The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Ninety-sixth Message

The Messenger of the Lord appeared to me in Kansas City, Missouri Saturday morning, January 8, 1977. Ordinarily it
would be dark as I was hurrying to my basement room at work until I had turned on the lights. But this time it was brighter
than the daylight outside—I knew at once that the Messenger was there. On entering the room where my desk and chairs
were—I saw him sitting there as if he was waiting for me. I spoke to him and he began speaking to me, instructing me to
write, as he began to give the message which follows, speaking in the same distinct and commanding way as before. He
had on the same white robe; also seeming to be in a hurry. He left at 8:10 a.m. I never did turn on the electric lights to see
to write the message. The light that radiated from him was all that was needed. The brethren met in the scheduled quorums
meeting that afternoon and the message had been given them.

1 “Behold! Write the words I shall give you at this time.

2 I come to you when you are discouraged and seeking to give up your charge and responsibility. This you
must not do.

3 Trials will come and greater grief to the slothful and those that will not work in their place and calling. Let it
not be so with you. As I speak to you, I speak to all. Take courage for greater works are before you and those
that are with you in this work. You have done the Lord’s bidding; shrink not from your work. The Church is
established; keep it so.

4 Let there be no contentions among you, keep the Church at peace. Prepare more to see that the work does
not suffer.

5 The great supper is being set. Those that are bidden will not come.

6 Where is the watchman? Why do so many shrink from the way of truth and light that I bring? Search the
words I bring, study them. In them some think they do well to follow but are slow to understand; for all
Christendom must flow together in the truth.

7 Proclaim this among the people: The great day of the Lord is near at hand, and the powers that destroy—
them that destroy the earth—shall swing wide in the wind of war, strife and bloodshed; filling the earth with woe.

8 As the powers of evil build for destruction, the way of God will swell in the hearts of the righteous, honest and
humble of the Lord.

9 Lo, the Lord has waited long for his bidden ones to awaken and press forward in preparing their lives for
greater things to transpire, and build the Kingdom, the Zion of the Lord among mankind; but they have failed.
Thus he looks to the remnant, that he shall fulfill his work.

10 Be not shaken nor disturbed, for some will fail; but the humble and patient ones will carry this work on.

11 You see those that are filled with selfishness and bitterness; some you call your friends are seeking to
destroy you and the good works you have established. Be firm and your works will stand the test. Fear not what
men may say of you and those that are with you. You were born for this cause. Many will follow in this way.
Deliverance will be for the faithful.

12 That the quorum of the apostles be filled at this time: let James W. Savage and Seth LaVern Fife be set
apart in the twelve.

13 As other vacancies occur; let Mervyn L. Johnson prepare for the twelve. Also, when David R. Temple is
prepared, let him be added to the bishops. Likewise, let George Rhodes be added to the bishops.

14 The work will become very heavy in the office and headquarters records and preparing materials to help
those that inquire and come to this work. Let more prepare to help in this, that all things may be kept in order
and carried on.

15 The Lord has given help when needed. He has prepared the hearts of men and those to desire to work in
this cause. He has given faithful companions, and those to support this cause. Likewise, he has given you a
faithful companion that will be your help and strength and aid you in your work. Keep the vigilance. Give this
message to the brethren.

16 I leave peace with you and will come again. Amen.”

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