The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Ninety-fourth Message

The angel Messenger of the Lord appeared in my room in my home, Independence, Missouri, U.S.A., June 11, 1975 at 4:15
a.m. The room was filled with light, as has been each time he came before. He spoke as one having authority, he was
serious in his words. I wrote the words as he precisely gave them to me, speaking slowly, as I wrote them down—
repeating when necessary—to allow me to write exactly what he said. May the Lord bless and reveal to all this the assured
way—the bride of Christ. He was with me about 50 minutes.

1 “Behold, arise and write the words I shall give you, a message of hope and life to all that follow through. My
message is one of love to those that fully receive it, who are humble and peaceful in the Lord’s way.

2 I bring the authority to prepare the way before the Lord’s soon coming; before this generation all pass away.

3 Fear not, the Lord is doing a marvelous work and a wonder and the powers of evil shall lose in the end.

4 Study the words I bring. Teach and study the full word of God and you shall know the truth. Let all follow the
instructions I bring and it will be well.

5 I am still at the helm, for I bring the gospel of the Kingdom to awaken and light the way. All that come this way,
repenting of evil ways and the traditions of the world must be humble and be baptized in water in the authority I
bring, for the remission of their sins through the atoning blood of Christ Jesus.

6 Let the hands be laid upon all that his Spirit might come in holy unction to them in greater power, for the
promise is that he will send his Spirit to all those that are humble and full of love; shaping their lives by the
assured way.

7 Let the work continue in all parts. Preserve the good and release the evil and those planning iniquity.

8 Behold, there is a cry for peace, but there is no peace save in the hearts of them that do the Lord’s bidding:
hearing his voice, refraining from all contentions that disturb the soul.

9 Only the pure in heart and the humble in spirit shall be able to stand and labor in this work.

10 Blessed are all they that have come and are coming to this work—they shall bear the brightness of saints.

11 Be very watchful unto prayer that evil will not succeed as wolves in sheep clothing.

12 The Lord accepts the publishing of the messages in other languages.

13 Behold! The book, The Word of the Lord—let this continue, reaching all nations.

14 There is much yet to be done, more light and further records will come forth—ere time folds in and the
brightness of the Lord comes.

15 The Lord accepts the counseling of the quorums of apostles and bishops. Let more be done in love and

16 Hold firm and high the standard—free from confusion and deliverance will come.

17 Much good has come from this Assembly of the people of the Lord. I have been with you. Swing wide the
gate—go forth, the truth is set before you.

18 As I speak to you so speak I to all.

19 There are some that have rejected this way and have not conformed to this truth. Some will yet come.
Others will speak lightly of this work, destroying themselves.

20 My mission was and is to establish the Church of Christ. I bring the authority—the priesthood of God by the
touch of my hands, to this day and time it stands alive. More power shall be given as the servants prepare for it.

21 Because of faith, many souls shall be brought to this way of salvation, to find eternity with God and dwell in

22 I leave peace with you and all that read these words. I will come again as the Lord directs. Amen.”

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