The Word of The Lord
(Brought to mankind by an Angel)
Ninety-eighth Message

After coming home from church Wednesday evening, before 9:00 p.m., my companion was waiting up for me. We had the
evening meal’s dessert. We mentioned that the Messenger may come before Assembly time which begins Sunday, June
10, 1979. After my evening bath, I retired to bed earlier that usual.

June 7 about 12:06 a.m. I was awakened. I noticed the room became filled with light. I arose and went to the kitchen table
where I had paper and pencil. There stood the Messenger. He spoke, “Behold, I am your fellow servant.”

I quickly arranged the paper with carbon so as to make a carbon copy along with the original. He repeated the sentence as
I was ready to write.

I pray every soul reading this message will pray and God will speak its truth and value to their souls. The Messenger was
with me for about an hour and a half. The following is the message he gave.

1 “Behold! I am your fellow servant; I am the servant of the Lord; I am he who sits and refines. It has been
prophesied of ancient days of my mission, and my name is John. I am now resurrected, from the redeemed of
the Lord. I am the Elias.

2 I preached repentance and baptism before the Christ—and again I preach and prophesy before his coming. I
bring the word, his instructions that a bride, the Church might be prepared, a people in very deed—the Church
of Christ.

3 I have come in the past and I will come in the future until the work is finished, and the Christ sits in the right
hand of power when Satan’s rules are put down. Then will be rejoicing, for the millennium shall fold in and all
nations that live and dwell shall come to worship the Lord their God, even Jesus Christ their Redeemer.

4 The Lord is mindful of his people, I speak his design. I come from his presence. The words I speak are his
words, and they shall have their place among all those that shall be the Lord’s bride in very deed, for the Lord
God has turned to his select ones that he might bring about his wise purposes. His Kingdom shall roll forth
until it fills the whole earth and righteousness shall prevail and the voice of joy shall be heard everywhere, for
then shall be that Zion is redeemed and the reign of peace breaks forth with gladness.

5 I come as the Messenger of the Lord. The Lord has been and will be with his people by his Spirit, and his
peace shall long linger with the faithful until they become the jewels of God, called, chosen and faithful.

6 Lift up, I am the Elias, Christ spoke of. I bring the refining spoken of by the prophets Malachi and Daniel. I
bring the Elijah Message, I am the forerunner of the Christ. My work is to the ends of the earth. Much shall
come to pass, many changes shall take place, the Church must grow, and all mankind may yet be found in the
presence of the Lord through obedience, to the words and call of God I bring.

7 There are many that have long represented Christ. Those that will hear his voice in very deed will come into
the Church of Christ and it be established among them with all its gifts and blessings, and represent Christ
and his Church.

8 The way of deliverance shall be for all those that seek truth, pay their oblations to the Lord and his work. They
shall not be in want.

9 Come ye now, that seek truth. Christ will come to his own and his Church. Behold! There is safety in the light
that I bring.

10 This is the midnight cry, prepare make his paths straight. Be wise in the way of the Lord; let all be humble
and at peace, seek not after praise of men, nor the love of worldly gain.

11 Let not the contentions of the world destroy hope, for the Lord will stand all his in holy places until the
indignation passes over; they shall be called his when he makes up his jewels, for he intercedes for those that
love him.

12 Teach the whole truth, let not man have his way, unless it be the way of the Lord. Worry not over that which
you have no control.

13 I come to bring gladness, not to bruise, not to quench the smoking flax, but peace. Let the people choose
the way to eternity and life with the Lord or go down in their sin, in darkness and that awful rejection of their

14 The righteous shall have victory over the oppressors. Let the ambassadors of the Lord go far and wide
proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom—let more be up and doing.

15 The need is great that I speak on this. Many have asked that the Lord speak his will and declare what must
be for the good of the Church, the Kingdom of God on earth. Let it grow, let it move forward.

16 Many have prayed for my coming and that God will speak on this need. Let this work be established in all

17 Even to the Colored and Indians: ‘Thus saith the Lord, they shall know that I am the Lord their God, which
caused them to be preserved even in captivity, they shall be delivered. I shall gather them unto their own
nations—neither will I hide my face anymore from them.’

18 This is a concise message, unobtrusive, but modest in every way, let it be spoken.

19 Let James W. Savage and Seth LaVern Fife go to Africa and set up the Church there. Bring them into the fold
in this work.

20 Choose out of them twelve disciples, set them apart, the leading counsel of ministry among them. In time
the need will grow, set up and establish congregational commissions, where ever the need be for the good of
the work. Let churches be set up among them. Let the Articles of Faith and Practice be taught among them
together with the nations’ rule and support.

21 Let Larry Gosier Williams be set apart on this special work as one of their twelve disciples, until others can
be taught and choose you eleven more from among them. Majisu, Imoli and Nazee are good men, let them
have their place among them. With their help the Spirit will select others to fill the quorum of disciples.

22 As the need grows, choose out evangelists, pastors, elders and seven commissioned and set apart as
special agents to carry and handle the needs of the people—and the finances of the Church and churches set
up among them, and be in charge of same under the supervision of the council of twelve disciples, under the
watchcare of the apostles of the Church in this land, United States of America.

23 Likewise, let James W. Savage and Seth L. Fife go to India and do the same among them—establish
twelve disciples and seven commissioned agents, with evangelists, elders, and pastors to carry the work on.

24 In time, others of the apostles shall follow and aid and support the work and carry the work until such
churches are set up in every nation. The Lord will speak and direct—I shall come again until the work is
finished and established in every nation.

25 Swing wide, press forward, let the work move. Let all be in the fields of harvest that can arrange to go. Let
the work continue everywhere.

26 The apostle Martin Huonker is favored much of the Lord because of his faith and good works, also all those
he labors with. His reward of great peace and joy will be. The Lord will water the seed he has sown, they shall
bring forth.

27 Be not weary in well doing, the end is not yet—trying times will make the work firm. Let not the necessary
evils sweep none away.

28 I leave peace with you and the Church. I will come again. Amen.”

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