The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Ninety-seventh Message

I retired to bed early in the evening, rested good for awhile; then awakened. I could not sleep more. So I arose, dressed
and went to the kitchen table to read something or sit and rest.

I dozed off to sleep. I was awakened by hearing the door open and noticed the room filled with light.

The angel Messenger of the Lord walked past me and in doing so he touched my shoulder. He acquired a chair and sat in it
as he spoke. I arose to acquire a pencil; the paper was before me. I wrote as he spoke.

I know this is exactly as he gave the message. May the Lord prove by his Spirit is my prayer, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Peace be with you. He left at 3:50 a.m., June 2, 1978. He was with me over an hour.

1 “Behold! Arise and write the message I shall give you. I come at this time from the presence of the Lord. I
speak his will. The need of my coming is great and many have prayed that I come and speak the Lord’s will—
even in this work and the work they should do as to make the choice to serve this way. The Church of Christ,
with the message I bring.

2 I am the angel of the Lord, the Messenger of the Covenant, the promised Elias which is for to come. I bring
the Elias, or Elijah Message the prophets foretold of to come—lest the earth, mankind, be smitten with the
curse! But in my coming the curse is lifted. The way is made sure in deliverance and victory in gaining
salvation, the plan Christ has laid, and his Church built upon his revealing power—the Rock of assurance.
Christ is the truth and the light, the life and the way; listen to his whispering call.

3 The authority is given that this work move on and salvation be preached in and through the atoning blood of
Jesus Christ, his resurrection and eternal living: his coming again to reign with mankind.

4 Know you this, the way is prepared that mankind may walk therein and be saved; will they hear it?

5 Come now all ye honest of heart, come all the way: do this work and it will be well with you. You shall be free
indeed and live with God in eternity.

6 See those that could help in this work, but because of the love for the praise of men and seeking prominency
have destroyed their hope and wasteth their life away. Let it not be so with you.

7 Read and study the words. The Word of the Lord that I bring and have brought and will yet bring: shape your
lives by them and it will be well with you.

8 Say not, the Lord speaks not today for he does. He will speak greater and more severe. He will shake the
heavens and the earth. The necessary evils will run rampant to awaken mankind. Fear and repentance obey;
come to the Lord. He will add to this fold such as shall be saved.

9 Be ye no more doubters. He is your Lord and your God. Moreover, the day comes when there shall be a new
heaven and a new earth. Sin shall not be there for there will be no more Satan to tempt mankind.

10 Let the Lord’s handmaiden, Siegfriede Ebensperger, know he has chosen her because of her faith and
obedience to this way to proclaim it in writing and in word of mouth to many—bringing them to the knowledge
of truth.

11 The Lord has seen the faith and good works of Martin Huonker—it shall bring forth much fruit. Let him know
the Spirit and power is upon him and those that work with him. The greater gift shall be upon him and upon
Emil Burk. Those that will come, working with them shall likewise find the greater gift of miracles and healings.

12 Let Karl Bumb and Werner Dotschel come into this way and be set apart as elders, moreover evangelists in
this work and holy priesthood to labor with the work far and wide.

13 Let Friedrich Zluhan know this work is of the Lord, and the work he is in is established of the Lord, for a
wise purpose in his plan. Let him come into this way, receiving this baptism and authority as an elder,
moreover as an evangelist with this priesthood authority after the order of the Lord God. Let him with all his
household and all those with him come into this way and let them be ordained to this authority and trust.

14 They with others have been reserved, preserved and prepared to receive this authority and trust that I bring
to mankind. They will see the great hand and power of God moving to bring salvation to all that will hear and
obey. Let them publish the words I bring and moreover their works will stand the test in the Lord’s way. Many
will help in the translating the word in other languages: the Lord will bless them.

15 Let these be ordained evangelists: Larry Gosier Williams, Jeff Turner, Kenneth I. Bortles, Norman Don
Lyles, and Ronald Jeffery Revenaugh.

16 Let all learn this doctrine, the gospel of the Kingdom of God—that when they take up their calling they will
know what to proclaim.

17 Let these when they come fully in this way be added to the evangelists: Hans H. Hansen, Dr. Reinhold
Hermann, Elmer H. Jenkins, Julian E. Whiting, Eugene O. Walton, John J. Schut, Leo Meller, K. K. Kapoor,
Carlson John Tuttle, Dale J. Jennings, Dale Mills, Carl E. Goering, David Perry, O. W. Frazelle, Raphael
Asouline and Ben Adams.

18 Let the work continue far and near—translating and publishing the work everywhere.

19 If you men will work in love with these the Lord gives you, he will also labor with you that this work will be

20 Meet in your Assembly in peace, let no contention be among you.

21 I am John the Baptist, a resurrected being. I am body, flesh and bone, as you see me. I am your fellow
servant. I will come again, as the Lord will direct. I leave peace with you. Publish this message with the rest.

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