The Church of Christ with The Elijah Message

The Church of Christ of Independence, Missouri derives its authority, and its existence, not alone from the visits
of the Angel, John the Baptist, for it is a remnant of the church organized April 6, 1830, at Fayette, N.Y., by
Joseph Smith and his fellow workers in the great Restoration movement. Therefore it is not a faction as are
other restoration groups. The angel, the Elias, the resurrected John the Baptist, in the regeneration process
conferred a greater authority by the touch of his hands upon our late brother Otto Fetting when he established
the church anew in 1929.

We quote from the angel's words thus: Message 12:
1. "'I have come to you from time to time, to instruct you as to the work of building the temple and the
organization of the Church of Christ, and re-establishing it again in its fullness, that the church may again
receive the power and Holy Ghost as in the days of old, and that as on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-21) the
servants of the Lord may be filled with the Spirit of God, that they may take the message of the Gospel of Christ
to the nations of the earth, for the Lord has reserved unto himself this remnant on the temple Lot, to set the
church in order. I have come to you in your own language that you may understand, and impart it to the children
of men, and that the message might be understood by all people, in its plainness, that they may have no
excuse at the judgment day, for verily these things shall come to pass.

4. "Behold, the Lord has rejected all creeds and factions of men, who have gone away from the word of the
Lord and have become a abomination in his sight, therefore, let those that come to the Church of Christ be
baptized, that they may rid themselves of the traditions and sins of men; preparing themselves, that they may
be fit and worthy for the spirit and power of the Holy Ghost, and as the greater power shall come, that they may
be ready to receive it with joy. For this is the time of the restitution (Acts 3:20~21) and restoration of all things,
and this must come to all that shall be permitted to dwell in the presence of Christ, for sin cannot receive the
Glory of God, nor the power of the Holy Spirit.

6. "Remember, the Lord committed to Joseph Smith a great work in his day, and power and authority to re-
establish the Church of Christ in his day as in the days of old. He gave him the pattern to establish it as in the
days of the apostles, and restored the priesthood and authority of the Son of God to the children of men...
Again, the Lord has called others to prune His vineyard, to bring the gospel of peace, to establish His church
as in the days of old, that the power of the priesthood may again be enjoyed as in the days of old.

8. "And as I laid my hands upon Joseph Smith so now I lay my hands on you that greater power and light might
come to you, and to set you apart to do the work instructed to your care and in your day. Remember, the
priesthood was not and will not be taken from the earth since I conferred it on Joseph Smith;... Therefore, see
that all things are done after the pattern I will give you, that in all things you may please the Lord your God... but
remember Christ is at the head of the church and will direct his work; He is the great High Priest of his people
and He will direct the work as in the days of old . . . The Lord will reveal to you from time to time the things
pertaining to "the building of temple and the work that must be done by the Church of Christ, that the people of
the Lord might be instructed of the things that shall come to pass. Amen."

The Church, set in order, continues on, believing in the angel's message. "Heed ye my words even the voice of
my Messenger. Make ready for I, your Lord, soon comes to claim all that know and obey My voice." Message 39:

It alone, has continued in unbroken authority from 1830 until the coming of the Elias, (The Kingdom of heaven
suffered violence until John comes. Matthew Chapter 11). There were no factions breaking away from the
church during the first fourteen years of its existence in the life of Joseph the Seer, but at his death in 1844
dissolution set in and the church broke into more than twenty contending factions.

One part of that church however remained. It was not reorganized but continued the organization effected in
1830 by Joseph Smith and his fellows. This was the Bloomington Illinois Branch. Three other Branches joined
it in continuing the organization of 1830. These branches were Eagle Creek, Crow Creek and Half Moon
Prairie. These four branches amalgamated and in 1867 moved from Illinois, as a body, to Independence,
Missouri, and bought the Temple Lot: the spot pointed out by the finger of the Lord in 1831.

Some of their Elders were David Judy Jedediah Owen, Adna C. Haldeman, Zebulun Adams, John E. Page
(Apostle in the days of Joseph) and Granville Hedrick, all of whom were ordained during the lifetime of Joseph

The causes leading to the disruption of the church in 1844 were many. When the church was organized in
1830, it was called The Church of Christ; and the Twelve Apostles were the highest officers provided for in the
law. But in 1832 a Quorum of First Presidency began to be formed, and by 1834 the Revelation which provided
for Apostles first, were changed to admit a Presidency and other officers.

In this year also the name of Church of Christ was dropped and a new name the "Church of the Latter Day
Saints" adopted and in 1838 the name of the Church was again changed to: the "Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints.'"

The Revelations as originally given had been published in 1833 in the "Book of Commandments," but in 1835
they were published in their changed form as the "Doctrine and Covenants." The corrupted Revelations
wrought much evil in the church, confusing the minds of the people, and were largely responsible for the
disruption that followed the death of Joseph Smith.

At the breaking up of the church, Brigham Young led the largest faction to Utah. William B. Smith and J. J.
Strang led a faction also. Later Z. H. Gurley left Strang, and Jason W. Briggs left William B. Smith. These two
united and were the chief promoters in forming another organization in 1852 which they named the "New
Organization." To this body Joseph Smith, the son of the slain prophet, came in 1860 and became its
President, and its name was changed to the "Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." In
1925, this faction voted to give its President supreme directional control over the church, with the power of
discipline. This continues to cause much dissatisfaction .... and many transferred their membership from that
organization to the "'Remnant" on the Temple Lot who were holding to the original name of the church and
were seeking the old, old paths. The Lord spoke to them in April, 1926, telling them that the time had come for
the church to go forward and to choose out
the new apostles, that the Lord would send his angels to direct. Seven men were chosen to occupy; one of
these men was Otto Fetting.

At the 1927 spring Conference, Brother Fetting announced that a heavenly Messenger had appeared to him
twice and he read the two messages to the people and there was great rejoicing. The Remnant has continued
with the Message believers from that time onward.

After the Messenger who said that he was John the Baptist, the Elias that was for to come and restore all
things, had brought (Thirty (30) Messages Brother Fetting passed from this life. Four (4) years later, the
Messenger came again to continue his unfinished mission. This time he came to a young Elder, W. A. Draves.
To date, of this reprint, there are One Hundred twenty Messages full of inspiration, instruction, warnings, and
prophecy. The Remnant continues with the Message believers. His sheep know the Shepherd's voice and
there is safety in the Word of the Lord. The Call goes out to all: "Whomsoever will may come and partake of the
water of life freely."

The Church of Christ is not a faction, but a Remnant of the Church of 1830, bearing the same name teaching
the same doctrine, believing the same truths, practicing the same virtues, and enjoying the same Spirit and a
new touch of the Angel's hands--and his continued visits bring peace and directions from the Lord to prepare
us for Christ's soon coming.

"Behold, the Lord soon comes and I shall be with Him when He comes to his temple that shall be built by a
people of clean hands and pure hearts." Message 37:7.

"By his Spirit he has felt after the honest and those that hear the servants the Lord has chosen will hear Him."...
The heart of the righteous shall be filled and their bosom shall overflow with gladness.

"This is a day when much must be done that the ways and means of a real Zion shall be brought about ....
None shall take part in that which is holy until they have humbly prepared.

"O ye of my ancient (Israel) people, for I design to bring you out in gladness and rejoicing; deliverance will
come to them that call upon me. Seek the Lord and ye shall live.

"'Behold! I have sent my Spirit among you and opened the gate, (baptism) even designing your deliverance and
a way of preparation. To the humble, the upright and just, my faithful, I shall give unto thee the greater light and
power to carry on, for by my Spirit I shall use you to my name's honor and glory. I shall deliver my people, Israel,
from whence the evil one has bound them, and those that stretch forth their hands toward my holy place of
peace shall find deliverance .... Message 48:

"Behold, this is Christ's Church and shall be his Bride, the Remnant. She shall be made ready. The message
is given-the authority is entrusted with man. The call goes out; the cry is given. The warning must be heard. The
work must be carried on." Message 66:23.
"'Come ye that seek the truth. Christ will come to his own and his Church. Remember there is safety in the light
I have brought. The Lord's covenant shall be fulfilled and the nation cleansed and Zion be set up with
gladness. "This is the Mid-night cry." Message 49:11, 12.

"There are many that have long represented Christ. Those that will hear His voice in very deed will come into
the Church of Christ that is again being established with all its gifts and blessings, and represent Christ and
His Church." Message 49:9.

“Heed ye my words even the voice of my Messenger. Make ready for I your Lord soon comes to claim all that
know and obey my voice.' '" Message 39:7.