves be added to the apostles and help in the office in the books, finance
records and letter writing. There is much to be planned in the future by all that will help.

27 Let the finances come in that others may go in the fields of labor.

28 Let George Wilkin plan that in the year ahead he may spend more time in the church work. The Lord has
heard his prayers.

29 Let help be sent to the city of Omaha, Nebraska, that the work may continue there and be fully established.

30 Send help to Colorado for the saints are in need of leadership and help in gathering the flocks.

31 Let the Lord’s servant Bernard come all the way in this work and receive this holy unction and power and
great peace will be upon him. He shall take his place in the apostles when a vacancy occurs.

32 Let the young people prepare—for the Lord will call a band of elders that will prepare in great love to help
swing wide the gate and bring souls unto the Lord.

33 I leave peace with you and strength for the day and to all, a great blessing. I have come in the past, I shall
come in the future. I am John the Baptist, the Elias, the Messenger, which was for to come. Amen.”

The Messenger was with me much over an hour.

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